Cáirde Mhaigheo club Championship ticket update

Mayo GAA today released important information for Cáirde Mhaigheo ticket holders relating to ticketing for this year’s club Championship fixtures. You’ll find this information here.

As you all know by now, the decision to pause the Phase 4 reopening of the country has had the knock-on effect of restricting attendances at GAA matches to just 200 people. With players, backroom teams and assorted officials accounting for close to half this number, this obviously means that tickets for punters at upcoming club Championship fixtures will, of necessity, be an extremely scarce commodity.

In normal times, one of the perks of Cáirde Mhaigheo membership – which I’ve availed of often myself – is free entry into all club Championship matches within the county. These, though, are far from normal times so that arrangement can’t apply this year.

Instead, Cáirde members will be restricted to applying for matches that only involve the club associated with that membership. You may not recall that you did this but if you are a Cáirde member then you had to nominate an associated Mayo club when you took out your membership. It’s matches involving this club – and no other – for which you’ll be entitled to seek tickets, initially for Rounds 1 and 2.

In light of the severe curtailment on overall numbers at matches, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a ticket for any games but if you’re interested in looking for tickets for Round 1 and 2 then here’s what you need to do.

Send an email to clubplus@mayogaa.com no later than 6pm this Thursday, 23rd July. In this email you’ll need to provide the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your six-digit Cáirde Mhaigheo membership number (this is located on the front of your membership card)
  • The fixture or fixtures you wish to attend

In the notice from Mayo GAA linked above you’ll find more details on how this process will work. The important bit that’s worth repeating is that if you’re planning to go to any of the Round 1 or 2 matches then you need to act fast, as outlined above.

Best of luck to everyone who plans to partake in this particular ticket hunt.

4 thoughts on “Cáirde Mhaigheo club Championship ticket update

  1. To facilitate other Cairde Mhaigheo members who won’t get tickets, would the Co Board consider arranging the relevant matches be viewed free by these ticket holders on MayoGAA TV? That would take some of the pressure off the venues. Their 6 digit membership code could be used as the access code.

  2. To whom it may concern
    I have tried for a number of years to become a member of Cairde Mhaigheo and or to obtain season tickets but all to no avail. I have been told its renewal holders only. This to me is very unfair as its only the chosen people that can becomre members. I have been a supporter of club and county down through the years

  3. It’s not true, JRT, to say that “only the chosen people” can become Cáirde Mhaigheo members. From memory, Cáirde started in 2012 and if you’d looked to join then you’d have been able to do so. The team’s success and the huge following that emerged in its wake meant that all available season tickets were quickly snapped up. The GAA has a cap on the number of tickets each county can allocate and ourselves and Dublin are the only two counties to have filled our allocations so that, for both of us, it’s only ticket renewals that are now sold each year.

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