Big crowd expected for Dubs’ match but don’t expect to see a new jersey

The Mayo News is out, with loads about last weekend, loads more about this coming weekend and loads more besides.

Let’s start with last weekend, where there’s Ed McGreal’s match report from O’Moore Park and another piece by Ed where he speaks with Alan Freeman. The Aghamore man makes light of the horrendous deflection that resulted in his goal, saying that “it was going into the far top-left corner anyway”.  In his column, Sean Rice (good to see him back after quite a long absence) looks back at the Laois game and also looks forward to the Dublin clash (where he reckons the Jacks will prevail).

Onto the coming weekend, where Mike Finnerty reckons we’ll see a crowd of about 10,000 in McHale Park next Saturday evening. I’d say he’s right – the Dubs always bring a decent following with them and I know of a few hardy souls from up here who are planning on being there.

While all those who do turn up in Castlebar the next night will be looking to see a cracking contest what they won’t see on the Mayo lads is any kind of new jersey, commemorative or otherwise. The idea (which I actually thought was a worthwhile one) was seemingly never carried all the way from concept to conclusion so it’ll be the same jersey as usual that the team will be wearing on Saturday night. The design is still in line for a refresh but it’s now likely to be later in the spring before this happens.

That same report also contains some early team news for Saturday night. Ger Cafferkey’s injury is a “slight hamstring tear” so I can’t see him being fit to line out against the Dubs. Mike Finnerty reckons that Alan Feeney (also returning from injury it would seem) may get the call-up instead. Eoghan Reilly is the other obvious option here. Mike also reports that Aidan O’Shea is suffering from ankle ligament trouble and is facing the proverbial race against time ahead of Saturday night. I suspect it’s a race the young Breaffy man may not on this occasion win.

The Mayo News also carries a report on the situation that has developed between the County Board and Club Mayo Dublin, which culminated in the Board last Thursday passing a motion withdrawing whatever status Club Mayo Dublin “presumed to have” and revoking their right to raise funds for Mayo GAA. This is obviously an unfortunate state of affairs – and one I don’t wish to trample on with my size nines – but the bottom line as far as I can see is that the Board have been ordered by Croke Park to ensure that all fundraising comes under the ambit of Cáirde Mhaigheo so that’s how it’s got to be. I think the contribution at last Thursday night’s meeting by East Mayo Board Chairman Vincent Walsh, where he appealed to Club Mayo to come into the tent and made the point that “if they are serious about winning Sam Maguire it won’t be achieved by division”, is one that many would concur with.

Finally, the Mayo News (I’m really getting full value, I know, for my online perusal of this week’s edition) has a piece with Davitts manager Pete Warren where he looks ahead to the club’s All-Ireland Intermediate final in Croke Park this coming Sunday. On that note (here comes the teaser) I’ll have a guest contribution from the Davitts camp here on the site tomorrow so watch out for that.

50 thoughts on “Big crowd expected for Dubs’ match but don’t expect to see a new jersey

  1. Ah, there goes all my commemorating plans then. Whatever I was supposed to be commemorating. News about Club Dublin is sad. Where does that leave it then?

  2. A bit FN harsh on Club Mayo Dublin – dialogue should have sorted the impasse – it’s not like they are the enemy! It doesn’t take a genius to see the value CMD bring to the County Board. IE A Club with no outgoings that want to give you money! Would another CB do the same?

  3. I think the point, though, is that this is a direction from Croke Park in the context of sorting out the financial mess and so the County Board simply have to comply. Sounds a bit like the Troika, the Government and the household charge, I know, but that’s the way it’s got to be and there doesn’t appear to be any wriggle room on it. There’s nothing, of course, to stop Club Mayo doing what they can to shift all its members into the wider umbrella of Cairde Mhaigheo, which is the obvious thing for them to do at this stage.

  4. I disagree WJ there was no need to take such a hard line. CMD contested that they were contacted with a meeting deadline. They did however request a postponement of any action until they had a meeting, which seems reasonable enough. Instead the door was shut in their face.

    This would not inspire me to tell my members to join Cáirde Mhaigheo – quite the opposite.

