Cafferkey retires, club update – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E40

The club championships are now in full swing within the county and so it’s club football – as well as a notable retirement within the inter-county panel – that’s the focus of the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast. 

In this episode host Rob Murphy is joined by Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty to provide an overview to the show and to chat about this week’s news that Ger Cafferkey has decided to call time on his inter-county career. Next, Mike reviews the Round 3 action from the senior championship with Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News, where the lads also take a look at the eight clubs who have qualified for the knockout stages. One of these is Davitts and, following their Round 3 win over Kiltane last weekend, Mike chats with delighted Davitts player Colm Boyle.

Ger and Mike then review the weekend’s action in the Intermediate championship, following which eight teams remain in contention for the title and, with it, promotion to senior status next year. Rounding off this podcast episode we have our popular ‘Bring Him In’ feature where we identify a few players whose form suggests they might be worth a look at county level.

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35 thoughts on “Cafferkey retires, club update – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E40

  1. Bring him in right away
    Jack Reilly
    Sean Regan

    Take a look anyway
    Seamus Cunniffe
    Jordan Flynn

    Remember the name
    Kuba Callaghan
    Aidan Orme

  2. After rounds 2 & 3 the players who have caught my eye.
    Bring him in right away.
    Owen Jordan Ballaghaderreen.
    Sean Regan Ballina.
    Both are well conditioned and pacy.
    Take a look anyway.
    Conor Naylor Ardnaree.
    Gareth O’Donnell Charlestown.
    Darren McHale Knockmore.
    Remember the name.
    Dimitri Trench Davitts.Teak tough defender. Still u20 next year.
    Kuba Callaghan. Still u20 next year.
    Interesting former Parke player who has transferred to Roscommon Gaels this season Ronan Carolan has being starring in the last two rounds in Roscommon championship scoring I’m told 8 & 4 points.Has been on mayo minor,u21 & junior panels over the last few years.

  3. I think conor mcstay should be given a chance
    Donovan cosgrove
    Colm moran
    Oisin mclaughlin
    Rory brickendon
    Cillian finn
    Sharoize akram
    Oisin mullin
    Mattie cummins
    Cathal horan
    Liam Irwin
    Sean regan
    Ryan o donoghue
    Brian reape
    Dimitri trench
    Conor diskin(should have played more last year)
    David drake(think he can do a good man marking job)
    Plenty and i mean plenty of talent to look at in mayo ive only named a select few

  4. The underdogs game at the end of October is a perfect game to have a look at some new lads. Absolutely nothing at stake

  5. Any of the senior club teams left in the last 8 would beat the Underdogs.
    I thought after last years hammering by a third strength Dublin team they would scrap it altogether.

  6. Mayo gooch, you are correct in what you say about Ronan Carolan’s performances so far for Roscommon Gaels, something that apparently, has already caught the attention of the Roscommon Senior Management.

    Won’t it be so refreshing to be able to watch the Dublin v Kerry replay tomorrow, without having to endure the bad mannered butting in and interrupting of Joe Brolly, not to mention his constant love in with Dublin..Nice opportunity for Stephen Rochford.

    Best wishes on his retirement to Get Cafferkey.In his prime, he was a classy full back, second to none..Sadly injuries intervened, and we never really saw him at his best after that.

  7. I agree the Underdogs match is a load of shite, utter rubbish.
    Caff another long serving player now retired for good he gave Mayo a brilliant service over the years, something that we as fans often overlook is the huge effort put in by those guys each year, the hard training slog, the journeys to home and away matches, the diet, lack of taking time out and do all this while having a 9 – 5 job.
    It’s a harsh business, when we see there is no All Ireland to show for their efforts.
    We wait in vain for the next Mayo group to take the fight forward to the new football power, this will be Kerry, don’t be a bit surprised if they shoot down the Dubs tomorrow, if Kerry score early goals, I feel they will win.

  8. Sure we all know the Underdogs game
    Is useless to us but it’s going ahead so might as well take a positive from it and try out a Mayo 15 the FBD league games against the likes of GMIT weren’t much good either but might as well show up and try out a load of new lads

  9. Underdog game means nothing no do i think its a load of shite no
    Why ?
    Any time that any person gets to wear the green and red is a proud fucking day
    Enough of this we dont need it nonsense
    We need fresh blood
    My opinion..

