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Those of you who have been following the site for some time will know that we’ve had a few pre-match meet-ups in Bowe’s pub in Fleet Street up here in the capital on the eve of biggish matches involving the county at Croke Park. You may, indeed, have got to one of these yourself. Well, thanks to the promptings of a few of you, the time is now right to announce the latest such event, which will take place in Bowe’s this night week (24th) with throw-in set for 9pm or thereabouts.

I’m planning on covering the early shift that night – a late night with too many pints the night before a big game doesn’t agree with me any more – but, if previous such events are any guide, there should be plenty of Mayo GAA people around to chew the fat with until the small hours, should this take your fancy.

42 thoughts on “Bowe’s – back by popular demand

  1. I won’t be a or to make this gathering WJ, however should we make the final, there’s a very go

  2. Bloody iPhone)…od chance ill be booking a flight home and maybe make the next night out on the eve of the final
    One question, why Bowes? Is there some Mayo connection or is it yer’ local ?

  3. No good reason, Mister Mayor – it’s a pub I’ve always liked and was one of the first pubs in Dublin that I ever had a pint in, well over 30 years ago. See you there the night before the final!

  4. Jases Willie Joe, on any other night I would love to, but baby sitting my two little Donegal Granddaughters who are down from the hills for the weekend.
    Anyway enjoy the evening and hopefully we’ll make it for the next one in September……

  5. Lads & ladies, shameless plug coming up (hope you don’t mind WJ)

    My brother is putting together a bus from the Gateway Hotel in Swinford this Sunday morning. Breakfast and return travel for €30, rumours of a €10 group ticket aswell but cannot confirm them.

    If you would like some more, informative, information please email

  6. Now that Clare have done the job,its all about the big ball for the next couple of weeks,7 more sleeps and loads of build’s hoping liam and Sam spend the backend west of the Shannon,and with galway in minors is it too much to wish for to bring the 2 minor cups west as well.

  7. Now let Mayo learn from that today. Hype is a killer – Limerick found that out today. Mayo need to not make that mistake next week.

  8. mayo need to be careful tyrone are a dangerous team and kerry to after the hurllng and so do the dubs and putting mccaffery as young player the year is too soon a lot of football to be played yet.

  9. Without doubt hype beat Limerick.

    Mayo are in the same boat-forewarned is forearmed.

    All those talking abiut big wins and finals talk to Limerick supporters this week.

    Overconfidence will be our downfall. The more Liston and others write us off the better it is for us.

  10. Honestly the whole place is gone bonkers, what hype, what is hype, define it for me?

    Donegal went friggin bonkers last year , they had rows over the homecoming, not one Donegal supporter was in any doubt , they were taking Sam Maguire back with them.

    The Internet brigade are stone mad about this buzz word “hype”.

    Not a blind bit of difference does it make to the team, be in the stands and roar your team onto victory and [deleted].

  11. It doesn’t make a difference in All Irelands as there will always hype in both counties prior to an All Ireland. However, teams can get carried away before semi finals. Look at today – hype definitely affected that Limerick team. Semi finals are the place that hype can be a huge threat. One would hope that with Mayo’s experience of last year that this wouldn’t happen but there is definitely a lot of hype in Mayo without doubt.

  12. Sean Burke
    Really…what a silly response to posters.
    Of course hype or overconfidence or arrogance is detrimental.Surely that was proved today.Hype is looking at the situation and only seeing the positives.Its speaking about huge wins and not taking other teams strengths into account.
    Thankfully Horan has warned about it though you certainly did not listen.
    Of course support and enjoy but with a quiet confidence not arrogance.
    Your last line btw is offensive and unnecessary.

  13. have to agree with you Sean…its only the supporters that are “hyped” up and it doesn’t matter a damn to this bunch of players. I am confident they and their backroom staff will be in the right frame of mind come game day. cant wait for next Sunday!

  14. As much as players are trying to avoid the hype it will be very hard to ignored it TBH the last time i seen Mayo hype like this was in 1989. Jim McGuinness had his players very focused last summer and James Horan is doing likewise this summer however it’s still only the semi final and Tyrone will be doing all they can to bring Mayo down to their level.

  15. Sean – you obviously didn’t read what I said the other day about people posting offensive responses to other commenters. Everyone has a right to make their point and others have the right to disagree but not in that kind of offensive way. Please bear in mind for future reference or else a spell on the comment moderation naughty step beckons.

  16. How can anyone say that to much hype was the cause of Limerick’s defeat today?
    To me Clare looked sharper and full of running from the off, while Limerick looked stale and off the pace. A five week break since winning the Munster final probably didn’t help but Clare were without doubt the better team.

  17. Rightyo fair enough, offending was not my intention.

    Hype? In 2006 we beat Dublin and the hype got to the players , jack o Conor knew this, it had nothing to do with supporters, it was the players who bought into the media hype ,which was cutely started by Michael o Muircheartaigh s ” it was the best game I ever witnessed”.

    2013 ,different times in terms of players ability to switch off to media and supporters .I don’t think they’d be bothered if there was a song called Mayo for Sam number one in the charts.

    If the best team in Ireland wins Sam Maguire ,it will be in Mayo this sept,sin e.

  18. lads, whats the story with tickets for the semi? anybody have any issues getting them? are they plentiful?