  5. But the point remains that it was Croke Park who are calling the tune and demanding that action be taken to ensure that all fundraising must occur via Cairde Mhaigheo. No amount of calling for meetings and postponements could change that ultimatum from HQ and it’s clear from the reports that all this was doing was holding up the funding that’s coming from Croke Park for the completion of the work on McHale Park. As such the County Board didn’t seem to have much choice and to the extent that Club Mayo have a problem with this (which they obviously and understandably have) their fight should be with Croke Park who are the ones really issuing the orders here.

  6. The Examiner is saying that Aidan O’Se is involved in a row with the County Board about Club Mayo Dublin.Anybody know what the story is

  7. Hi wj …. Just want to get your opinion on the other club counties throughout the land …. Club Erin or club Tyrone …. Ok they may not be under the same duress as our own county board but …. And it’s a big but, they are existing independently of their county board and harmony seems to exist between the two … To my knowledge croke park have no problem
    With their existence either ….

  8. It’s a bit of an odd article (it’s here if anyone wants to see it) because there’s no further explanation in the piece beyond saying that Aidan “has become embroiled” in a row. I think it can only be a reference to what Aidan had to say on Twitter yesterday about the Club Mayo situation (for those who don’t follow him, his Twitter feed is here), a statement which was supportive of Club Mayo but it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that this constitutes a row with anybody and odder still that the reporter couldn’t even be bothered to say what the “row” was about!

  9. I don’t know, to be honest, Perseus, what the position is with other supporters’ groups, either in terms of the formal relationships they have with their County Boards, what they do with funds they raise (i.e. do they hold onto the money themselves or do they pass it straight into their County Board), how these funds are accounted for (if at all) within the accounts of the relevant County Boards etc. etc. It’s obvious that there’s a general push on within the GAA about transparency and the need to be completely above-board as regards all money issues (payments to managers is the flavour-of-the-month topic here but I understand that all payments are coming under scrutiny and the Revenue Commissioners have been increasingly active in this area) but I couldn’t say for certain if this is part of the reason behind Croke Park’s ultimatum to us that all fundraising has to come in the one route.

    By the way, this article in the Western provides some further useful background on the Club Mayo affair and what is being done at the behest of whom. Two figures that really stands out in this piece, though, are those relating to amounts spent supporting Mayo teams in 2011 – Club Mayo reportedly spent €15k last year whereas the County Board spent €600k. While I’m sure this contribution (which represents 2.5% of the total) was welcome, I think it’s puts some perspective on the relative importance of Club Mayo in the overall scheme of things.

  10. Sorry to digress, but does anyone know the price of a stand ticket for the Dublin game next Saturday night? Am having no luck trying to find out on… Any help appreciated!

  11. Willie Joe

    It is possible to selectively use figures and many have been quoted in the local press in relation to these issues from the very small up to €17.5m. Cáirde Mhaigheo is aiming to raise €150,000.00 in its first year and we were confident that we could raise 20% of this amount as we did in 2011. Club Mayo is about more than financial support. It is a social outlet for Mayo Supporters in Dublin, a support network for Mayo GAA and in particular the Mayo footballers, and allows Mayo GAA supporters to play their own role. People like yourself have generously contributed to our Players Training Fund over the past 4 years and we think our members deserve to be treated with more respect and no hasty decisions should have been taken.

    We have deliberately refrained from getting involved in the public debate and have dealt with this matter through the proper channels at all times. Unfortunately the County Board only confirmed their decision to us on the evening of 6th February after we had discovered confirmation of the situation in the local newspapers.

    If any of your readers would like to read our explanation of what is happening it is available to read on our website –

  12. The very least the county should have done is come to Dublin and met the people who have so generously given to the cause and explained the situation face to face …not just to the committee but all members.

  13. To add to that club mayos contribution should not just be gauged on their considerable financial contribution. There is a lot more to it than just the money

  14. Wille Joe, not wanting to start the ‘War’ again but I do feel that your views are very pro County Board. Do you not accept that the majority of the liability rests with the County Board for the manner that they have handled and continue to handle their affairs. Hiding behind Croke Park is a joke and I don’t buy it for one minute. Lets face it, THEY are the reason that we are in this mess and not Club Mayo Dublin, or the Strategic Review Committee for that matter. When HQ arrived in Mayo last November they should have insisted on a complete clear out of the County Board. If this was a business (which it actually is) the Board would be sacked immediately. No questions asked.

