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Championship prediction mini-league 2018 – the official launch

The action in this year’s championship gets going in earnest this coming weekend (and don’t we know) so it’s time for the formal launch of this year’s championship prediction mini-league. This is the tenth year the competition has been running here on the site and, as has been the case every year it’s been on, all the necessary under-the-bonnet wizardry […]

Stephen speaks about Sunday

Photo: Sky Sports/Sportsfile Today seems to be Stephen Rochford day in the media. Ahead of Sunday’s seismic showdown with the neighbours, Stephen is featured in several places today. Take your pick from this lot – Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror, Irish Independent, RTÉ, Sky Sports. These pieces were all culled from the Connacht championship launch last week, […]

Championship prediction mini-league – the final result

This is way overdue but better late than never. I’m afraid that this year’s championship prediction mini-league turned out to be collateral damage arising from our long and winding road to the final. Now that the championship’s over, though, it’s time to tie up this particular loose end. The most recent update I did was back in mid-July – was […]

Championship prediction mini-league – sixth update

The business end of the 2017 football championship is rapidly approaching and so too is crunch time in this year’s championship prediction mini-league. To be honest, if you haven’t made your move by now in this year’s prediction competition it’s most likely too late. This is because, believe it or not, there are just fifteen matches left to play in […]

Championship prediction mini-league – fourth update

Time for another quick update on how things are going in the prediction mini-league. Once again, it’s a shifting picture following another weekend of – quite literally – unpredictable action. And that’s before getting into the whole Jim Gavin Up The Republic nonsense. Club 51’s moment in the sun proved a short one – top of the proverbial pops last […]

Championship prediction mini-league – third update

The first batch of matches in the qualifiers invariably leads to a Becher’s Brook situation in the prediction mini-league. This year was no different and so the updated leaderboard shows how the world has been reordered following last weekend’s matches. Out in front now are Club 51 (is the use of the plural term appropriate in this context?), with erstwhile […]

Championship prediction mini-league 2017: the official launch

It’s championship launch season so, in that spirit, it’s time to crack the bottle of bubbly across the bow of this year’s championship prediction mini-league and let it slide of the slipway and into the sea. The cup for this tournament wintered in our gaff, where the young lad polished his silverware on a regular basis during those long, dark […]