  10. Well there you have it Dublin have the 5 in a row congratulations to them and to Martin the Dub and all decent Dublin supporters everywhere. Listening to Darragh Maloney on Radio 1 he assures us that this Kerry team will win all Ireland’s so no pressure on Mayo James Horan can work away nice and quiet next season rebuilding Mayo as Kerry are expected to be the
    Dubs main challengers. Can’t wait for next season already

  11. Yes Dublin best team by a mile today and I thought it was scary how comfortable they were for the last 10 – 15 minutes. Kerry still have a way to go to beat this team.

  12. God help Aidan o’shea if he’d missed the scores David Moran missed today.
    Dubs weren’t going to be beaten today

  13. Kerry certainly had their chances you know and could have brought it damn close had Stephen o’Brien squared that ball to Geaney. Monumental mistake.

  14. As I say to my non Mayo friends [and I do have a few despite all], if Mayo were not able to beat this Dublin team what gives people notions that Kerry can? Dublin are now officially the greatest Gaelic football team of all time. Mayo are arguably the second best of all time based on results against them. Kerry’s 70’s/80’s team have an argument for being second best too but only an argument.

  15. The winning margin could have been 9 or 12 with O’Callaghan & Connolly missing goal chances which were easier opportunities than Steven O’Briens .
    Dublin played controlled containment for most of the second half with a much vaunted Kerry forward line kicking a measly 5 points in 40 minutes of football.
    A few retirements from the Dublin squad this year but it still looks like the only thing that will stop them achieving 6, 7 or 8 in a row is a bout of uncharacteristic complacency on their part.

  16. Well done to Dublin. They thoroughly deserved the win tonight and of course the drive for 5. Some achevement. Mayo the only team to get the closest to the Dubs in the last 5 years!!

  17. Hats off to the Dubs Wonderful achievement. Well done to Martin the Dub, Jaden and other genuine Dubs who comment here Ye should be very proud of your team. Hard luck Gamechanger and any other Kerry men who pay us a visit. Ye fought hard and put in a great first half. Not trying to self console here but in Dubs 6 of 7 they beat us 3″ times by a point, Kerry twice by 3 and 6 and Tyrone by whatever it was last year where they didn’t break sweat. So a well done to our lads too. Desperately unlucky but Dubs just have a way of getting over the line so fair play to them.

  18. Well done Dublin!
    We were deprived by them of winning 3 All-Ireland Finals by the minimum.
    2013 – Dublin 2.12, Mayo 1.14.
    2016 – Dublin 2.9, Mayo 0.15.
    Replay: Dublin 1.15, Mayo 1.14.
    2017 – Dublin 1.17, Mayo 1.16.
    We’ve witnessed a great team crown their greatness today and the men behind them too!
    History will record that we were probably the second best team of this decade, and that the best also happen to be the most successful team of all time – it is some small consolation!
    Roll on 2020 and a new vision!

  19. It’s about 14 weeks till January and we go again.
    Hopefully Horan brings on a few more players like in 2019 and we continue to improve and stay injury free in 2020.
    This is a great Dublin team but they can be beaten. Thats for sure

  20. Yes, Congratulations to Dublin absolutely Magnificent achievement.. Congratulations to Martin the Dub and Jaden… Enjoy the Celebration, should be some night in Coppers alright!… Commeserations to Gamechanger, and safe journey back to the Kerry. .. Two thing’s struck me about this evening All Ireland Replay… very differently? Reffed compared to the drawn Match…Ref Paddy Lane let allot go, think that he missed two Penalties the first one, in the first half for Dublin and a second half one for Kerry…almost nothing was picked up (off the ball) and allot happened (off the ball) Dublin ran out comfortable winner’s, (his sideline and Umpire’s were very quiet for the whole Match, except for a long ongoing conversation between Jim Gavin and , linesman David McColdrick ,(Note to McColdrick keep your eyes on the field that’s what your there for!) In the end of the day the linesman and Umpire’s should be bringing to the attention of the Ref some stuff that was going on with apparent impunity.. Both team’s got away with Stuff… However it didn’t affect the outcome because Dublin were conciderably better than Kerry on the day… So nothing controversial about the deserved winner’s, but the game should be Reffed from the first Throw In to the Final Whistle Properly….. Another thing that struck me was how few Kerry Supporter’s made it to Croke Park, and even then how little noise they made, I know it’s a long journey….But, If it were Mayo in the same place this evening, We would have a Multiple of Kerry brought, taken at least half the Hill… Anyhow the Cow’s will be well milked in Kerry this weekend, so even if the Supermarket’s run out of Beef, no danger of running out of Kerry’gold!

