Call to arms

Everyone all calm again after yesterday’s discussion about the ‘h’ word? Good, because here’s Mike Kelly with a stirring call to arms ahead of Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final.


I love coming on this website and reading the articles and comments, positive and negative, from everyone. This is the great thing about the GAA that we can all have our own opinions and they all be valid but at the end of the day we all realise that it is 15 vs 15 and the better team invariably wins on the day.

Next Sunday I can see that better team being the Green and Red of Mayo. I have looked over the performances of this Mayo team since the start of the league, unfortunately due to work I was not able to attend every league game, and I have seen this Mayo team come together and develop slowly as the year has gone on. During the league it seemed to be a bit too slow at times but always remember that the tortoise won the race, not the hare.

In every position on the field Mayo have a top class performer, particularly 2-10 where we have probably one of the top 3 in the country this season in every position, and we have ten forwards playing at the very top of their game fighting it out for six positions. Mickey Conroy and Jason Doherty have not even featured yet due to injury and they were our best players in the league, Richie Feeney, Cathal Carolan and Enda Varley would be welcome additions to almost any squad in the country and they can only make Mayo’s bench. That type of strength in depth has been built up over the past three seasons and 2013 is more than likely looked at as a make-or-break season for this current squad and management.

Remember when James Horan took the job he said it was a three-year plan he had in mind and that was repeated throughout the 2011 season. That three-year plan has so far delivered an NFL final, 3 Connaught titles, 3 All-Ireland semi-finals and an All-Ireland final. The team have progressed every year with a semi and then final over the past two seasons. Logic dictates that this team are on the right track and that an All-Ireland this year is a must for them. The work has no doubt been put in and Horan, Nallen et al. will have their homework done on Tyrone.

With all the above taken into consideration I do not believe that hype will play into things at all. Hype is great for the supporters! How drab would the county look if we did not fly flags, paint sheep, hang banners and everything else all around the place? If we all put away our flags and our jerseys next Sunday evening until the day of the final (presuming Mayo are there)? If nobody mentioned #mayogaa or #seaofgreenandred on Twitter or Facebook? If none of us tuned into ‘Up for the Match’ or didn’t speak of the final itself until the day had arrived? Imagine that world for FOUR weeks of a build-up to this year’s final (presuming Mayo are there)?

Personally I would not want to be in that world. I would rather shout it from the rooftops that I believe Mayo 2013 are good enough to win the All-Ireland. I believe AOS, COC, Ger Caff and Rob Hennelly are all good enough to end the famine and give us all a new set of heroes to talk about long into our old age. That O’Connor and Vaughan can take over from Carney and Flanagan as the names on all our lips when talking about great players who HAVE won an All-Ireland medal. I will fly my flag, wear my jersey and speak with confidence about Mayo 2013 to every person because I am proud to be from Mayo and I am proud to have these lads represent me and my county on the playing field.

When I was in Australia for the 2011 season it broke my heart. Not being here to see Dillon lift the Nestor cup, not seeing that fantastic win and Kevin McLoughlin’s goal against Cork, having my heart broken in Croke Park by Kerry once again (a game before which I had priced flights home for a potential final) I had to watch from afar as the James Horan experiment began. I did get to see all the games on television, but as the GAA slogan goes ‘nothing beats being there’.

In 2012 I arrived home just in time for the Connaught final and following the fantastic win against Down I knew there was no way I could go back to Australia with Mayo playing the Dubs. A lot of people thought I was mad but I stood on Hill 16 last September and I watched O’Connor, McLoughlin, O’Shea and all the rest tear the ‘blue machine’ apart from within enemy territory and I roared and cheered with the confidence that was afforded to me that day by virtue of being from the magnificent county of Mayo. Once again, however, my heart was broken in Croke Park by another team in green and gold – Donegal. But it was all part of the master plan. That was only year two and Mayo had gone one step further than year one.

Now we are in year three and the final step is ready to be taken. I was there when Galway were put to the sword, when Roscommon and London were left seeing stars and, most pleasing of all, when revenge was gained against Donegal and the ‘system’ was systematically destroyed. That day there was only one Jimmy that was winning matches.

