Catching up

I’m back on Holy Ground for the first time in a while and back on broadband too (Digital Divide how are you?) so I’m gradually starting to catch up with stuff, even if it means that work is beginning to catch up with me too. The minor team for Sunday will be announced tomorrow or the day after but before then there’s a few things that I’ve been asked to mention so mention them I will.

Sean has been on to say that he has started a Facebook group for those willing to retain the Over-40s football grade.  Those of you who are into Facebook (which I’m not, though I suppose I should do something in that arena at some point) and who would like to see the Over-40s grade maintained (which I would) can do whatever one does in Facebook to express support for this cause.

Paul has got in contact to let me know about Thomas Harrison’s campaign to become Ireland’s most dedicated GAA fan.  Thomas is one of four finalists (one from each province) in this particular competition and, if he wins, the prize money (fifteen big ones) will go to Ballina Stephenites and the Mayo Development Fund.  That’s enough reason to vote for him but I kinda think that it’d also be more than a little appropriate if this turned out to be one All-Ireland final where the Green and Red didn’t come off second best.  If you want to help make this happen, you can vote for him here.

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