    The proverb  “Live by the sword, die by the sword” comes to mind when I think of Club Mayo Dublin. The truth is that CMD did refuse to engage with our Finance and Funding Subcommittee and they did this on the instruction of the County Board. A fact disclosed by CMD Chairman at their last AGM. 

    However, the way they have been treated by the County Board over the last few weeks is an absolute disgrace. As a County we need people like those involved in Club Mayo Dublin to be involved, let’s face it, getting people involved in fundraising is not easy at the best of times but it is near impossible in these difficult economic times. What must be going through the minds of the individuals who run the Supporters Clubs in London and New York. 

    The ‘spin’ that is going on about the Season Tickets is a joke. How much NEW money will it actually bring in? If Club Mayo Dublin sent on their funds when requested to do so the County Board would claim that they have sold another 100 tickets. Much of this money is coming from individuals that would be contributing by way of Entrance fees to games, Annual Draws etc. Yes, Cáirde Mhaigheo is a great idea but it is flawed in its timing, development and roll out not to mention the fact that it is promoted by a seriously damaged County Board. 

    The County Board has now fallen out with the Strategic Review Committee and Club Mayo Dublin not to mention the fact that the majority of the Clubs have lost interest in what is happening as they are more concerned with the affairs of their own Club. 

  15. I for one woud b very supportive of club mayo hav,n attended their barbecue function afew times wen i was living n dublin and can see their point of view..On another point can they tha county board ever get anything right from tha uproar wit residents ova tower n lights and now it nw seems thers gonna be no commerative jersey for tha dub. game[a good idea n raising funds]but i woud not be n favour of replaceing tha hoop jersey any way as tha mayo jersey s special n has a big meaning who we are as a county .Its not called tha green above tha red for nothing.On tha las note i,m sure tha dubs will feel very much at home wen they look up into new stand n see tha sky blue seating.. s it any wonder we hav we hav no luck…Enough said.

  16. Wel said pj[i think ur a erris man like my self] i wholehearty agree wi wa ur saying n time it told how it s..

  17. You’re right that many figures have been quoted in the press and I guess the problem for those of us on the outside looking in has been that it’s difficult to decipher what’s going on behind the various figures being quoted. In terms of the numbers as they apply to Club Mayo, it would be my contention that the amount you have mentioned is still a small one – it may be 20% of €150k (though I understand that Cairde Mhaigheo is likely to pull in €200k in its first year) but that’s still only 5% of the overall amount spent on training Mayo teams in 2011.

    My concern – speaking as someone who was a member of Club Mayo for four years, right back to the day it started – is that as an organisation it never came close to its potential as regards fundraising. Based here in the city where so many Mayo people live and work, Club Mayo should have been able to tap into this community to a far greater degree and should I believe have been raising at least a six-figure sum every year. It never came close to doing this and so never became a game-changer in fundraising terms in the way that Cairde Mhaigheo will obviously be able to do right from the outset.

    You’re right, of course, that Club Mayo is about more than financial support. Indeed, I’d argue that given its track record in the area of fundraising over the past four years, this shouldn’t be viewed as a bone of contention at all at this stage. Club Mayo’s biggest success has obviously been the support it has provided to Mayo footballers up here and if some kind of arrangement could be arrived at for the disbursement of an appropriate amount of the €600k annual budget to continue supporting the players up here, then that surely has to be the most sensible way forward.

    I have to say that as a Club Mayo member I don’t feel that I needed to be “treated with more respect” in how all this has been handled. From my reading of the various press reports it’s quite clear what has happened, i.e. that the County Board had a proverbial gun put to their head by Croke Park – who insisted repeatedly that all fundraising had to come under the umbrella of the Board itself – and that if they failed to ensure this was happening Croke Park’s “bailout” funding would be in jeopardy. For sure, the County Board acted with haste but, to be fair to them, I don’t think they were left with too much choice in the matter.

    Why are Croke Park taking this stance? Possibly because they’re uncomfortable with the notion of funds being collected at the periphery and being disbursed at the periphery (regardless of what accounting and notification measures are in place) but also as the ones calling the tune on the bailout, they probably want to know that all funds being raised in the name of Mayo GAA are under the control of Mayo GAA. Given the amount of money owing, that’s probably not an unreasonable position for them to be taking at this point in time.