Up next is game five and Tyrone. A tricky prospect no doubt but most definitely a mountain Mayo can climb. I have heard a lot about how Mayo will need some luck or Mayo have not been tested or Mayo lack a marquee forward and without these things Sam couldn’t possibly head West for the winter. Well I disagree. To win an All-Ireland you need only two things, belief and the ability to be the very best. Mayo 2013 are certainly leading contenders when it comes to that.

Hype or no hype this side have the capability to go all the way, and I for one will be standing proudly in Croke Park each and every time those men take the field and I will leave my voice behind me from cheering them on loudly and proudly. I will be flying my flag, as I did in the Hill, and I will applaud every tackle, every shot and every attempt by a man in green and red and at the end of it all I will stand and I will cheer and I will applaud those heroes off the field. Win, Lose or Draw!

Bring your colour this Sunday, folks, and embrace the hype. Horan has the team nicely looked after and now we must look after ourselves. Flags and jerseys at the ready. Game five to come. Let’s make Croke Park a #seaofgreenandred so when those Mayo players walk onto the field they know that the entire county is behind them and that somebody did remember to turn out the lights! See you all in Bowe’s, the Findlater or McGrath’s this weekend with a bit of luck.

Maigh Eo Abú.

Mike Kelly blogs at and is on Twitter at @kellymike87.

97 thoughts on “Call to arms

  1. Mike Kelly that was sensational!!! Wish I could write like that but I do feel everything you have said we have to be the 16th man on Sunday we have to have those flags at the ready and we have to sing scream roar all the way through LOUD and PROUD #seaofgreenandred

  2. Lovely piece Mike.The emotions are well and truly stirred up in me now.Only 5 more sleeps to go.Sunday is coming lads.

  3. That was just excellent! Tears running down the cheeks! I feel your passion! Lets do this on Sunday 🙂

  4. I wasn’t going to say it but feck it i had a tear or two as well.Shouldn’t be embarrassed to say it really its all from passion and the love of the game.

  5. A brilliant and well writen article mike. Gave me goosebumps and butterflies in stomach. Your right we are good enough. We do have the belief and ability and lets not be shy in showing our support! #seaofgreenandred Maigheo Abu!!

  6. Great post Mike. I (along with others) are trying to get as many supporters as possible to wear the jersey and bring flags. It has been mentioned by the players during the year (fbd & league) and recently by Andy after lifting the Nestor cup, that they get a great boost seeing all the Mayo support and colour. Everyone going to the match, PLEASE PLEASE wear the green &red and bring a flag. We as supporters realy can make a differance!! #seaofgreenandred

  7. Don’t want to frighten anyone but there is a rumour doing the rounds here at work that Aidan O’Shea is a doubt?
    Anyone hear anything to confirm or deny?

  8. Pebblesmeller says:
    August 20, 2013 at 12:42 pm
    Don’t want to frighten anyone but there is a rumour doing the rounds here at work that Aidan O’Shea is a doubt?
    Anyone hear anything to confirm or deny?

    Done & dusted yesterday, only a rumor!

  9. Thank you mayo mick. I can put the defibrillator back in the box.
    Mind you Barry Moran is not a bad replacement to have on stand-by!

  10. There’ll be no defibrillator back in the box this week.
    The ‘Harte Attack’ is coming !

  11. It was only when I saw that report in today’s Mayo News that I heard about the injury rumour at all – the bush telegraph clearly isn’t operating at full throttle at the minute. That report says that Aido took a full part in the A v B game on Sunday and came through fine, as incidentally did Tom Cunniffe as well.

  12. Mike, that is a wonderful piece.

    Pebblesmeller, I don’t think a defibrillator will have enough power. If you hear that the lights have gone out over Birmingham you will know I have tapped into the mains to keep me going until Sunday .

  13. Hang in there GJ as I am sure there will be times this Sunday when the auld ticker reaches 180 bpm. She has stuck it this long I think she will see me through to Sunday evening. Anyway, I will need it for Sunday 22nd of September. She will get a good rattling that day also. Please God.

  14. All – can I ask that everyone refrain from posting comments on the site containing rumours, especially those emanating from inside sources about team selection, tactics etc. over the next few days? There’s nothing to be gained from leaking anything that’s happening inside the squad between now and throw-in.

    Puckout – I’ve deleted that comment of yours for that reason.

