Calm before the storm

calm-before-the-stormtim-smith.jpgThere’s the mother and father of a storm coming – “the storm of the century”, predicts the Sindo (after all, there’s just a little under 92 years left for there to be a bigger one) – but the weather was fairly benign in these parts all day today, with hardly a puff of wind and only the odd sudden shower to break the monotony. According to Met Eireann, however, we’ll all be hanging onto our hats come morning.

Not that much to report on today – my fellow Mayo GAA blogger will, no doubt, fill us all in on how the Connacht Colleges finals panned out today (God be with the days when RTE regarded such encounters as “sports news” and provided the results of same in their television bulletins). The other main talking point today is the way in which the Sigerson has descended into total farce. Yesterday, UUJ – with Andy Moran scoring three points – beat DIT (finally overpowering the Vaughan-Kilcoyne axis in the process) in the semis but it doesn’t look like Mickey Moran’s charges (remember him?) will be playing anyone in the final anytime soon what with the flurry of appeals and counter-appeals that have now been lodged with various different appeal-hearing repositories within the GAA. Not for the first time, Colm O’Rourke’s analysis is bang on the money, both on this issue and on other GAA-related nonsense.

That’s about it. Oh yes, before I forget – it looks as if the incumbent PN have won the general election in Malta, where the opposition’s anti-corruption pitch appears to have met with a similar fate to that put forward by the lads over here last year.

Is that the wind I hear picking up? Right, nothing for it but to let Chris de Burgh loose on the situation. If that kind of shrieking doesn’t stop a storm in its tracks, I don’t know what will.

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