Bowe’s for the pre-final beers


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Have the nerves started to kick in yet? If not, imagine what they’ll be like in a week’s time so now’s the time – while you still have your wits about you – to be making plans for next weekend.

One of these items may well include what to do the night before the game. There’ll be plenty on up here that night, I’m sure, as the faithful once more descend on the city ahead of the weekend’s main event at GAA HQ the following afternoon. You may be planning to sample the delights of Citywest that night – and good luck to you if you are; personally I’m giving that whole side of things, both pre-match and post-match, a wide berth this year – but if a more understated pre-match gathering is what you’re looking for then the ritual (well, it almost feels like a ritual at this stage) Mayo GAA Blog pre-match pints at Bowe’s could be the place for you.

Throw-in will be at nine or so on the night and I’ve no idea who’ll be there but there’s usually a good gathering and the pre-match chat is always on the convivial side. Then it’s off to bed at a reasonable hour so that we’re all ready to lash into the Dubs the following day.

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  1. Of course I won’t be in Bowes, somewhere in Ballina will have to suffice but plenty of football talk there if I want to partake. Still no sign of a ticket and can’t decide if I’ll head up and hope to find one on the morning, travel 3000 miles to a game and don’t even go near the city it’s in? Am I mad in the head to even think of finding a ticket that morning ?

  2. Travel up David would be my advice, there is still a fair chance of sourcing one. Next week will give everyone a better idea of the chances of getting a ticket.Dont give up anyway pal.

  3. I’m in the same boat ( …er, plane) as you David. Have no ticket yet but am still reasonably optimistic ill have one by the time I hit the runway in Dublin on the 19th.
    WJ, I know I said I’d make it to Bowes this time, but unfortunately I won’t be able to. We plan on getting mass in on Saturday evening ( gotta get the man above on our side) then dinner, few pints in Ballina and like yer’self have a reasonably early night, for we will have an early start on Sunday morning to Dublin, tickets or not.

    But I’ll tell you what, ill see you in Castlebar on Monday night for the victory celebration!

  4. I wouldn’t miss Bowe’s WJ. No ticket here either, but the lesson of previous years is that they can come on stream in the final 72 hours. I hope so, anyway. You’re fair men to travel, David and Mister Mayor. I hope it works out for you.

  5. Same boat here, still no ticket and not looking good either, you see my poor brother, a good Knockmore man, would normally be my source – sadly he has passed away two years ago and as Dublin is in the final, that rules out my contact here as well. Still living in Dublin means I’m only a half hours drive from the ‘Field of Dreams’ and will probably head in there anyway. Would suggest those with no tickets do the same, as there’s always a great buzz about the place and every pub in the vicinity of Croker will be showing the match.

    Just that all ye Mayo supporters will know – the Dubs are very confident of winning, in fact the’re expecting it will be much easier than the Kerry game. Of course the’re entitled to feel that way, so it will be up to our lads to steel their thunder….

  6. Just got news on getting the ticket and thank god it’s good news… David I too was going home from the US with or without a ticket so hopefully you get one. I am too nervous to think about the game I know come Saturday evening il be a wreck but aren’t we lucky in some regards that these group of players and management have done us all paidi o se said one time” a grain of rice will tip the scale and let’s put these lads back on their arses for ten ####ing years” ….

  7. @NYC green and red. Great news delighted you got a ticket. Don’t forget your flag and save your voice you’ll need it for the 22nd!! Safe journey home.

  8. @Wecandothis,I for one am not as delighted as you that NYC green and red has a ticket waiting for him when he gets here when there are so many people here that went to games all year winter and summer and still cannot get a ticket.Its only a short 12 month ago you were in the same position where you couldn’t get a ticket yourself when you were complaining about people coming home from Uk and USA having a ticket waiting for them at the airport.Im not saying this because I do not have a ticket,I do only because I have a season ticket and I attended all the games but its amazing how people’s attitudes can change.Im sure the reason it doesn’t bother you this year is because you have a ticket!!!

  9. This is ridiculous. 8 days before the match, 5:30am and I can’t sleep. Again. It’s actually a bit weird, how obsessive thinks becoming. Thank Christ there’s a few things to occupy the mind in the next week!

  10. Pacar, I understand what your saying but I must say that many many mayo people oversea’s still would be a benefactor in some way to their local club or the county board. I know people on this blog have confidently assumed they have tickets on arrival but many will not. Also you are right in saying that people who have followed the team from FBD , League, Challenges, Championship will be overlooked to the young girl/boy who left for new york last year, is mates with the son of the club chairman but needs to be detailed that its 3 points for under the crossbar and just 1 points for over the crossbar, what about the guys with the white jackets/coats? Where can you buy them. Sometimes you see more anyways on the tv.

  11. Been a great journey since this match. Who would have thought it and look at the survivors.

    All-Ireland Qualifiers
    ROUND 1: Longford 1-12 Mayo 0-14 (Pearse Park, Longford, 26/6/2010). MAYO: David Clarke; Chris Barrett, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Donal Vaughan, Trevor Howley, Kevin McLoughlin; Seamus O’Shea (0-1), Pat Harte; Andy Moran (0-2, one a ‘45’), Aidan O’Shea, Alan Freeman (0-5, one free); Conor Mortimer (0-2, one free), Barry Moran (0-1), Alan Dillon (0-3). Subs: Liam O’Malley for McLoughlin, Mark Ronaldson for Aidan O’Shea, Tom Parsons for Howley, Billy Joe Padden for Harte.