  15. I’m ok with that WJ.

    Only issue I see it’s abit like the dreaded hype – rumours are always there, they’re part of the build up and again like hype rumours don’t affect either team in the slightest. It’s not like Mickey Harte will gain an advantage from reading this blog.

  16. Everything i have heard from the Mayo team and management has being very impressive all the way through.I just read a piece on Horan on the hoganstand where he is looking at improvement for this game with Tyrone.When you are looking for improvement it closes the door on complacency. Someone said it before that it looked like Mayo were out to give a message to the next team they were playing so that being said in sure the lads are looking to put in a top class performance and to win by as much as possible.i reckon it will come down to pace and physicality and skill which if Mayo put in the performance that we all believe they will then they will destroy Tyrone .I have yet to see anything from Tyrone in the Championship to say that they can live with the pace ,physicality and skill level that mayo will bring.Mayo by 8 points.However if its more i wont be surprised.

  17. I appreciate that Puckout and I’d agree that the site isn’t likely to be top of Mickey Harte’s reading list this week. The kind of thing I have in mind though would be the changes we made in the Donegal game to the named team prior to throw- in, which leaked out here and elsewhere in advance when Donegal’s pre-match switches didn’t. I’d just prefer to see ‘exclusives’ of this kind remain unsaid and if they’re not aired here then that’s part (though I recognise only a very small part) of the battle won in this respect.

  18. I am inclined to agree with you Puckout. It’s not like we are David Brady/John Maughan who are attending behind the doors games and training sessions and then blathering on about it over the national airwaves.
    Anyway, it’s nothing. There has never been a big Mayo match in Croker without some rumour of an injury scare so I don’t expect this year to be any different.
    Hon Mayo.

  19. mayomaningalway, I like your thinking and there is part of me that agrees.
    However, we should temper our thoughts with the fact that there is a wily old fox on the opposition sideline who has schooled his Tyrone team in the “dark arts” of cynical play, has 3 Celtic Crosses thrown in a drawer at home and has gotten a limited enough Tyrone side to an All Ireland semi-final. They are very comfortable in smoothering opponents and space to such an extent that the opposition can become frustrated, lose their heads and their gameplan and end up playing straight into their hands. They will quite happily ceed alot of possession to us and fall back, possibly 12 or 13 players, into defensive positions and more or less say “alright Mayo, see if ye can play through us”. I am not saying it will work, as I am damn sure that the Mayo management have planned for all eventualities, but it could be a frustrating day on Sunday and I don’t think you will see us rip through them like we did to Donegal.
    The 2 most important things for this Sunday are,
    1. Build up an early lead that will draw Tyrone out of their defensive formation and leave some extra space in behind them.
    2. No Mayo red cards.
    I am sure we will win but it could be dogged, spoiled and frustrating. However, our lads can play it anyway they have to and we have the tools to do the job.
    Hon Mayo.

  20. After the Neale Moy Davitts game last week I think my heart is fit for almost anything. Hopefully this statement will not be tested too much on Sunday. I was not a big follower of Tyrone all year and I was shocked that they beat Monaghan. I feel though that they have improved. I dont think that they are particularly dirty or cynical – not much more than ourselves or any other contender. I would ask all supporters to get there for the minor game. Great for the lads to run out to a full stadium.

  21. Mayomaningalway…I’ve said it before, with each match they play, this team is out to not only win, but win well, and in doing so, send a message of intent to their next opponent.
    That next opponent is Tyrone who, are perhaps the most experiienced side we have met this year. They will be well prepared, but they are only human too. It wont be lost in their heads that Mayo have run up BIG scores this year and when they smell blood, they will go for the kill. They have been ruthless doing so, as was demonstrated so well in their games so far this year.
    Having said that, I’m not ready to predict the winnign margin just yet 😉

    Pebblesmeller…relax man…only a couple more days!

  22. The hype I would worry about is not the painting of sheep, cars etc or hanging out flags but the talk which dismisses the current opponent and sees victory as inevitable and does not respect the opponent. Too often I have seen it seep into the team consciousness with the inevitable defeat resulting. There is no harm at all in celebrating the journey and arriving in Croker on Finals day is well worth celebrating. While we have not managed to bring off the desired result over the past 25 years or so we should not feel we should have to apologize for the failure. Given the choice of going out in the early rounds or going to the finals I would go to the final every time regardless of the result. So paint every sheep and hang every flag we can lay our hands on but respect our opponent. And remember that the next opponent, i.e. Tyrone is the only one that matters this week.

