Carnacon are champions again

Carnacon champs

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The first Sunday in December means ladies’ club final day and so it was again today as Mayo’s Carnacon once again went toe-to-toe with Donaghmoyne of Monaghan at Pairc Sean MacDiarmada in Carrick-on-Shannon. It was a repeat of last year’s final between these two strong rivals but whereas the Monaghan girls came out on top twelve months ago, today was Carnacon’s day, as they triumphed on a 1-6 to 0-8 scoreline. RTÉ’s report on the game is here.

Cora Staunton was, needless to say, to the fore once again for Carnacon, registering all but one point of her team’s total, including the game’s only goal which she dispatched emphatically from the penalty spot:

Video: YouTube (LadiesFootballTV)

Today’s victory means that Carnacon have now amassed an astonishing total of five All-Ireland club titles in just eleven years, with today’s win being their second in the last three years. The glory days for Mayo ladies’ GAA just go on and on – hearty congrats to Carnacon for adding yet another chapter to this success story today.

20 thoughts on “Carnacon are champions again

  1. Incredible dedication, Well done to all involved. Cratloe came so close to cracking the Crokes nut today, ar aghaidh linn na Mistealai!

  2. Crokes have already used their get of jail card it seems, Castlebar in their current form would beat them however mid Feb is along way off..

  3. Listened to the Crokes match on Kerry local radio. The arrogance of the commentators was breathtaking, they couldn’t believe what was happening in the last few minutes. Then they got out of jail, and previewed the castlebar game by promptly dismissing the Mitchell’s in that unique Kerry way where they do some yerra yerra about how castlebar are a young team, good footballers but inexperienced, blah blah blah, and that the Crokes should have too much for them. I would love nothing more than to see Mitchell’s dump them out on their arse, and I think they will too.

    As an aside, while listening to the Kerry lads a thought struck me. I would wager a kerryman has probably never tipped his team (county or club) to lose to a non Kerry side. No matter how bad their team is or how good the opposition is. They just believe they are a superior race of Gaelic footballers down there. It can be very irritating to listen to at times for an outsider, but you have got to admire their self belief. I’ve no doubt it is a contributing factor to their success over the years.

    Finally congratulations to carnacon. Superb side. Just wondering when was the last time a team other than carnacon won the mayo ladies championship?

  4. MO2013- Would you not think that because they had the shite frightened out of them, they will be more prepared for Castlebar. I would have loved to have seen them win easily.

  5. I said not to write of Cratloe last week….pity they didn’t beat Crokes but I would fancy Castlebar to cause a shock in Feb.

    Also well done to Carnacon – 5 all Irelands in 11 years is some record.

  6. Seeing as this page by Willie Joe is about celebrating Carnacon’s All Ireland win, I’m amazed how few comments have been posted. Reading the report in the Mayo News it would seem this result was completely against the head, which makes it all the more satisfying. The Mayo ladies having taken a one point lead going into the last quarter, came under severe pressure as Dunaghmoyne the holders, threw everything into those closing minutes but Cornacon didn’t give an inch. With the fifteen players apparently defending en masse – bravely hung on for victory. Castlebar Mitchels take note…..

  7. Well Crokes were lucky to beat Kilmurry-Ibrickane (clare) last year in Munster. Ballymun with little or no experience then took them out.

  8. Was of the same mind Mayo Mc Hale Carnacon’s victory deserves our attention and comment,these women displayed the kinda spirit we often are regretting in this plain.
    Congratulations and well done to all.

  9. Damn straight – always amazes me how little interest there is in ladies football. Have to say some of the best games I saw this year were ladies’ games.. but there ya go. I’m as guilty as any I suppose – been a while since I was at a ladies’ game myself and missed the final 🙁

  10. Surely Cora Staunton will go down as the greatest ever Mayo footballer of either gender. Nationally, how many male footballers hold nine all star awards?

  11. And playing in her first ever rugby match with Castlebar recently she scored seven tries in a Connaught league match @ at thirty one she said she feels fitter, stronger and smarter than at any time in her career and has no intention of retiring any time soon – what a remarkable woman…..

  12. There is little interest because the GAA, up to very recently, and a lot of the clubs themselves view it as a hinderance and offer little support to their ladies teams. I know because I help to coach underage ladies and “our” club would sooner give their pitches to U10’s hurling than to us even though we have 40+ turning up for training on Saturday mornings. We pay an agreed fee to the club supposedly for the use of 1 dressing room and a pitch for match day but we get neither.
    In fairness to the current GAA president he has brought the LGFA headquarters to Croke Park and is making moves to bring the code directly under the umbrella of the GAA much like hurling. There is talk also of having 1 president over both codes, i.e. mens and ladies football, in an attempt to give the ladies code the full backing of the GAA. However, the fact that we cannot sort our fixture list until after the mens/boys fixtures have been finialised and penciled in, says much about where the code currently sits in the list of priorities.

  13. Says it all alright Pebblesmeller. Not much has changed since my own days playing (mind you, mine was a pretty short, uninspiring and ill-fated career! :D) Good to see changes in the pipeline though – hopefully for the better, and the Dublin sponsorship deal might set a precedent of sorts too in terms of ideas for resourcing, though i wouldn’t hold my breath …

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