  12. Can’t wait for 22nd. We as supporters lucky enough to get tickets need to really get behind our men . The dubs will try to out chant us but we will counteract any attempt and show our MAYO MAYO MAYO chant will silence them . Flags are needed by all of us.
    To add to colour and to really show the amount of green and red n croker, balloons are cheap easy to carry (when deflated) . After our minors have completed the victory lap and returned to dressing rooms . Take a break , blow up a few red and green balloons and unleash them on Croker . We will hav won the stands and terrace – our mighty men will take care of on pitch matters ……..

  13. @ John Cuffe, I remember that evening well, sitting in the car stuck in traffic waiting to get away from the pitch. Heads down tears coming out my eyes, muttered to my mate in the passenger seat that that was the end of me and following Mayo and I wasn’t going renewing my season ticket for the next year. Young nephew in the back seat chattering away about the match and comes out with “shure we might win the next match”! Needless to say I did renew the tickets!

  14. Hey pacar,just wondering would you have bought your ticket if it was priced at $5000?
    I can bet that’s it will cost NYC green and red close to that by the time his trip is all said and done.
    Let’s be fair.

  15. @Pacar I didn’t have a season ticket last year and I still managed to make it to the AIF I had followed the team all year and I wasn’t going to miss it. After last years hassle getting a ticket for the AIF I wasn’t going through that again so ya I got a season ticket and I’ve said on here several times IDE recommend a season ticket to everyone. So if NYC green and red can get a ticket and come home for the match fair play to him we need all the support we can get at least he is using his ticket. Have a look on eBay and plenty of other sites and you’ll see plenty of people trying to make a profit for themselves instead of being there. I think you’ll agree that the bigger problem is with people who want to make a quick few quid when they get a ticket and sell it on.

  16. While its still not “entirely” fair who gets tickets, its a whole lot fairer than it used to be.

    Tickets are sourced from the most obscure sources:

    I was watching the semi final in a pub in Boston with a fella who had his ticket sorted before the final whistle even blew. His wifes sister is married to some big wig at Bank of Ireland.

    Another fellas brother is married to a girl whos father is former chairman of the Carlow County Board and he got sorted.

    Fair play if you managed to get one, keep trying if you havent….we need everyone there.

    I just started a new job last month and cant make it myself because I already have a trip planned at Christmas. I have watched the last 2 AIFs from Boston in the company of the son of Mayos best ever players and were plannning to meet again next Sunday.

    Can everyone please get in early for the minor match…….especially those with Hill Tickets.

    A minor victory is worth at least a couple of points to the senior team and as I and others have said on here “a grain of rice will tip thing”

  17. Well pecar im so feckin sorry that you are upset about me reciving a ticket for the match which cost $500 ..its a pity that you don’t have one but by the time my trip is over it will have cost $5900..I COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR OPIONON

  18. There wont be 80,000 at many games so a few strays will be expected in Croker. Most of us will have to put a lot of energy into getting a ticket, so well done to those who have.
    We need to shout early and often for both teams and encourage those around us to do likewise.
    As a very vocal supporter at any game I am often stunned by the indifference shown by some supporters in Mayo shirts at matches and have ” Encouraged” those reticent folk to shout for your county! no doubt I will be at them again next Sunday.

  19. This time next Sunday we might be listening to Andy Moran thanking us for sticking with them and that we helped push them over the line.
    Ticket or no ticket they would be sweet words

  20. Just thought ide remind ye TG4 @8 tonight for anyone that’s interested. This time next week it will all be over. Lets hope for a good one, shout your hearts out these lads need to hear us so don’t be shy be seen and heard.

  21. jJohn Cuffe, you have hit the nail on the head.

    I was only discussing this with an Offaly friend last week, and the gist of our conversation was that JH had weeded out a lot from the Johnno era.

    I decided to check that particular match and went to Willie Joe’s archive; lo and behold, as you list them, 12 of that panel are still there, including Clarke and Barry Moran.

    As Trevor Naughton rightly says, just shows what a job James Horan has done.

  22. We are all on the same side lads, lets stick together. Anyone with spare/extra tickets, make sure a Mayo supporter gets them. We need as much support there as possible and plenty colour/flags. Can I appeal again to EVERYONE going to the match, PLEASE, PLEASE wear the green and red and if you can bring a flag. Andy Moran called for our support after the Connacht final, its the least we can do for OUR TEAM. #seaofgreenandred

  23. Do you remember at the Longford v Mayo match when Vaughan came up the left wing in the last minute and kicked a possible equaliser wide, I almost cheered, but being fairly high profile in Longford and a known Mayo supporter, I suitably hung my head. The team just didn’t turn up
    I knew that it was the end of an era and a new one would begin. We needed a new manager and we got one. By God was I right.

