¡Buen viaje!

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While for most of us the arrival of the New Year means a return to normality and work and all that, this year it marks the start of a very well-earned holiday for the Mayo panel over in Florida. The lads are jetting out to Miami today, where typical temperatures at this time of year are in the high twenties, at the start of a week-long break over in that part of the world.

I don’t think any true Mayo supporter would begrudge the lads this holiday, given all the sacrifices they’ve made and all the effort they’ve devoted to the cause in the past year and all of the commitments they’ll face anew once they arrive back home. Starting with three FBD matches in eight days … Enjoy the break lads, have a mojito or two on us!

3 thoughts on “¡Buen viaje!

  1. Sad to hear of the passing of John McAndrew from the 1950-51 team. John played for Mayo in 1960 as the last of that great squad to tog out. Must have broken his heart to see the slide.Brother of Big Pat who was midfield for Mayo in 1948 he emigrated to New York with whom he later won a national league medal. Two mighty Erris men, intelligent, brave and gifted.

  2. Its a good weekend for the boys to be in Miami, the BCS College National Championship game between The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and Alabama will be on Monday night. The place will be crawling with Notre Dame fans so it should be a fun weekend.

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