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Happy Vernal Equinox, people.

In normal times, my spirits tend to lift at this point of the year as we start to get close to when the days become ridiculously long and the dark evenings are no more than a distant memory. It’s a bit harder these days to feel the same kind of positive vibes but at least summer is on the way and, one hopes, the bloody Covid vaccine as well.

There are a few pieces in the media with Mayo players inside the last few days, which are worth a mention, if only as there’s not a whole pile else to talk about right now.

Let’s start with Diarmuid O’Connor, who did a few media slots to tie in with the launch of the new Mayo jersey. You’ll find different versions of what he had to say in the Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror, Connaught Telegraph, Sky Sports.

In these Diarmuid reflects on the slew of recent retirements, which he concedes will be “massive losses” this year, though he believes that the “huge array” of talent which emerged last year will cushion the blow somewhat. Diarmuid, who at 26 is now looking forward to his eighth campaign at Senior level, also talks about how he’s now regarded as one of the elder statesmen on the panel, which of course he is at this stage.

Paddy Durcan was also on media duty this week. You’ll find pieces with him in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror, Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph.

Paddy looks back to last December’s All-Ireland final, confirming that he was injured from as early as four minutes after the throw-in. He suffered another pull to his quad before the first water break that evening and, sadly, was gone by half-time. Like Diarmuid, Paddy is enthused about the influx of new talent into the Senior panel and he reckons there’ll be further changes in playing personnel this year.

Cathal Freeman, meanwhile, stepped out to talk about the county’s hurlers. There are pieces with him in the Mayo News, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent,

Cathal is clearly relishing the prospect of Keith Higgins lining out on a regular basis for the hurlers this year, now that the Ballyhaunis player has called time on his stellar inter-county football career. Cathal reckons that Zippy would get into the Galway hurling team, such is his small-ball ability, and that his addition to the Mayo team represents a major boost for them, which it so obviously does.

There’s also a piece in today’s Irish Times by Malachy Clerkin, in which I feature speaking about the results archive, but I’m afraid there isn’t a link available for that one yet so you’ll just have to get the paper if you want to see it. Go on, you know you do. UPDATE: That piece is now online and you’ll find it here.

Right, that’s your lot for now. Back tomorrow with another extract from my unfinished symphony.

11 thoughts on “Bit of a round-up

  1. The day light is the same length as the night James. This will happen again in October so happy Vernal equinox everyone

  2. The autumn equinox is in September, not October. Also I believe the term “Vernal” refers only to the Spring equinox. The Autumn one is referred to as the Autumn, or in the US as the Fall equinox. Sorry about my predilection for correcting irrelevant mistakes!!

  3. Arising from some comments in recent times about our inability to bring on subs who have a decisive influence in the closing stages of big games I did a bit of quick research using the archive on this site. In all ten of our final championship games since 2011 [all defeats in case I need remind you] no sub has managed to score more than one point. Three times two subs have managed one point each and three times none of our subs have managed a score.
    That indicates to me a lack of quality in our backup players and it is something a manager is powerless about. It also explains to a large degree why we have failed repeatedly when the chips are down. It is, nonetheless, a tribute to our players that they are, apart from one year [2018], always in the latter stages of the hunt for Sam.

  4. Great interview with James Horan on CRC FM
    Caomhin Rowland.
    Slot of questions answered,James as straight up and honest as ever. Oisin is staying put.

  5. All41 – is there a link to that interview? Sounds good.

    Well done Willie Joe – that was a brilliant piece by Malachy Clerkin and he paid you a fitting, and well-deserved tribute. Reading it, I realised how lucky we are. It’s become part of my life – a go-to nearly every day, and the posts and responses are so knowledgeable, and intelligent. Long may it last.

  6. In that interview on crcfm James Horan also said that Ciaran McDonald is a better coach than he was a player!
    He must be an extraordinarily good coach

  7. Yes, have listened to it now. Very good stuff there: JH on MacDonald, McHale Park pitch, Oisín staying, his coaching Masters at UCC, and more.

  8. Much deserved credit and kudos to you, WJ, and the blog in the Malachy Clerkin Irish Times article.

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