Brady aims a little too low for 2008

We won’t win the All-Ireland next year, according to county legend David Brady. He’s probably right and, after 56 years waiting, it’s not is if one more year will hurt us. However, I think he undersells a little what our ambition for 2008 should be. According to DB, this would be “a good performance in a Connacht final”. If he means by that a winning performance in a Connacht final, then I agree with him. However, I don’t think – given the nice, old-fashioned feel to the ’08 draw plus the fact that both the Sligo (sorry, London) game and the final (sorry, Sligo) are due to be played at McHale Park – that gallant losers in a Connacht final should be the height of our ambitions for next year. As ever, a Connacht title has to be the baseline aim. Anything else would be a bonus, while ultimate victory would, of course, be nirvana. But, as The Man says, don’t expect that to happen.

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