Brigid’s still best in the west

I had one eye on the TV this afternoon (with the other on the roast chicken) where TG4 had live coverage from Kiltoom of what turned out to be a rather bad-tempered Connacht club final. St Brigid’s of Roscommon had plenty of home support but they had to battle hard to get past Galway’s Corofin which they eventually did by just a single point. It was a contentious outcome too with the ref getting a fairly bad barracking from the losing supporters as he was escorted from the pitch at the end.

The carry-on of Corofin’s supporters couldn’t be justified even if (as happened to Louth in last year’s Leinster final) their side’s defeat could be put down directly to the ref’s performance. That wasn’t the case today – Mayo’s Liam Devenney didn’t cover himself in glory and struggled to keep control of a match in which a number of hefty lads were in the mood to clatter into each other all afternoon long but there’s no way he showed any favouritism towards the home team.

Indeed, as points out in this excellent analysis of today’s decider, the fact that Corofin failed to score for almost 20 minutes of the second period – during which time St Brigid’s turned a three-point deficit into a two-point advantage – probably had more to do with their defeat than any perceived failings on the officiating front. Those of an uncharitable disposition might go further and say that the Galway champions – who, in sneaking by Ballintubber in the previous round, were widely regarded as having been a good deal more cute in playing for frees in the closing stages – ended up getting hoist on their own petard this afternoon. I’m not sure that would be wholly correct either but I think it is fair to declare that St Brigid’s third Connacht club title was won on merit today.

The Rossie lads now have a quarter-final date with Fulham Irish over in Ruislip on the 4th December with the winners then facing the Leinster champions in the All-Ireland semi-final in early February next year.

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  1. Our third Connacht club title so happy days in Kiltoom. F.Dolan scored two lovely points from play and a serious lump of a free. The half backline layed the platform for this win which seemed unlikely at half-time. Ian Kilbride who was just two days back from a tour of duty to the Leb came on after the break and transformed the game. The ref’s performance was woefully inadequate (the worst I have ever seen) he rode Corofin all day, even disallowed a Corofin goal (slight suspicion of a foul on the corner back), however this did not justify the horrendous verbal abuse and assault he endured after the game. He really should have been in the dressing room when he blew the final whistle, as neaderthals are all to common in the gaa, the gaurds did not cover themselves in glory either, none were present in the ground.
    Bridgets have won both Roscommon and Connacht without putting 30 mins of strong football together in a single game, if they get past Fulham I get the impression they are going to really knuckle down and give the All Ireland a right good rattle – they won’t be far away.

  2. Pitiful behaviour from Corofin supporters. What was giving the ref a few clatters going to achieve?

  3. The non connacht men & women watching that game yesterday would have got the wrong impression of Connacht club football.

    I not sure can you totally blame the ref? as both managers tactics where barbaric.

    Well done St. Brigid’s on another Connacht title won improvement needed or they will be beaten by the Leinster champions.

  4. I got a shock when I saw devanney appointed in charge of this game. He is a very poor referee and yesterday he was a disgrace. The amount of stupid bookings that he dished out was scandalous. In fact I’d say that 70 per cent of his calls were wrong.

    The tg4 commentary were baffled too by his awful showing. It’s not fair on amateur dedicated sportsmen who give their all the whole year round to be cheated in a huge game. So much preparation and effort goes into clubs. It’s not right what happened to corofin yesterday. The referee is totally at fault. I’ve seen this particular referee destroy games in our county with his ridiculous and clueless decisions.

    He is definitely not the best referee in Mayo. There are so many that are streets ahead of him. I cannot fathom how he was appointed for this game. He looked shook after being led off the field yesterday. While the treatment he received is wrong, alot of it is understandable. If he doesn’t know the rules of the game eg square balls, tackling, handpassing and picking the ball off the ground he shouldn’t be anywhere near a referees outfit.

    Corofin were the better team by a mile. I guarantee it that brigids will not win the club championship. As a Connacht team I hope they do but they are not good enough. Crossmaglen, crokes, UCC and the dubs champs St brigids are better teams. If that game was in the Hyde or pearse stadium with a referee who knows the rules of the gaa corofin would have won at a canter.

    Incidents like yesterday are regrettable bur referees should be held accountable for their performances. They must justify the decisions they made and if they are consistently poor then a long break should be administered.

  5. Corofin were the better team by a mile in the 1st half but the 2nd half they where woeful! all those teams you named would have beaten both on Sunday.

    Saying that i have now seen all teams play now & Crossmaglen are so far ahead of the rest.

  6. This club final needed an experienced referee, particularly with the home and away arrangement. The ref in question still has not refereed a mayo senior club final. it takes time to learn the game and in the cauldron of Kiltoom this inexperience showed big time.

  7. Watched the video of of the game (not the full video, just the interesting bits !!!). Still not clear to me if it was NOT square ball. Either way it would be a marginal decision. Also the BACK appeared to be fouled in the process. Didn’t notice any blatent wrong decisions by the ref. It’s not good to see a ref getting an escort off the field. At least the players didn’t seem to get involved so that is a credit. As regards supports that invade the pitch. Well they need to be whatever means.

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