  23. Thanks for that Mayo. Mick.
    I heard it yesterday in Maynooth but couldnt repeat it here. House rules. Might try eating the dinner again now that all is ok

  24. Listening to Horans interview on off the ball there, charismatic ,confident and honest. Total faith in the man and what he has built.

  25. Great piece mr. kelly, Lets not forget our minors on this week end and get in early and support them ,never mind about quinns , mcgraths or the red parrot they,ll be there after the games are over and you can have a beer in croker anyways, every one encourage every 1 you know famaily ,friends into croker early and lets get the day off to a great start by cheering our minor,s over the line before the seniors take to the field to the mighty mayo roar……..C,MON MUIGHEO, TA AR LA AG TEACHT….

  26. You will be able to hear it later on newstalk site, just go into offtheball option and playback thing.

  27. Just heard interview. Fair play james he says it like it is.
    Expect a big battle. If we are good enough then we will win. Must ignore outside world now. Concentrate on ourselves. That will do. Semis are there to be won. Hope we perform and get a dirty win.
    Intend to get in early for minors. Flags all ready.
    Is it sunday yet?

  28. Ya had a quick look on runs till ten thanks Sean.Wonder does it take long for the listen back service to go up? Have really enjoyed listening to Horan and the lads in interviews.I have being coming away with confidence after they give their interviews serious amount of professionalism lads.

  29. Great interview by Horan even funny at times with the odd dig.He is such a shrewd operator.Roll on Sunday.Big crowd expected.

  30. The full interview will be up on the site in a few minutes folks. Just putting together the final touches to the piece on it here in the office

  31. 5 more nights, god help us will it ever come.
    I called into the gaa shop in Crocker park for a flag today but they were all sold out. Plenty for all the other remaining counties though!!
    Anyone know where large mayo flags can be got in the big smoke?

  32. Super piece Mike and fair play WJ keeping them under wraps from spilling beans whether there true or not!! Is feidir linn!!!! Maigh Eo Abu!

  33. Yeah lads, the Horan interview was very impressive. The picture in todays Connaught is impressive also of him talking to the players huddled around him. Andy Morans interview is very good also.
    Nephin, as I am new to this I was unaware of the house rules regarding rumours etc. I will try to keep my bib clean from here on.
    I have the socks ironed and the geansai and wristbands at the back door already. The flask is washed and the hang sangwitches wrapped in cling film. Myself and the lads are heading up in time for the minors as they deserve just as much support as the seniors and as you correctly said johno mo on tour 1963, there will be plenty of time for anyone that wants porter afterwards.
    Hon Mayo

  34. i see lmerick minors are lodging a appeal on gettina replay they sent a text around to the players to com in for training did any of ye hear that dont think it fair up mayo and hope they win

  35. Yeah the Limerick county board have lodged an appeal to the CCCC. They have already said that they (Limerick) will go to the CHC if the CCCC decision does not go their way.

  36. Wasn’t getting at you Pebblesmeller,
    Just explaining my own situation of ( oh shit not again )after Andy last year and so many this year. My stomach was sick.

  37. No Nephin, I know you weren’t getting at me. No worries.
    5 more sleeps, can’t wait.
    Oiche mhaith agus Hon Mayo.

  38. team wont be announced tomorrow as team are not trainin until wednesday nite. this is because they away all weekend fri-sun in westmeath. it will be on thurs eve/aft. dont expect any changes from donegal game

  39. Superb interview from Horan. Gave nothing away except how hard they work at perfecting skills. He really is playing it perfectly. Was down in Castlebar yesterday, massive queue for tickets. I see they have now opened the upper Hogan which they hadn’t prior to yesterday. Should be a massive crowd there.