  19. I think in all fairness the hype in limerick did get to their players today, they were extremely nervous, missed some easy frees in the first half which were suicidal. That said i think their players wer not used to such a big game atmosphere, and the weight of expectation on their shoulders, where i think our boys are well experienced of big days by now. Horan would have watched today or at least noted the result and will use it to ground the boys if he feels any of them are getting carried away. Today served as a timely reminder that the under dog does get his day now again, but i beileve thats the last under dog to come out on top this august. Maigheo Abu.

  20. Well its like this Mister Maor.I bought tickets for the game the day after the Donegal game down st centra through .Ya i know the tickets they get wont be too central.but i thought if i wait for the county board i might not get good ones either So i got lower Hogan down beside the hill but im only 7 rows from pitch so feck it will do.

  21. Lads i don’t think we can compare Limerick to Mayo.If i was to compare them to another team it would be Monahan.Limerick hasn’t won the Munster for while.Where as Mayo have won 3 Connaught titles in a row and has the experience of being in All Ireland final last year and i do take a point from another lad who said there wad huge hype in Donegal and certainly their supporters telling everyone they were going to win Sam since they took Ulster and yet even with all the talk from the supporters they still won the final.Now in saying that i wouldn’t walk up to AOS or any of other lads saying yip were going to win this year.

  22. That’s fair enough Sean, just keep her between the ditches.

    On the hype issue, my view is that is a bit of a pointless topic for debate, one that inevitably sees one view being countered by another with no-one any the wiser. It’s been rumbling on here for weeks now at this stage and I doubt that I’m alone in being thoroughly bored by it at this stage. You might recall the #nohypeplease Twitter campaign from the year before last – would it be too much to ask for #nomoretalkabouthypeplease from here on?

  23. Just looking at the thread that started this discussion. For what it is worth Tommy Bowe’s grandparents ( I think) are from Louisburgh…Cluain Cearbhain Co Mhuigheo… so there may well be a Mayo connection in Bowes. I am so excited and sending positive vibes to Mayo…since the Donegal game. I have a feeling and as I went to the last game with my little girl we were overtaken by a jeep…04 WX 1951…see you all in Croagh Park on Sunday. Come on Mayoooo

  24. Yes lets all agree to differ on the hype issue.
    Conflicting reports on Cuniffe.wonder what is the real story.probably wont know til Sunday.
    On another issue Isnt it incredible g.a.a. cant get something like Hawkeye right?doesnt seem to be any difficulty in other sports.joke!

  25. I think the hype thing is getting a bit to much yea they will always be hype when you get to this stage in 04 06 we where not good enough hype did not lose them matches last year we were just a bit off this year we seem to have stepped up and are maturing in to a street wise team we will always be doubters in mayo amoung supporters using hype as excuse if we don’t win the all Ireland hype won’t beat us it will be a better team and we won’t be beating out the gate I have great time for James horan I truly believe he will get us there

  26. Ye all seemed to be fairly experienced when it came to flags so I was hoping to get a bit of advice. I have a flag and there is a sleeve for a pole and two metal rings on the hanging side. I have a good sized plastic pole in the sleeve however it is very loose, so I put a cable-tie through each ring and around the sleeve. It doesn’t seem like the best solution any other suggestions?

  27. MM
    I always find if I can’t fix something, you can’t go wrong with a bit of chewing gum. On the other hand if its a 1936 one you have , maybe you should invest in a new one and you might get great use out of it .

  28. We gotta put the hands in the wounds and wiggle. We’ve seen the false dawns come and the false dawns go. We have the right to wiggle. I believe in this Mayo team. I believe in this Mayo management. I believe Mayo can go all the way and I’m not one bit ashamed to state same. I detest hype and its putrid underbelly. This team is for real. Hype is bullshit. The train has left the station. We’re just jawing on the ride. We can’t arrive, until we’re there.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  29. Hype isn’t going to be an issue for Mayo. We just need to play to our best capabilities. It’s possible ………………….that all 6 AI titles will go west of the Shannon.

  30. I think the hype word is over hyped.If people can’t get excited about this years Mayo team then when can they! I think the buzz and atmosphere leading up to these big matches are what defines the GAA as an organisation and makes the game so special to us all! I truely believe this Mayo team won’t take their eye off the goal of winning Sam specially after last years heartbreak, hype or no hype! So feck the hype and back this team wholeheartedly! Hon Mayo!!

  31. Yet again Joe R u make total sense, in all fairness Clare were the most unmistakeably better side today, that is a fact!!, never mind the hype of Limerick being the favourites, no matter what, there’s always going to be some of us that are intrepid and there’s always going to be the other side that are die hard believers, at the end of the day lads it doesnt matter which side we fall on, we all pray for the same result, come on Mayo, may our dreams come true this year, that’s all I pray for!!

  32. I totally agree with Horans Brigade views on the semi final with Tyrone, A lesson has to be learned by Mayo from Limerick’s experience in Croke Park yesterday, Limerick did not play to their potential because there was too much hype in the county and they also had the extra burden of been favourites. Mayo defeated the reigning All Ireland champions Tyrone in the quarter final in 2004 with a brillant performance but struggled to beat Fermanagh in the semi final after a replay. Tyrone would have beaten Donegal in Ballybofey if their goal keeper had not kicked four of five kickable frees wide. We can not forget that Tyrone are managed by Mickey Harte,who has won three senior titles. Mayo can not afford to be intimidated or provoked in any way next Sunday

  33. Limerick had a long lay off and nerves got them on the day, they are young and will learn to deal with that, i think the croker choker tag is well gone in Mayo and we will see that on Sunday

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