    So, where to from here? If I might be so bold as to advise Club Mayo what to do now, I think the only way forward is to seek some accommodation and future role within the overall Cairde Mhaigheo effort. It’s obvious that fundraising outside the control of the County Board won’t be allowed but it’s equally obvious that there are valuable support structures for the players in Dublin that need to be preserved. The only way to do this is by coming to a workable way forward. As the saying goes, a house divided cannot stand and the sooner these divisions are sorted, the better.

  18. Well PJ, I could retort that your views are very anti- the County Board but then again I’m not sure this needs to be pointed out to anyone. We’re all entitled to our opinions – and nobody has a monopoly on the moral high ground I might add too – and I’m as entitled to mine as you are to yours.

    As I explained when we met the other week, I see the merit in what is being done now to try to clear up the mess and I don’t see the point in throwing rocks about the creation of the mess in the direction of the efforts being made to sort it out. That’s not to condone those responsible for the mess in the first place (though it does need to be taken into account that many, many insane decisions were being taken across the country at the same time as our own one was) or to say that everything being done now is perfect. But at least there’s a plan in place aimed at hauling us away from the abyss and practical steps are being taken to move us in this direction.

    For the record, I think you’re 100% wrong on the Croke Park-County Board axis regarding Club Mayo. This isn’t me giving County Board spin, Croke Park (Cathy Slattery) is on record as saying that this was how it would have to be. Croke Park are funding the recovery plan so of course they’re calling the tune.

    And I also think you’re 100% wrong on Cairde Mhaigheo which already is on its way to becoming a major fundraiser for Mayo GAA and will I believe continue to do so in the coming years. This one will easily be proven by the figures but a total of 1,500 season tickets sold already (not all Cairde Mhaigheo ones but the majority are) is a major achievement (way ahead of what any other county has done) and shows that this is clearly going in the right direction.

    PJ, it’s very easy to be the hurler on the ditch. If you feel so strongly about this issue (and you obviously do) then maybe it’s time to do something more constructive than constantly carping on about what “should” be done. I think this country has more than enough barstool experts as it is.

  19. Success of any Supporters Club is based on the results of the team….If a Club Mayo committee member asked me to join their organisation as I was leaving Longford after being dumped out of the All-Ireland C’ship I would’ve decked them…..

  20. Willie Joe, I may be many things but a ‘Hurler on the Fence’ or ‘A Bar Stool Expert’ I am not. I think your comment was a very low point for your website, but then again I might have deserved it, but I will not let it go unchallenged. 

    35 years of involvement in the GAA at all levels and a deep love for my Club and County is the evidence I put forward to defend my honour. I am sure that Belmullet GAA Club and many other entities that I have played for and worked with in the GAA will provide further evidence if required. 

    I didn’t have to be asked twice by Liam Horan to get involved in the Strategic Review and I think the personal effort I put into chairing the Funding and Finance Committee stands as further evidence of my willingness and ability to support Mayo GAA. What I won’t do is blindly follow individuals and turn a blind eye to events just to be part of a Group who have brought Mayo GAA to the brink of disaster. 

    If coming onto your website using my own name to challenge the County Board or opinions offered to support them is viewed as a ‘Hurler on the Fence’ or ‘A Bar Stool Expert’ then so be it. You do retain the power to block my posts. 

    If you were to apply this thinking to all other posters on this site then only those who have played Senior Inter-county Football or who have the ability to play it could comment on the performance of players or indeed Managers. 

  21. Well, PJ, if I struck a blow in your direction, it was only after repeated provocation on your part and I’ve given you plenty of latitude here on the site to say a fair few scalding things about a number of people. You’re the last person commenting here who can complain about low blows.

    I’m not questioning your bona fides at all but neither do I think that you’re correct in everything you say. Sure, the County Board made multiple mistakes but aiming the same level of vitriol at those who created the problem and those who are trying to clear it up makes no sense (in my opinion) and gets us no further down the road. Sack the lot of them is an easy populist clarion call – but what (and who?) comes after that?

  22. Am I the only one on this board that feels the tone of the blog has gone from fierce criticism of the county board to huge support in a short time?

    The Mayo county board has come in for criticism frequently as long as I have been following Mayo(20 plus years)…. Some of it harsh, most of it reasonable.