  40. Pebblesmeller, doing part time work experience in there editing and uploading the likes of Horan interview. Currently the uploads are going under Cian Murtagh’s name but mine should be attributed soon

  41. The hype defined by AndyD is the kind we don’t want. Green and red sheep pigs cars or aeroplanes are fine. Tyrone have the capacity to choke the sting out of us if we hit them with any less intensity that we had v Donegal. Micky Harte will have his crew prepared mentally physically and tactically. It will take 70 mins of our best.
    Whatever happens, I wouldent choose any other
    If it goes well for us I hope we don’t hear any of the “easy” chants we had for some of ours against Done gal
    If it are going badly I hope we stay the course as the team will

    Maigh So abú

  42. Again can I ask everyone that’s going to the match Sunday, get in in time for the Minors. They deserve our support just as much and are being slightly forgotten. Please Please everyone, wear the GREEN AND RED and bring flags, we HAVE TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT TO OUR MAYO TEAMS. #seaofgreenandred

  43. Mike Kelly, I don’t know you from Adam………… but your summation I feel as a voice in my conscience, my spirit , my life……………..Brilliant.
    MaighEo Abu

  44. Great piece Mike. Between yourself and Joe Ruane you have us all on our last legs.

    Anyway it would be great if ye could all go onto facebook and like and share the page “seaofgreenandred”. Thanks.

  45. Fair play Mike and its great your home from Australia this year to hopefully witness something special. Also heard the Horan interview on Off the Ball. Twas very good. Not giving anything away was our Jimmy 😉 One well oiled machine Mayo are. We can hype whatever as fans and so we should as it wont have any affect on these lads. Maigh Eo abu

  46. Mayomike, fair play to you. I love the show but, I must admit, I did prefer it before Eoin, Ken and Cian left. They were special.
    Anywho, onwards and upwards and forward we go to Sunday. All the work is done at this stage and we are as ready as we will ever be for a semi final. So everyone just relax and enjoy because these are great days and there is no certainty that these days will go on forever. I personally really enjoy these last few days before a big match. The training is done and the club matches are parked therefore the chances of last minute injuries are “almost” gone. There is nothing left to do now only wait.

  47. The more I hear from Horan the more impressive he is.
    His views on coaching and in particular players practicing their weak side is such a simple thing but has been overlooked at all underage levels in Mayo.
    We have so many examples of good players, forwards in particular who had totally reliant on one kicking foot – too easy to mark on the big day.

    Fair play to him – C’mon Mayo!

  48. Ya i was very impressed with what Horan said and talking about the working on skill sets and going back to basics.When i saw the lads warm up before the Donegal match you could tell they had worked hard on them.
    I was watching an old travel program of Michael Palin where he was in Alaska and Russia.I cant help but think that they are at a loss not having GAA in their lives and not having that excitement that we all have now before big games.That being said i bet they slept ok last nite and will sleep soundly for next 4 nites unlike me ..

  49. Cant believe Dr.Mick Loftus suggesting the Mayo team climb Croagh Patrick before Sunday
    Wish these guys would say less and not have debates going on about irrelevant stuff.
    McGuinness was not happy last year with stuff emanating from Donegal and we dont need it either.
    Why cant they take a leaf from Horan’s book and play it cool.
    The less said the better I for one like it.
    Agree totally about keeping rumours off the blog for two reasons
    1. They are usually wrong anyway
    2. If they were true why forewarn anyone.

    According to the ones I have heard in the last week every one of the team is a doubt for Sunday. Will we be able to field at all at all.

    Interesting that when Horan was talking about subs to come in he left out two notable ones?

  50. Mcguinness wasn’t happy with some of the hype?

    Really, I got the distinct impression he was the orchestrator . Having a homecoming parade for winning the ulster title, pipe bands to boot, with the squad falling in behind is hardly in line with keeping it low key.

    It’s neither here nor there what they done i suppose but I do feel its the wrong template to be using if trying to prove the point of “h” will lose you the big game.

  51. Sean,
    You’re right. We dont need to copy McGuinness but he was unhappy about the row over celebrations before the final. Anyway not worried about him or even hype but feel we could do without daft suggestions of climbing Croagh Patrick.
    Dont think it will affect lads really but Id rather this sort of stuff didnt go on – at least until we are in the final. If we get there I for one am going all out- finals will bring attention anyway its the semi that could be potentially be banana skin but i hope and think not in our case.

  52. I agree re Croagh Patrick , I imagine Loftus is just really old school and religious ,no harm in him but it does sound a tad old fashioned and silly.

