Best of luck to the Dubs tomorrow

It’s All-Ireland final day tomorrow and although we don’t have any dog in the fight in either of the deciders, up here in this part of the capital the excitement levels have been rising steadily all week and should be ready to come to the boil by around 3.30pm tomorrow afternoon. Our house is festooned with all manner of flags and Dub-related paraphernalia with the kids looking forward, for the first time in their young lives, to seeing the county of their birth having a tilt at Sam.

I’m not going to pretend to be an unbiased observer about tomorrow’s decider – I’ve been taking the kids to see the Dubs on a regular basis over the past few years and I’d love to see Pat Gilroy’s lads claim the big prize tomorrow. While an All-Ireland victory by Dublin wouldn’t mean as much to me as one for our own lads, it’d mean an awful lot to many friends and neighbours up here, as well as to my own small Dubs.

That’s more than enough reason for me to shout for them tomorrow. And, let’s face it – the Kerrymen have won more than their fair share at this stage. Up the Dubs!


5 thoughts on “Best of luck to the Dubs tomorrow

  1. Now Darren O Sullivan & co can feel some of the REAL pain that we have gone through so often.Well done Dubs!

  2. Great excitement in my part of Dublin, children all “excira and delira” as a famous Dubliner used to say.
    I’m delighted for the locals here and the local club, I’d say the academy will be busy for the next few weeks!
    I think that it is particularly sweet for Dublin considering they were beaten by 17 points by Kerry only two years ago. Dublin were patient with Gilroy, success can take time. We need to give Horan and his team the same chance with realistic expectations.

  3. Cant help but think we are a good bit off the top teams Dublin and Kerry (9 or 10 points). At a minimum we would need to find a couple of really class forwards to have any realistic hope of upsetting the likes of the Dubs.
    Delighted for Dublin but a bit down for our prospects of winning Sam in the near future.

  4. That was just unreal. hats off to dublin. Can we learn anything off that game. yes. kick the ball fast into your full forward line and let no 13 Cillian O’Connor 14 Alan Freeman and 15 Conor Mortimer destroy any full back line. Well done again Dublin. Our time is not far away.

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