    But now, more than ever, the county board has serious questions to answer. We haveva crippling debt for a stand that’s too big (with 8 large poles obstructing view and blue seats) and floodlights which we are only allowed use once a year.

    All of this will in the medium to long term have a detrimental effect on the county teams as the money won’t be available to run a professional operation while the debt requires servicing.

    That’s one of the main reasons people joined club Mayo in the first place-because the money was going directly to the players and not to be squandered by the county board.

    Contributing to cairde maigheo in my view is contributing solely to debt repayment.

    Finally, willie Joe, for CMD to pull in over 100k as you suggested they should would require in excess of 400 people paying the 240e annual subscription. In good times that would be ambitious in my view….. But with the country on it’s knees financially and with the exception of last year the Mayo senior team performing dismally during the time of CMD (including the most humiliating result in the counties history in Pearce park) , I think this is totally unrealistic.

  23. I have to agree with PJ Monaghan sadly Willie Joe. You do great work with this site and give a lot of enjoyment to people but some of your commentary in the last couple of weeks as been outrageous and the opposite of an awful lot of opinions you have given in the past. It does read as if you are the Comical Ali of the County Board I am afraid to say.

    But Club Mayo Dublin is not the issue. It is shocking to read above that they found out about what the County Board was doing in the Mayo News but the issue is about Mayo GAA in general as PJ has said many times. The people that have created the problems will not solve the problems and it si ok to challenge Croke Park as well. They are not necessarily interested in Mayo football just the GAA as a group. The positive in Mayo football is James Horan and his dedicated group of selectors and players. If they success it will be despite of the County Board. I only read the local papers and have never attended a County Board meeting but is there anybody there that is not afraid to question the big decisions even now?

    PJ, I seem to remember you saying before that Croke Park have said that all the monies from Cairde Maigheo are to be spent on the debt. It seems that the County Board only rely on the Croke Park line when it suits them, and the management and players will suffer some place down the line.
    I don’t know what potential a supporters club has but the country is bankrupt and people don’t have loads of money to give away and alot of people will talk alot but will not pay money.

  24. If you got back to what I’ve written over the years, johnboy, I don’t think I could reasonably be accused of taking either stance! Sure, it’d be easy now to take the populist line and join in all the criticism that’s flying around but I honestly don’t feel that would be justified at this point in time.

    As far as I’m concerned, conflating the two separate issues of the mess that was created and the measures being taken to clear it up makes no sense. I’m as pissed off as everyone else is about the design and the stupid poles (if you search back on the site, you’ll see that I raised this when the building was going on). I’m also, as far as I know, one of the first to voice concerns (which I did here on the site back in January 2009) about the debt burden and what a problem it was likely to become. I’m also on record here as saying that the position of the one remaining Officer who was there when the project began (no prizes for guessing who this is) is untenable but all the others are already gone.

    I don’t accept your point about Club Mayo and the money and all that. Tell me this: who raised the €600k spent on Mayo teams last year? Cairde Mhaigheo, even if it does raise €200k, will only contribute one-third of the cost (which has already been budgeted for in the financial plan agreed with Croke Park) so the rest will have to come, as it does every year, from normal recurring revenues.

    Yes, Club Mayo would have needed more members (as well as other fundraising events) to reach a six-figure sum every year but that’s the figure it should have been aiming at. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable at all – after all, the recent Mayo GAA Personality of the Year initiative raised a sum of that level.

  25. John – that’s all fine but would you care to substantiate any of it? “Outrageous”? “The Comical Ali of the County Board”? Specifics, please – I’m interested to see if you have any hard facts to back up what you’ve said.

  26. I do think Willie Joe that you are simply repeating here what the County Board are saying. I do not know if you have an involvement with them are if you have had a chance to see more than the rest of us but I think we have to be wary because of their history of dealing with these things. The same people that made the decisions to spend the money are making the same decisions now and that worries me and others.

    I also think that some of your attacks on some of the contributors are personal. I respect entitlement to have a view but it is annoying that people that you do not agree with are being shouted down in that way. That is not the way the website has been run in the past and that is why it is a great success. And as I said I get great enjoyment from it.

    As for Club Mayo Dublin you have made suggestions. I have read what they say on their webpage and they have said that they support Cairde Maigheo but so long as their questions are answered. I don’t think its unfair to ask that.