  53. Climbing Croagh Patrick for divine inspiration? The only thing i got from Croagh Patrick was two soar knees and a sprained ankle.Do we not have enough churches without having to put one on top of a mountain? I don’t mean to be insulting to anyone’s beliefs.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs and in sure on Sunday ill be doing my own prayers.But i don’t like religious beliefs being aired publicly on a situation like this .Its outdated and actually quite insulting to those who dont have that kind of faith.

  54. Good man Mick Loftus. What a wonderful insight into the physical and mental preparation of a squad for an All Ireland semi-final. I suppose he wants them to do it barefoot as well. At night. Without any water. With bags of cement on their backs. Just like we did, back in the day, and sure it didn’t do any of us any harm!
    Good man Mick. If that is the height of your contribution to our cause you can keep it to yourself.

  55. Great read and I can’t wait for Sunday now. I wonder how many Mayo fans are heading up? Everyone I know is going anyway with only the dog and cat left behind to mind the house.

    Croke Park say they would be surprised if attendance Sunday exceeds 50,000. I reckon there will be closed 60,000 at the game. UP MAYO!

  56. I have nothing against anyone having religious beliefs but I do take excessive religious beliefs with a large dose of caution.
    Did you ever hear of the phrase, “the nearer the alter, the further from God”.

  57. Hahaha great saying Pebblesmeller.Never heard it before.I heard a song from the saw doctors they have an interesting take on things with a following verse “you know you’d often wonder
    as the years go past
    why you ever bothered
    going to mass
    was it the fear of god
    or to find a wife
    or just buying shares
    in the afterlife”
    I heard rumours before that when Maughan was in charge he had the team running up the reek any truth in it?

  58. Just Read Dara O’Shea’s piece in the Irish Times. T’wud make ya nervous, anxious and excited. Mostly nervous….

  59. I suppose Mick Loftus’ quotes are a sign of the kind of unprofessionalism we have left behind in the past whe compared to our preparation levels now. We don’t need anyone climbing mountains, pushing cars or going through with any other stupid idea anyone involved in Mayo GAA ever had. We’re a progressive football county now and it is shown by where James Horan has taken us in the last three years compared to where we would likely have been if the county board had gotten their way and given the job to Tommy Lyons or Mick O’Dwyer.

  60. MM says:

    August 21, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    that song’s called Same Aul Town, I think

    Sure is MM. prob one of my favorite songs from them.
    I reckon the Tyrone lads would think it funny that are lads being given advise to climb a mountain for some sort of help from the man above.Bordering on embarrassment.Anyway i don’t know Mick Loftus but i don’t think this kind of thing needs to be going into the media days before a semi final.

  61. A little respect,young ‘uns for a former president and utter gentleman- whatever he said,and in what context it was said.Doubt anyone of us has as much for the GAA as Dr Mick has.

  62. I read Dara O Sheas piece in Irish Times.He seems to have a very good understanding of the game.His points on Brogan was very interesting.From what OShea is saying that Brogan cant just stand in full forward and put his hands out for the ball and that goes for all forwards.They too have to work as hard as the rest of team He mentioned how it was Cavanagh wad back doing last man tackle on the Monaghan lad where as five years ago he wouldn’t have put in all that work rate to get back to put in the tackle.OShea also mentioned Mayos ability to turn ball over in the oppositions back line.I was harping on about that since the league.That we can turn ball over force mistakes from opposition and hopefully follow that effort with a score.If Tyrone are to get the ball to their own forwards let them fecking work for it .To me its key to our success.

  63. Always had a great respect for doctor mick , an outspoken voice as regards alcohol abuse and by all accounts a great medical practioner.

    i havent seen the quotes but sending the mayo team up the reek before a match ?? surely it must have been tongue in cheek….

  64. Although, I only met him a few times Mickey loftus is a gentleman. There is a possibiltiy that his commnets were taken out of context.
    With regard to his opposition to alcohol overuse and abuse, he was not a million miles off, when you look at some of the excess that existed over the last decade and unfortunatly are still very evident today with our young teenagers.

    Sorry for digressing, If Mayo can match same intensity and not get anybody sent off they will beat beat a Tyrone team that struggled to beat Kildare, Roscommon and Monaghan.

  65. mayomaningalway says – Dara O’Shea has a new article on-line today, detailing how Mayo could really do a job on Tyrone on Sunday…

  66. Puckout, yeah…just read that. he’s basically saying what i’ve believed and said on here for a while now…its not just that we want to win, but win well, and in doing so, send a message of intent to our next opponent.
    Having said that, his first paragraph describing mayo (past) was condescending…anyway, carry on.

