Bits and pieces ahead of tomorrow evening’s game

We’ve named our team, they most likely won’t reciprocate until some time tomorrow – and then, of course, make a few further switches just prior to throw-in – so all that’s left to do now is to point you towards various things that need to be pointed towards as we head into our first meeting for a while with Dublin.

These aren’t all to do with tomorrow evening’s game, but some are. You’ll see what I mean as we go along.

First up a few pieces about the match. Edwin McGreal has a piece with Aidan O’Shea in the Irish Examiner (here), while the same paper has a handy graphic (here) that sums up much about the weekend’s League action, including Dublin’s head-to-head dominance over us.

Also in the Irish Examiner, Rob and I have a small walk-on part in a column by Tommy Martin that’s largely about James Horan. That’s here.

The Irish Independent went big on a piece about the rivalry between ourselves and Dublin (you know, the one that has seen them unbeaten when we’ve faced them the last 13 times). If that’s your poison, you’ll find it here.

The Dublin/Mayo nexus also gets an airing in the Off The Ball Gaelic Football Show featuring Enda Varley. That’s available to listen to here.

The county’s ladies team also face Dublin at Croke Park tomorrow evening, with that curtain-raiser encounter throwing in at HQ at 5pm. There’s a preview piece on the ladies’ match in the Mayo News (here) and I also liked the cool way the ladies team was announced – have a look here. Lads, take note.

Sadly, I won’t make it to Croke Park myself much in advance of 7pm, due to juvenile football commitments across town tomorrow afternoon. We will, though, be including coverage of the ladies’ game in this week’s edition of the Mayo News football podcast. That’ll be online on Sunday.

Also in this week’s Mayo News is a nice piece by Billy Joe Padden on the late John Morrison. That one is here.

Who knew? The GAA’s Annual Congress is on this weekend too. Details on the motions down for discussion at Congress are here.

Fancy a bit of hurling action this Sunday? The hurlers continue their NHL Division 2A campaign on Sunday, as they host Antrim at James Stephens Park in Ballina. Throw-in there is at the early time of 1pm.

Are you thinking of heading down to Tralee to catch the Round 6 match against Kerry? If you’re a season ticket holder then there’s no issue – aside, maybe, from accommodation for the night in the town – but if you’re looking for tickets for the match – which is expected to sell out – then you’d need to get your stakes on. They’re no longer on sale online so best check ASAP with Centra or SuperValu to see if they have any.

Need some new gear to wear to Croke Park tomorrow evening? The new goalkeeper’s jersey might fit the bill and is now on sale – details here.

Finally, it’s worth pointing you again towards that video doing the rounds showing Tom Parsons in motion (that’s here). He’s on the way back alright – best of luck to him as he continues on the long, arduous road to recovery.

Back in the morning with some final pre-match thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Bits and pieces ahead of tomorrow evening’s game

  1. Even though this game is on towards the end of February its significance can’t be underestimated.

    They have to win, we’ve their measure. Open spaces to exploit for our particular set of forwards backed up by a very strong defense.

    Really looking forward to it. A Dub I work with is generally 100% sure of a straight forward win but he’s not anymore, he said only today that Mayo are the last team he wants to face tomorrow.

    In just under 24hrs battle shall have commenced.

  2. I disagree. Its Feb. We were down playing the significance of our game with Dublin and others last year when we had a poor start. It bears no relevance to what can happen in high summer as we well know. If we win it’ll be great for getting the Dublin monkey off our back but it won’t mean anything if come summer we can’t do it

  3. If there’s a new goalkeepers jersey does that mean we’ve a new goalkeeper?
    I’m trying to plan a foray into Croke Park tomorrow…up from Hollyfort… between Bunclody and Gorey. Have a feeling this will be a cracking match. Best of luck to the men and women tomorrow. If we win both I will be happy but it’s still only league and I expect real fireworks next time these teams meet in the championship. Maigheo all the way!

  4. Too much on tomorrow so I have decided to fill in the Face the Ball prediction a day earlier than I had had planned. I have gone with Mayo to win a tight game, no point in talking things up if we don’t really believe.
    I have never seen such strong substitutes on a Mayo panel in my life, this will swing it tomorrow evening.

  5. Ive been following the fortunes of our Mayo team to the furthest reaches of this island since the year and the summer during which Neil Armstrong uttered the immortal words, “That’s one small step for (a) man. One giant leap for mankind”. Those of you of a certain age don’t need to be informed that I’m back in 1969.
    There’s a strange personal symmetry here in terms of the fact that in all those years I’ve never felt so excited, so enlivened by the thoughts of tomorrow evening’s encounter. Better, more elequent and more informed posters on this excellent blog have expressed their take on our 2019 clash with Dublin, the life the game may take on and the implications of possible outcomes. As a club leader I was delighted to hear last week that our Minor team management have arranged a challenge match against a Meath opposition for 2.00 pm tomorrow. And thence to Drumcondra and what lays in store. On hearing that there were a few seats available I jumped at the opportunity ( as I will on the bus) to set out on what should be a wonderful outing with, hopefully, the outcome that Keith Higgins so richly deserves.
    Here’s a 61 year old first time granddad who, this night, is being visited by that old Christmas Eve atmosphere and magic of long ago.

  6. Source of the robe enjoy your trip to Croker I always say the night before Mayo play in an all Ireland final i feel
    It’s like Christmas Eve unfortunately come 5 Pm
    The next day it feels like Good Friday. Hopefully
    One Sunday we’ll climb the steps of the Hogan

  7. Is it not a bit early in the year for team photo.. we don’t know who”s going to be there come championship?

  8. Not sleeping here, who is going to pick up Fenton? Think tonight is a big test for JH and his Management Team to see if they know how to play Dubs in Croker

  9. I think Jack Barry put down a marker last weekend in terms how you go about addressing the influence of Fenton. He’s a fabulous footballer so it’s no easy task.

    Barry essentially forgot about his own game or trying to play any ball and simply tracked Fenton relentlessly around the pitch. Fenton nicked one score but really struggled to influence the game the way he normally does.

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