Best of lucks, lads

Right – it’s definitely past time for talking now (in any event, I’m all talked out after last night) with less than seven hours to go until the ball in thrown in at Croke Park on what could be a defining match for James Horan and his charges. Safe travelling to all who still have to make their way here to the capital – where, contrary to yesterday evening’s weather forecast, it’s a soggy enough morning by the looks if it – and let’s all hope it’ll be a worthwhile journey. All the best to James and the lads. Up Mayo!

10 thoughts on “Best of lucks, lads

  1. Best of luck to the lads today. I would also like to wish a neighbour of mine, connor mc hugh the best of luck today. Hes playing cornor forward for the dublin minors.

  2. Congrats to James and the team.89,96,97,04 and 06 was associated with massive HYPE prior to the finals.Will 2012 be any different? Have we learned anything from them finals? Colm O Roarke stated that Donegal would be nearly impossible to beat,thats the statement i like to hear prior the final.Genuine mayo supporters would not want any Hype prior to the final.

  3. Great to see the match closed out, 11 pts from play against dublins 4, referee was dubs 16th man but the lads showed steel and the last 2 points were fab, the goal misses were rushed and we should have been out of sight, brilliant

  4. The first cvnt who comes out a “Mayo for Sam” type song would be fired off the top of the Reek

  5. Fantastic performance- the lads showed the steely determination that’s needed to be successful at this level-James and his team need our full support over the next three weeks-positive at all times-and I believe we will bring SAM home to Mayo on the 23rd. Some of us were dubious about the team selection but when Jason put over that point from 65 yards our confidence was fully restored-Well done lads,we have nothing to fear from here o n in

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