Best of luck to the U21s tomorrow

Mayo U21s 2016


I know that county-related songs have their place in the scheme of things but of more pressing concern is the match we’ve got to look forward to tomorrow. Not any old match either – it’s an All-Ireland semi-final, our first at U21 level for all of seven years, with Dublin the formidable opposition facing us at O’Connor Park in Tullamore.

I’ve no team news, I’m afraid: in the two U21 championship matches we’ve played so far this year there was no team announcement made in advance and it looks like it’s the same story in relation to tomorrow’s tie. Dublin did, however, name their starting fifteen earlier on today – full details are here.

Although Tullamore is an easy place to get to from the capital, morning commitments up here on the juvenile scene mean that it’ll be a bit of a dash for me to make it to O’Connor Park ahead of the 2.45pm throw-in. I got some good local navigational advice earlier on, though, so I’m hopeful that the last minute parking-up-cum-sprint-to-the-ground bit won’t prove too troublesome tomorrow.

I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you about our chances tomorrow but hopefully the pedigree this group showed so emphatically at minor level in 2013 will be in evidence once again as they zero  in at another tilt for All-Ireland honours. Best of luck to Mike Solan, Stephen Coen and the rest of the lads and here’s to happy hunting for them in Tullamore.

Up Mayo!

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  1. 3 years ago at Minor this Dublin team were not rated, however they have a few formidable forwards, O’Callaghan and Basquel (Castlebar remember him…) will ask some questions of our defence.

    I think Diarmuid O’Connor’s influence and presence alone could have a big bearing on the match.

  2. O Connor yes will have a influnce but it will be Duffy,loftus,Reape,Irwin that will be doing most of the scoring. I would also expect a big performance from Coen.

    Better and more star studded Dublin U21 teams were beaten by Tipp last year and Longford 2013. I think Mayo will win tomorrow as I believe Connacht was stronger than Leinster this year. Cork to win the other semi final and that should set up a repeat of the 2006 u21 All Ireland final.

  3. Best of luck, Akram has the legs to keep with Basquel. Our fullback line needs to tighten things up or at least get more protection. I believe this is the only selection headache that Solan has is who to play there. Doran, Cunniffe and Kenny has been there done that but have struggle and changes was made early against Roscommon. Doran was unlucky to come off as Kenny could just as easy been the one to be called ashore. The most interesting selections could be on the bench as Mayo have strength in depth. I see the last 15 minutes deciding this one.

  4. best of luck to all the Mayo people involved, wish I could be there roaring you on but cant, however,
    my mystic powers are telling me a score line of

    Mayo 2 11
    dubland 1 08

  5. Hopefully none of our players are carrying any knocks going into this one ,

    We need to put the shackles on there star forwards , if we do I expect a Mayo win ,

  6. Best of luck today to our u 21 s,. Looking like it will be dry although not overly warm, . Safe travels to all,c,ant make it today bloody weather has work backed up here. Side note, Basqual, s father,s side of the family are westport people and are great followers of the green and red themselves.

  7. Will be looking down on all from wee Belfast! Best of luck and enjoy the day out in Tullamore!

  8. Best of luck to all concerned today.
    Expecting a win but hope the lads aren’t taking anything for granted.
    Surely players who are also on the senior panel will help push us through.
    Maigheo Abu!

  9. For some reason that All-Ireland club final involving Castlebar will not leave my head. We all thought that Ballyboden didn’t have as star studded a team as St. Vincents, so we thought that Castlebar would win that one but we all know what happened in that game. That match should be a lesson for us all.

    Con O’Callaghan, Colm Basquel etc. won’t miss the chances that Roscommon did if they get an opportunity. They have Darragh Spillane playing up front as well who is a nephew of Pat Spillane, so you’d expect him to be handy too.

    Dublin lost at this stage last year so they won’t want to lose two years in a row in the All-Ireland semi-final. They came from seven points down against Kildare to beat them after extra-time so that shows that they have great fighting spirit. I’d gladly settle for a one point win after a mighty battle! Best of luck to all involved and let’s hope that at the end of the game that they have no regrets in terms of their performance both on the field and on the sideline. That’s all that we can humbly ask for.

