Capital work, chaps

Ahead of the minors’ appearance in the All-Ireland in two weeks time, those good Club Mayo Dublin people have gone into overdrive with a welter of match-related activity.  They reckon that they may have a ticket allocation and should know later in the coming week what this allocation will be so plans are afoot for a draw for this precious commodity.  If you are a member, then it’s obviously worth tossing your chapeau in the ring – details here on how to do this.   The draw will be held on Thursday 18th at Jury’s Croke Park, coinciding with the second members’ draw, with the throw-in for this shindig set for 9pm.  I might just waddle down the road for that one, I think.

The same link also contains details about the official post-match dinner that’s taking place on the Sunday night in the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel out in Clondalkin.  I’ve lived in Dublin for longer than I care to remember and I’ve never heard of this place (cue a particularly bad rendering of Dubbelin in de rere oul toimes) but I’m sure it’ll all be grand.  In terms of forward planning, it would probably make far more sense to part with fifty notes for a ticket for the dinner (just in case, like) rather than making some kind of daft bet on the game, though with our lads on offer at 2/1, backing them to do the business might not be all that daft.

Talk of official dinners and the like evokes all kind of happy memories for me of the last time the minors won the All-Ireland, way back in 1985.  Back then in those days of dodgy haircuts and even dodgier-looking geansais, the post-match bash took place in the Garda Club (where, coincidentally, the good ship Club Mayo Dublin was launched earlier this year).  It was a total riot which lasted well into the night and I recall marking that august occasion getting, well, rather shitfaced as, I think, did quite a few of the minor team.  Oh yes, those were the days alright.

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  1. I was actually watching the 85 final in the hogan stand sitting on the knee of none other than TJ Kilgallen. The father had thrown me over the turnstile with the intention of having me sit out the game sitting on his knee. What he hadnt factored in was that I had bulked up considerably since the last time he had pulled that kind of stunt and he was buckling under the additional weight. TJ spotted the discomfort the ole man was in and offered his services for some of the game…..I dont think he ever played a game of football since without the blue knee support 🙂 I have to admit that i wasnt overly excited about the minor victory but do remember older men with tears in the eyes sitting around me when the red and green did a lap of honour infront of the dubs on hill 16 to rapturous applause.

  2. I see a certain Pierce Hanley is back in the country and played for his club at the weekend. this weather wont entice him to stay

  3. Looks like he helped to pull the match out of the fire for Ballagh as well. I’d say he’s more than happy with his progress in his first year down under and it looks as if he’s going to make a real go of it. Fair play to him but it only goes to show what a talent we’ve lost. I hope they’d go and hold a few of these AFL camps down in Killarney – one a week for the next six months might do the trick!

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