    Anyway lets focus on the pitch and a win against the Dubs on Saturday.

  27. John – I don’t accept your allegation that I’m just repeating the County Board line on anything. I’m reading what everyone else is reading and making my mind up on it. I’m entitled to hold and express these views and I’m not all that bothered, to be honest, if they don’t chime with the populist view of things.

    Also I cannot accept that anyone coming on here has been shouted down or subjected to personal attack. There’s been a feisty exchange earlier on here alright but I’ve taken far more than I’ve given in relation to that one over the last while. All opinions are welcome here but it’s also reasonable to challenge these opinions.

    I’ve seen the Club Mayo statement and you’re perfectly correct that they welcome the Cairde Mhaigheo initiative. In fact, they say that they welcome it without reservation which is a very positive statement. As I said in any earlier comment, the most sensible thing has to be a coming together of some sorts and the sooner this happens the better.

    I also agree that it’s time to focus on the Dubs – I prefer on-field fireworks every day!

  28. Having reflected on proceedings Willie Joe, I do feel that you overstepped the mark and broken your own house rules by calling me names. If challenging your opinion in an open and direct manner warrants this type of backlash then I should probably take the hint and leave the premises.

    The only reason that the County Board has changed direction is that Croke Park is now running the show and if Croke Park hadn’t arrived in Mayo last November nothing would have changed. Some individuals have now decided to portray themselves as ‘Men of Change’ with the support of Croke Park behind them. I ask the question, where were these men when the ship was heading for the rocks?

    The full impact of Cáirde Mhaigheo will be seen from the overall P&L Account position at the year end and not as a result of how many tickets they sell or how they redirect funds into this silo to make it look like a success.

    It will also be very interesting to see if Cáirde Mhaigheo will raise the € 100,000 mark in Dublin which you accuse the Dublin Supporters Club of failing to achieve.

    You appear to have seen sight of the Plan presented to Croke Park, is there any chance that you could stick a copy of it up on the website? I would love to see it and so would many others.

  29. Wow some debate going on here. I’ve read all of it and I’ve read the Club Mayo website and just want to say what I think.

    To me it seems that the County Board want one supporters club and Club Mayo have said that this is a good thing but would like that it includes what they do in Dublin for the players. They have money and the County Board want it and but they are saying that the people that paid the money paid it for team costs and that they are concerned that this is not what it will be spent on but are saying that their members most make the final call about where it goes. That does not seem unreasonable.

    But why do all of this so publicly. I think if the two sides spoke to each other that they are a lot closer than they think and both are looking for the good of Mayo football.

    The new Supporters Club can be a success if run properly but it can be an even better Supporters CLub if Club Mayo are involved and I do think there is need for a branch in Mayo.

    And thats bottom line cos Stone Cold says so

  30. Jeez I stumbled down the blogs and saw a huge increase in the above. It actually pains me to see two men with a great and fiery passion get stuck in in the manner that has developed.

    I have gotten to know both PJ and WJ over the last few years , PJ and I hail from the same patch of strand but are separated by age. The keenness of the comments display two brave men who have one mighty thing in common….a great love of Mayo football.

    It would be easy to sit and watch and say nothing and I am aware that I have a reputation of being negative in the extreme but hey who cares. I had the good fortune of being part of the ill fated Strategic Review Committee here in the city. PJ was the chairman. His professionalism, dynamic and ability to bring together and utilize some of the highest achievers I ever sat amid, stunned me.

    His attention to detail, to professionalism and thoroughness was a sight to see. PJ is no “bar stool pundit”. I like that title for myself and will guard it jealously!! PJ tells it as he sees it. His time given , free gratis and for nothing to the SRC deserves to be acknowledged here. His car suffered costly damage whilst he was up and down to Mayo at the behest of the SRC and he himself was out of pocket for this. PJ sees Mayo football and its entire attachments in a particular way. I tend to see it that way to , with my own peccadilloes thrown in for good measure.

    I believe we seriously underachieve, I believe we suffer from a serious lack of real belief and I believe we lack one great unifying leader in the county. The results over the years, the finals reached across the board prove beyond doubt that we are a premier county…but lack a killer instinct.

    Willie Joe is different than PJ but holds and equal place in my esteem. I have marked this wonderful site from almost inception. It is a forum for real debate , free from the rancour, hit and run insulting tactics deployed on other sites. For that we have got to thank WJ.