  24. As an aside to my previous blog, Longford supporters were all bragging to me about beating Mayo, (not an easy pill to swallow), but I told they didn’t beat Mayo; Mayo didn’t turn up that day and if they had done they’d have beaten the shite out of Longford.
    Still wonder why my popularity took a dive !!!

  25. Joe mc,

    You wouldn’t have been alone shouting for Longford while wearing the mayo jersey. I was so happy that we were beaten so we could move on from johnnos era.
    It was like a weight lifted off our shoulders that evening and we haven’t looked back since.

    The old saying about darkest before the dawn really is true in this instance.

  26. I wouldnt advise anyone to watch tg4 programme tonight, iv given
    up on listening to that spiel about mayo god help us/curse.
    This is a fresh highly skilled mayo team we have in front of us
    who could not care what happened in the past and are only concerned
    about 3:30 next sunday.
    As supporters we should be the same and have no negative thoughts going in,
    as was said plenty times here already the lads need support and noise from the stands
    well they also need positivity.

  27. Great interview with AOS in the Times yesterday. You would really feel confident after reading it. 100% focused and confident.

  28. The final countdown is on. I would be known as being a worrier before games and not having much faith. Different this year. I have total faith in Horan and our team. Remember this Mayo team is representing US and us fans need to support them and get behind them from the off. We really can play our part and be the 16th man. I also hope to see the majority of Mayo fans in for the minor game.

    I know it’s different but aside from what would be a glorious minor win if it happens, it would also give the seniors a boost. One of the Galway players on radio there said the intermediate tea, winning the game before gave them a boost.

  29. Nice to have something organised to calm the nerves for the night before WJ – fair play. Will be out and about for an hour or two in town that evening so might well stick the head in for a nightcap – the plan is to keep it civil and get an early night ahead of a long and – fingers crossed – joyful day.

    Hopefully at that stage those of us who are still clamouring for tickets will have had our minds put at ease. The season ticket is the best invention ever and the postman will get a happy greeting at 8am tomorrow – if he produces the goods this time, that is! I’m still searching for a ticket for the younger sister, who has been to as many (if not more) games as I have this year. I remember how much it meant to me to be there in ’97 when I was her age – I feckin ‘hope her experience this day week is a happier one!

    We’re on the countdown now – these are glory days indeed so let’s enjoy the week ahead as much as we possibly can, Over and out

  30. Chrikey, just chatting to a man there whom I would describe as having a fair idea of all things GAA.

    Not a hope he said has an ordinary person got of sourcing a ticket, never seen anything like this final, could sell half a million tickets if it were possible, his words

  31. @HSS51, like I said for anyone that is interested. Will I watch it, yes, will it make any differance to Sundays outcome, no. Like I sad in a previous post this is 2013 I don’t think there is too many people who belive in curses and the likes. I will still head to Dub next Sunday knowing full well that we can do it. Ill have no negative thoughts and watching something on TG4 isn’t going to change how I feel.

  32. This time next week can’t come soon enough. Flight tickets car rental tickets printed wish I could print a few Hogan Stand ones but hopefully il get sorted today I’m feeling confident this is our year when you look at the match ups Mayo win each line ‘ that said we still have to make a strong start and take the game to the Dubs flying into Dublin sat morning hopefully il meet up with some of The Neale lads sat night. Up Mayo

  33. Great article in yesterday’s Irish Times about motivational speeches at half time. My favourite is the one from Tipp v Clare where Ger Loughnane let everyone else do the roaring and shouting. His only comment as they left the dressing room was “MEN NEEDED NOW”. Brilliant…….

  34. Just spotted a nice 5 minute video on you tube titled “mayo minors 1978 the late comeback” where we came back to beat the dubs late in the minor final. Watch closely on that clip at 1 minute and 08 seconds and again at 4 minutes and 24 seconds. It shows how easy it was/is to get in to Croke Park without a ticket. Might still be possible to do this at the Hill 16 end next Sunday.

  35. Yes John one of my lowest points being a Mayo supporter because at the time I felt they didn’t even try to win that day and believe it or not I think my high point so far under JH was the league semi v Kerry to me that was the day the light bulbs went on in their heads was a great game and we supporters were unreal that day first time I can remember them getting a standing ovation from us at half time …. And we never gave up shouting that day it meant so much just hope we can do that in seven days time … Seven days seven days #seaofgreenandred

  36. Apologies folks and WJ. Lifted the team and result from WJs archive . Should have acknowledged that . Mea culpa

  37. Jaysus David I didn’t cheer for Longford – I cheered silently that Mayo were beaten, the start of a new era.

  38. This is ridiculous carry on for a grown man. Waking at 5 in the morning and my first thought is how to stop Mannion if he is on his game like he was in the league semi-final!! I have kids for Christ sake, and I have a knot in my stomach made up of a mixture of nerves, impatience, worry, passion and excitement. I know we can do this and I believe we will win but I want the fucking game now!!! This is my 8th All Ireland Final and you would think that I would have the hang of it by now but I can’t remember feeling like this in any of the previous ones. It’s almost like the Tyrone game was last year it feels that long ago.
    How are the players dealing with it I wonder?

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