  21. Fair play to the dubs above everything else their in game management and the way they control the game is something else. They always seem in control and very rarely does any of their players misplace passes or bring ball into contact, or kick many wide.
    Also Cluxton is on another planet when it comes to kick outs. I am pretty sure Mayo would have at least 2 all Ireland now if he was between the sticks for us. His kick outs are excellent and this is consistent over the full game. He is the engine in this team . Until the day he retires there will be more all Irelands to come. He is the general in that team more important than Jim Gavin.
    I hope for 2020 James Horan realizes how important kick outs are and to add pace throughout the team. Pace is so vital now which I worry for mayo at the moment, there is a real lack of this and when u think of one of our top performers this year paddy Durkin he had plenty of this. Pace can cause panic and doubt in opponents. I think we need a forward coach of some sorts the amount of space in behind the dubs full back line in that first half of semi was unbelievable. We were right behind the goals and it only needed an andy moran type run in behind the line to create goal chances instead we just played in front of the line of defenders criss cross it was so frustrating.
    I just hope Andy gets a forwards coaching gig and would like to see someone who could work with the mind set of players. I just feel everything with mayo is so helter skelter we could be 10 points up but we could still let a team back in. You just knew the dubs were going to win once they went a few points up. The belief in themselves is to b admired. Something I feel mayo still need to get right. How can we perform so badly against Roscommon and still suddenly go on a run to the semi finals and lose the lot in 12mins. Mind set and being able to control the tempo of the game is so important. Typical example is Kerry in the super eights. Mind set, game management, setting the tempo all absent that day. The dubs are the best at this.

  22. I always start looking forward when the All Ireland finishes, and listening to Stephen Rochford this evening I was thinking the guy just oozes class, so I’m even more heartened to see the Connacht telegraph reporting this evening that Rochford, Paraic Joyce and John Divilly are set to be announced this week as the new Galway management team..

  23. Leantimes, you made me smile. You called the Ref Paddy Lane !!!
    Paddy Lane is a former IFA leader of many moons ago.

    Can’t understand how someone above could call Mayo the second greatest team ever.
    Surely a Kerry team that won 4 in a row, outranks a team ,who haven’t won even one All Ireland in 68 years.

  24. Generous remarks about Dublin here tonight lads, fair play. Even allowing for the advantages in the system, we’ve seen something special over the last few years and as a Dub supporter since a child in the 70s I know how lucky we are to have witnessed it.

    My immediate thought is that there will be some significant personnel changes and probably a form of rebuilding in Dublin now. Dunno if it was shown on TV but Cuxton in particular seemed to spend a lot of time waving to the crowd afterwards. He has a case for being the greatest Dublin footballer of all time.

    So I’m sure the door will be open wider next year for whichever team is ready to take up the challenge. Kerry have a head start but they have weaknesses so there is real opportunity available in 2020.

  25. I attended the replayed All Ireland final this evening, as a neutral this was a terrible game, little or no intensity, Kerry never really believed that they could win, so many of their players went missing, makes me think just how good and close Mayo have been over the past few years.
    The Dubs have made history, but I just couldn’t wait around for the celebrations.

  26. Well done Dublin, some achievement. Thats the end of Gavin at least, so theirs some hope for the rest of us.

    Observer 2, That poster said “this decade” not ever. Your letting the mask slip with every post these days, good luck to your beloved Roscommon in 2020 🙂

  27. @Observer 2.. You are indeed correct and observant … Connor Lane, I should have said, and indeed the same Conor Lane wasn’t as observant as your good self this evening!.

  28. Observer2, the reason you can’t understand is you didn’t read what it said. First of all, the reference to Mayo clearly refers to the last decade (last 10 years), not of all time!
    And second if you want to make comparisons, that Kerry team, as great as they were in their era, they wouldn’t live with the current Dublin, Mayo, or Kerry teams of the last decade!

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