  67. Ummm maybe, I have a feeling there will be one change and then there is a bit of an awkward choice to if O Malley is fit for selection.

  68. Good piece i thought by OShea. i can see ONeill being pushed out to centre forward.Time will tell if he has the pace to influence a game.I suppose Harte could give him a go there for 40 mins or so and then someone take over but fo they have another player other than Cavanagh if Cavanagh is wrapped up to be sweeper? I think we all know that Mayo will do a man marking job on Cavanagh and try keep him out of much of the game.

  69. Does anybody know what the weather is like for Sunday. Personally I think the weather has a big bearing on Sundays outcome. Wet will play right into Tyrone’s hands for the usual pulling and dragging. If its dry well then fasten your seatbelts as this mayo team will be hard stopped implementing their game plan. Wish it was Sunday morning.

  70. Wow very dissapointed with peoples reaction here to Dr loftus comment about climbing Croagh Patrick, it was harmless comment by an elderly doctor former Mayo footballer, it may not be a good idea but its a harmless one, if it was someone like John Maughan or O Mahony i would understand peoples reaction but its silly that you are even discussing and disrespectful for yee to be calling it stupid.

  71. Just to clarify I never called Mick Loftus stupid or anything to insult him as a person, his idea sounded a bitten silly is all I said.

  72. Personally i stand over all my comments i made on the subject. His comments were aired publicly so i gave my opinion on his comments not a reflection of the man himself.Ya cant beat religion to to get people at loggerheads.Precisely why i feel his comments on why the Mayo team should climb the reek was un warranted .Anyway that all being said i can say i wasn’t attacking this man just on a comment that was brought into public arena which i feel i am entitled to.Anyway that’s all i am going to say on the matter from my side even though i feel i shouldn’t justify myself.Less religion more football talk .

  73. the time the Judge made the fella from Donegal climb the Reek for verbally abusing a Mayo Garda outside a nightclub

  74. Great article Mike! The place wouldn’t be the same without all the Green and Red plus what would we talk about?!
    Can’t wait to be back in croker, missed out on the last game. I think it will be a tougher match but all going well we should be back in Croke Park in Sept and hopefully they can take that final step 🙂 Maigh Eo Abú

  75. I just read Darragh O Sé;s article and found no mention of Aiden O’Shea’s role for Mayo.
    I do, however, agree with practically everything he said about Mayo’s approach to finals in the past, the hype and refusal to see anything but a win. We always seemed to believe that what had worked for us in the campaign to date would work again. I have been in Kerry in the run up to and aftermath of a few finals and while nobody seemed to enjoy winning more and have more reason to anticipate victory there was none of the prematch hype found in Mayo. The Kerry prematch attitude was “Yerra, they have a good chance surely” This allowed players and management to get on with their work. When the hype and optimism gets out of hand it is almost impossible to prevent it influencing at least some of the players. So please keep a lid on it until we reach the end of the road, wherever and whenever that may be.

  76. Horan is increasingly impressive I think .. We looked all over the place in terms of selection and intensity at times in the league .. Now we look like we’ve hit form with strength in depth all over the park, a confidence I’ve never seen before and a savvy boss who tells it straight and also has a bit of edge to respond to perceived slights etc. He also recognised issues in our back up team and brought in Buckley etc .. All credit to him .. Looks like a man in control .. And not a car being pushed around a car park in sight !

  77. AndyD surely you can’t compare a Kerry build up to a final vis-a-vis Mayo. When it comes to contesting and winning All Ireland’s, Kerry ticks most of the boxes and with their supporters having grown up with this tradition, now take it in their stride. With Mayo as we all know, things are a little different.

    On a more light hearted note, I see Willie Joe that yourself, our good friend Joe Brolly and a host of GAA Legend’s will be down in my home club of Knockmore at the end of the month to lend a bit of support to the Mayo Cystic Fibrosis fund. It should make for a great occasion and hopefully will be well supported.

  78. If the Mayo lads do climb the reek, Saturday, the Tyrone lads will end up swimming accross Lough Neagh.
    And they will all end up in Lisdoonvarva

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