Big night under the lights tomorrow

Tomorrow evening at MacHale Park promises to be a fun occasion, with two games taking place under the lights, the first of which sees a number of iconic names from yesteryear lacing up their boots and hitting the turf once again.

The main event tomorrow night is the match between the TG4 Underdogs and a Mayo selection, which is also being broadcast live on TG4. This game throws in at 8pm.

We haven’t named a team for the Underdogs game yet but, in a preview piece by Ger Flanagan in the Mayo News (here), a number of names who might feature in what’s sure to be an experimental line-up were mentioned. These included goalkeepers Mícheál Schlingermann and Rory Byrne, as well as others such as James Stretton, David Kenny, Liam Irwin, Barry Duffy, Jordan Flynn, Ryan O’Donoghue and Gary Boylan. (UPDATE: team named now, see below).

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of team we field for the game but of equal, if not greater, interest will be the curtain-raiser that throws in at 6.30pm.

That’s because this game – which pits a 2004/6 Mayo Legends team against a Club Selection XV – sees the return to duty by several storied warriors from an era that saw us twice reach the All-Ireland final. The game is a commemorative one to honour the memory of the late, great John Morrison who coached the Mayo team when Mickey Moran was manager in 2006.

The Legends team features the likes of David Heaney, Gary Ruane, Trevor and Conor Mortimer, Ronan McGarrity, David Brady, Kevin O’Neill and, yes, Ciaran MacDonald. Here’s the full Legends line-up (including subs!) for tomorrow night.

Sadly, I won’t get to see this game as I’m up here so will have to make do with watching the main event on TG4. For those of you who do get there, enjoy it – it should be an evening to savour.

UPDATE: the team and subs for the match against the Underdogs was named last night after this post went up. Here are the full details.

31 thoughts on “Big night under the lights tomorrow

  1. Team & subs named – plenty of new faces and a few surprises in terms of both inclusions and omissions.

  2. Looking forward to seeing newbies Micheal Schlingermann, Padraic O Hora, James Stretton, Oisin Mullin, Gavin Durcan, Darren McHale, Jordan Flynn, Gary Boylan and Paul Towey tomorrow night.

  3. Not awful happy with Horans 15 tomorrow night.Ok in fairness some are the next best players outside of the 2019 Championship panel but I dont think he has them all there .Jack Reilly, Cathal Horan, Sharoize Akram ,James Shaughnessy, Peter Naughton, Stephen O’Malley, Ryan Lynch, Neil Douglas, Conor O’Shea, and Evan O’Brien all could have been looked at.
    Some players named are not as good as these players above in my opinion. Also why is Stephen Coen and Matty Ruane named?? Is there any need to them to be playing tomorrow night.Fair enough the likes of Fionn McDonagh, Brian Reape and James McCormack need game time at this level. Whats the story with Liam Irwin, Conor Diskin and Ryan O’Donoghue?? Are they still all injured??

  4. For God’s sake, when will we not be hearing of Neil Douglas as a potential Mayo player? He has been on shortlists for ever and a day at this stage and not made it when the chips were down, in his case in February and March for the past seven or eight years. Certainly he is a top club player but he has had innumerable chances at county level and not come up trumps. Time to move on.

  5. Tried to get the team to meet the Underdogs tomorrow [or tonight at this stage] on the Mayo GAA website but no luck. If I got it I might travel but if not no way. I’ve seen the Golden Oldies often enough at this stage and I’m not driving the guts of 70 miles to see them again. To see up and coming lads would be a different story but if the powers that be cannot let us know who they are why buy a pig in a poke?

  6. Jordan Flynn starting is a interesting one. Push came to shove on that selection, (i’ll get my coat)

  7. TH, It’s not a case of not looking hard enough. I’m not on twitter, facebook or any of those sites for my own reasons. If the Golden Oldies can be on the Mayo GAA website why not the main interest of the night?

  8. Yeah – was hoping to see a few others included in that team. Can sort of understand the Ballintubber and Neale lads being off limits due to their upcoming Connacht club games, but surely Horan could have brought in some Ballagh players for a look? Still looking forward to seeing how Stretton, Mullin, Durcan, Flynn, Boylan and Reape fare out. Rory Byrne and Oisin McLoughlin are two others on the subs bench that I’d like to see play.

  9. Maybe some of the lads ye are looking for Will be in the club selection playing against the golden oldies?

  10. Looking forward to the games tonight I’ve no problem with the team and subs selected tho I think from tonight on we should prioritize finding a back up free taker to Cillian we got caught badly against Roscommon last year. I don’t know if any of the lads selected takes frees for their clubs I think Liam Irwin is fairly handy with frees but he’s not listed tonight Evan Regan knocks them over for Ballina with ease but he is heavily involved with the nutrition side of things with Mayo so might not feature much it’s definetly something we need to look at tho

  11. Pretty confident this 15 would beat Mayos 15 tonight, most of which are not in the Mayo panel at present!!
    1.Rory Byrne
    2.Donie Newcombe
    3.Caolan Crowe
    4.Seamus Cunniffe
    5.Sharoize Akram
    6.Cathal Horan
    7.Eddie Doran
    8.Shane Nally
    9.Ryan Lynch
    10.Jack Reilly
    11.Conor Diskin
    12.Ryan O’Donoghue
    13.James Shaughnessy
    14.Liam Irwin
    15.Neil Douglas

  12. Starting 10 players that have hardly ever played for Mayo seniors before is reasonable experimentation I think. There are 10 more in the bench that haven’t played much before either. Peopke naming players that aren’t selected. Are these players interested in playing at the very top level? Are they injury free? Are they available this weekend? Reality is we can’t answer any of these questions unless we know the players personally.

  13. Backdoorsam it was a bad call by our Capt that caused the problem against Ros.Loftus was ready to take thelast free when ball was taken off him

  14. Expect that availability is/will be a big factor in selection. Expect some changes to that line up before the off.

  15. Yes WJ – Boylan definitely worth a look. Seems like a natural forward, 2 good feet and a good finisher. Confirmed in the interview that he’s committed to Mayo now.

  16. Gary boylan fully intent on breaking in to senior squad according to his motm interview. Looks a nice player. Turn and shoot forward. Very alert. Padraig o hora looks solid player. Cant get carried away but nice to see guys putting hands up

  17. Pace of Oisin Mullen stood out too. Great to see so many young lads putting in a big effort to make a Mayo panel.

  18. Played as a team. Some good displays. Undergos poor enough as an attacking force.
    Some opportunities for some players in the new year. Need to freshen some the team

  19. Was at the game. Stand out performances from Gary Boylan, Oisin Mullin & Padraig O’Hora. Others that played very well tonight and might just have given themselves a pass to the FBD extended panel were Rory Byrne, James Stretton, Jordan Flynn and Darren McHale.

  20. Rory Byrne, Pádraig O’Hora, James Stretton, Oisin Mullin, Darren McHale, Jordan Flynn and Gary Boylan the players who impressed me most tonight.

  21. Gary Boylan and Ryan O Donoghue who didn’t play tonight could have a big impact in 2020 tho there was a lad slightly older than myself No.11 on the legends team he has a serious left foot if only we could turn back the clock. Ok we can tonight as it happens for an hour. The future is bright

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