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There’s still over two weeks to go to the final – sure, the hurling decider has to be played yet – but it’s all inexorably sliding towards the mental end of the spectrum, as that classic photo above amply demonstrates. If that suggests our cause is going global then this video of a slightly different rendition of the famous Sawdoctors’ song underlines the point still further:

Video: Aoife McGuinness (via YouTube)

Closer to home but still abroad, there’s a pre-final event taking place in London on September 15th (throw-in 6pm) which is being held under the auspices of Cáirde Mhaigheo London at the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street. This is a race night event at which there’ll be chances to win All-Ireland tickets and there’s a further opportunity to get your hands on a ticket if you like or share or leave a comment (saying why you should win a ticket) on the Cáirde Mhaigheo London Facebook page – here.

Staying with tickets, there’s a good piece by Daniel Carey in this week’s Mayo News summarising what was decided about arrangements for tickets and stuff, including the post-match banquet at Citywest, at the County Board meeting on Monday night. This report also mentions two other fundraisers – the first is a dance at the McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris this coming Sunday (8th September) and an ‘Up For The Match’ event in association with Midwest Radio that’ll be held on Thursday, 19th September in the TF in Castlebar. That’s all the info I have on either of these events.

Finally, back to the musical side of things, this All-Ireland final song – entitled This Is Our Year – which was written by Nicole Gannon and is performed by Nicole and Elisha Gannon, was put up on YouTube earlier this evening. I think it’s rather catchy – have a listen yourself:

Video: Nicole Gannon (via YouTube)

18 thoughts on “Build-up, tickets and songs

  1. In terms of songs, the best I’ve heard of this year’s bunch is the ‘Mayo, Here We Go’ one by Arís.
    However, none come close to the Ginger Melodeon Experience one from last year (Up Mayo, I think it was).
    Seeing as they brought out a London song for the London match, any chance they’ll be bringing out a new one?!

  2. Things are definitely looking up now that we have the Urban Cowboy on our side…what’s next, a “Mayo for Sam” billboard in Times Square, Picadilly or Shibuya?

  3. Only Mayo … By Flat out and Gorilla Radio for me … Class … On another note seething over the ticket situation it’s CRAZY we getting the same allocation as last year … We there a week ahead of last year AND our minors there too … Co board did not do their job properly if they didn’t secure tickets from other associations around the country ….

  4. The Ginger Melodeon song will never be matched in the sense that it can be used ANY year & touches subtlety on the Mayos abroad & also refrains from naming the players from 1-15 & those from the past.
    If they took the plunge & put it on iTunes (& whatever android have?) it’d be there for all smart phone people to download immediately!

  5. We should have the distribution of tickets down to a fine art here in Mayo given the amount of finals we’ve contested in the last 25 years.
    In our club last year they first gave tickets to people looking after teams then players on senior u21& minor. Then they raffled the rest among anyone who had their names in.Very fair I thought but I heard later that some of the club got awful abuse from people that never did a thing for the club. I suppose some people just can’t see fair play.

  6. I was in Mayo for the Donegal game. MWR played a song by, I think it was Cody or Koje. I didnt get the name properly. They were a pipe band and seemed to have mostly male singers. It was a stirring Mayo song but with all the Googling in the world I cannot track it down. Any help anyone?
    Maigh Eo Abú!!

  7. Never mind the songs ,theres a football match to be won, ….theres been more songs wrote about mayo since 1981, coud,t care less until we,ve won the bloody thing………………

  8. Thanks Bannerexile, 2pm it is.. James C, this definitely puts me in the hurling fair weather category 🙂

  9. Ned, the song played by MWR was ‘Mayo Home’ sung by Coda, a group of seven guys from Mayo and they were accompanied by the Clew Bay Pipe Band. It’s a rousing new Mayo anthem which they released as a single on itunes in June. Was composed by one of their members, Declan Askin. Coda and the pipers performed at the Westport Festival in June and will be performing ‘Mayo Home’ on ‘Up For The Match’ on Sat 21st. Check out their ‘codasinging’ channel on youtube

  10. Orla, Thank you so much…. That song was haunting me and really should be our anthem for the final… Off to iTunes i go… Thanks again!!

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