    So good is the site that it has elevated itself as an organ of the discerning Mayo follower. I myself think that WJ has taken a benign view of the current set up in Mayo. I fully accept his right and belief in doing that. I know that Mayogaablog in the past has never been shy about speaking its mind.

    I suppose like Thomas who doubted I would have to feel the scars and cuts before I believe that Mayo are on the road to a new redemption. Like many Mayo followers I am on the periphery here in Meath but maybe because of that I watch with a keen eye and parse everything I hear and read about our great county.

    My hope is that this site remains a forum of excellent debate free from rancour. my hope is that WJ and PJ both men of the highest calibre will fight the good cause and say whats in their minds. Silence breeds suspicion and Mayo needs a site like this, contributors like PJ, WJ and the host of familiar names that come on.

    I myself listen to the words of Eamon Mongey uttered in the early 1980s. They went like this “What we achieved was despite the county board not because of them…and as long as I have followed Mayo nothing has changed”. I hope that Eamons words will be made redundant and we exploit the greatness within all the Mayo’s.

  31. Obviously the County Board is being run from afar (Croke Park) Anytime there is a bit of a crisis a guiding e mail arrives from Croke Park to advise. But then it is great to see these paid officials in Croke Park working late into the evening.

    The Dublin supporters are a tremendous loss. They have done great work but then you have new people in Mayo for a few years and they must make a mark just for the history books. Then they are gone. It was a mistake to disband the supporters club in Dublin. By the way have the group disbanded or are they still organising their draws etc. I think some of their prizes are All Ireland tickets. There will be difficulty now in getting some.

  32. PJ – this is my house so I’m the one that makes and interprets the house rules.

    I’ve no problem with my opinions being challenged by anyone but the problem I have with your interventions is that you have repeatedly (three times at the last count) made presumptions about the opinions I’ve put out (i.e. “you’re very pro-County Board” etc. etc.) I’ve no problem with a robust debate as long as the debate is on the substance; it’s the presumptions being made about what’s behind the substance that I have a problem with, especially when these allegations are made again and again, which is what you did.

    Also I do think that you’re the last person who can complain about backlashes given the scalding laceration you’ve doled out in your comments here over the last number of months.

    Notwithstanding all of the above, I do accept, in the cold light of morning and bearing in mind John Cuffe’s reasoned and calming contribution, that I did overstep the mark in what I said about you last night and so I’m happy to withdraw those remarks fully and unreservedly. I’ve no wish to quarrel with you and would prefer to move on and start thinking about tomorrow evening’s match against the Dubs

    On the issue of the County Board finances, we’re simply going to have to agree to disagree. I do believe that time will prove one or other of us correct and it’s not for the good of my ego that I hope I’ll come out on top in that one. It’s a long road, though, and we’re only at the start of it.

  33. Guys we all have strong views on this thorny issue. the only agreement both sides will reach on this subject is to disagree. What we all really agree on is that the team is what is most important and i think at this stage it would be best if we turned our attention to the big game on saturday night. Anyone have a team that we could mull ( fight) over.

  34. Agree completely, Ted. There’s no team announcement as yet but I guess it’ll happen at some point today.

    On the issue of goals, James Horan actually said this week that we don’t score enough. Dillon and Mort could both have got goals down in Portlaoise – Dillon’s miss was particularly bad as he was on a one-on-one with their keeper and blasted in wildly over – and I’d agree with the view that we could be at risk of letting in a few ourselves tomorrow night. Diarmuid Connolly got 3-3 off Keith Higgins the last time we met them (most of this haul in the opening 20 minutes) in Croke Park and even Mossy Quinn found the net that day too. We could have our hands full with the same two Vincent’s lads again in McHale Park. Time to consider bringing back our own goal machine, Jason Doherty? He got two against them in Croke Park, after all!

  35. As an exile, and having no substantial knowledge of the county board or their workings, it seems a bit pointless to comment. But in terms of this site and the recent comments, I have to say that I must be in the minortiy of people who is actually enjoying the debate. Sure there’s a few low(ish) blows being dealt, but this only goes to shows the passion that is felt by those involved.