  10. I wouldn’t be bothered about performances. If we were to get away with an absolute undeserved robbery of a win, I’d still be delighted.

  11. Believe that Basquel would have played for Mayo if he had been approached. His folks are Mayo through and through. He is an excellent player and under 21 again next year.

    It will be a good battle between Duffy and Clayton (Ballyboden player). Understand he will be picking up Duffy.

    Mayo to win.

  12. Best 30 minutes I’ve seen by a mayo team in quite some time. The defence are men possessed, forwards winning primary possesion and no lapses- what am I watching ??

    Diarmuid O’Connor worth the admission fee alone, while akram and Kenny look primed to slot into the senior setup in the near future. Special mention to reape who is winning dirty ball and constantly making himself an option. Very intelligent player

    Is a tough, strong, ball winning corner forward like Duffy exactly what we need at senior?

    That said this is as clueless a Dublin team as you’ll ever see (thus far), so we can’t get too carried away just yet, but our lads have been phenomenal

  13. Dug it out thank Christ! Hopefully that’ll stand to them hugely

    The best individual performance I’ve seen from a mayo player in many a while

    You’ll be having a nicely one sided motm poll WJ!

    Diarmuid o connor – what a fucking man

  14. WELL DONE MAYO hard luck dublin team and the ref and his team you did your best.”

  15. Also with zero help from the ref I thought, handing frees out like confetti to Dublin which got them back in the game

    I’m loathe to criticising officials but he took the cake I’m afraid

  16. Marvel comics will prob bring out a new superhero his name is Diarmuid o Connor

  17. Thanks for that memory which will live long. Now add James Carr name to the list of future Mayo legends. What a powerful piece of a young man. I questioned why he replace TJ Byrne on the bench against Roscommon. Now I starting to see why. These boys don’t know when to give up.

  18. I hope I never set eyes on that excuse for a ref ever again! Anyway, no harm, O’Connor and Co stood up strong today. Dubs beaten, nice trip home now!

  19. Great, great win! Their never say die attitude is priceless and will stand them the next day out.
    I assume the venue for the final will be a toss up between Tullamore and Portlaise?

  20. Mighty stuff, that was some win for Mayo. They showed great heart and determination to dig that one out in the end. Well done to all involved. Roll on the final!

  21. Best first half I’ve seen by a Mayo team in many a long day and then, in the second half, we do our Vincent de Paul party piece. Charitably and Sportingly we allow the opposition back into the game. That should not have happened. Nor should it have happened on any one of the many, many times it has happened in all grades, especially senior , during my long lifetime.

    Thankfully, however, unlike most Mayo teams of the modern era, this group seems to have an attitude of defiance and resilience which is new and refreshing. The comeback, at the death, was much more spectacular, dramatic and memorable than the runaway first half…
    Probably unfair to single out any one individual after this epic encounter. There were heroes all over the park. But I’ll leave you with two words. The first one is Diarmuid. The second one is O’Connor.

  22. What heart!!! What commitment. Irwin kept us ticking over when we lost our way and then O COnnor, Loftus, Ruane just took over ihe last 5 minutes. It is in the mind. Mental strength and courage. Maigheo Abu.

  23. That one game was worth 2 All Irelands

    Completely against the odds. Watching on TV I really got a sense of Dublin bias. (They do seem to know where the money comes from in the GAA)

    The commentators seemed to be in great form when Dublin got their goal, kind of giggling. Questions like “Its been a long time since Mayo last won an U-21 All Ireland” and “the dubs weren’t happy with the last free”

    as far as the ref is concerned..Dublins first two scores were gifts…I thought, “he’s just giving them a hand into the game”…but as time went on, it just showed that wasn’t all he was doing….

    A great win against probably one of the best funded youth teams in the country, in any sport.

    Sometimes I feel like giving people a shake and saying “people from outside Dublin can do things too!!!”….the lads did something better today though!

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