    The county board has been involved in some monumental cock-up’s for some time now, this latest incident being the most serious and high profile. Personally I think every one of those involved should be chased out of all Mayo GAA activities, but they haven’t. So what do we do? The clubs and their delegates are the only ones who had a chance to enforce change, but decided against it. So we simply suck it up and move on, trying to fix a mess that will only hurt all of Mayo GAA. The steps taken so far seem to be in the right direction, with the only solace I can find being that all the protaganists have the same long term aim – the ultimate success of all our club/county teams.

    My worst nightmare would be for this site to become a mundane, boring mouthpiece for the county board (a Mayo version of Pravda I suppose). But I certainly don’t think it is. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion without any suggestion of being ‘nobbled’ by the couty board/club Mayo/the SRC etc.
    So lets hope that PJ continues to post and opens up the debate for others. We’re never all going to agree on everything, luckily. The world and this site in particular would be a pretty boring place if we did.

    Sorry for the ramble, slow day at work….

  36. What’s that? We have a match coming up??
    I think that Dublin team is very beatable. Is there any reason the Brogans aren’t palying, or are they on the bench?
    A win here and we’re very much set up for a place in the league semis. Mayo by 2.

    For those who like a flutter, a €10 Mayo/Ireland double tomorrow night would get you nearly €100

  37. There are good people with lots of enthusism and knowledge to help Mayo GAA that are being left out by the County Board.

    The Strategic Review Groups and now Club Mayo Dublin. We are lucky as a county to have these people and the County Board should allow them to help and not look to hang them and try and blame them for their mistakes. I hope they talk to both groups again and get them on board and working in some positive way. That is the only way forward. That is leadership.

  38. Dan, I think it’s most likely to get you €0 in return. Whatever our chances of beating the Dubs (quite good, judging by the team picked by Gilroy), I have zero faith that Oirland will come away with a result in Paris.

  39. lets keep it to the football please. iAfter the game the two sides of the county board divide can meet up in a car park somewhere and sort the other stuff out once and for all ok 🙂

  40. I think Alan Brogan is still injured, Dan – it was reported in mid-January that he had a knee injury that would keep him out for at least four weeks so he’s not due back quite yet. Bernard was away on holidays but I think he’s back now. I can’t find any list of the Dublin subs so I’m not sure if he’s on the bench tomorrow night. I guess if he is, he’ll come on at some point.

  41. ted we can meet up in a car park and sort this by willie joe pushing PJ’s banged-out motor and vice versa……….. as it was so it shall be again.

    i agree fully with Dan in that the above debate has been fascinating for me as someone who doesnt live in the county.

    now here is the thing , i dont actually think that willie joe and PJ are that far apart in their thoughts.

    i think PJ is bitter due to all the work and contribution he has made to his club , his county and to the review and i think he has a right to be so.

    likewise i think willie joe has no interest in crying over spilt milk and wants this debt thing sorted out for once and for all rather than joining in the search for scapegoats. i would be of this mind myself but i understand why people think incompetence should be punished… of course it should….

    lads this is a great site, please withdraw all the barstool and comical ali comments but please do not back down from your opinions , they are the crux of this site.

    please god we will all have a pint or 7 in dublin some night before a big mayo game and set the whole mayo gaa world to rights…

  42. Debate is good but not when it starts becoming repetitive. Wj maybe you should poll the contributors on their views around the debt etc and let the jury decide and leave it at that. Now if the manager would just name the team that is going to take the field on sat it would come as a welcome distraction to what is or isnt happening off it.

  43. lads i believe it is only right tat the ones who got us into to this pickle should stay and put it right.not just walk away and be answerable to no many people have got away wit this in ireland for so long.pj i must say there is alot of stuff you have posted on this site tat echos the thoughts of supporters like myself but now its time to draw a line on it and move on.let james horan and his team operate in a structure tat doen’t play second fiddle to a side show of who’s right or wrong about this club or tat club……… just my opinion

  44. I’d gladly hold a poll Ted but the poll thingy I used to have on the site no longer works so getting that back up, along with a general site upgrade, remains on the to-do list, I’m afraid. I agree wholeheartedly too that the debate is distracting our focus away from the more important on-field stuff – not only have we the Dubs tomorrow night to think about but also Davitts the following afternoon. As regards a team announcement, according to the Mayo GAA Twitter feed we can expect news at some point later tonight.

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