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Who was our Player of the Year?

Here we are, with August not even half-over yet, and the year’s inter-county action is already a distant, fading memory. Before we forget completely about our 2022 inter-county year, however, there’s one job that needs to be done. Now, with the management appointment process rumbling on at a glacially slow pace and chat in the comments already veering towards topics […]

Oisín Mullin is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Events that have unfolded today have already put some distance between us and yesterday’s defeat to Kerry at Croke Park. It’s worth turning the focus back in that direction just a bit, though, to announce the results of the final Man of the Match poll here on the blog for 2022. Yesterday’s match was, of course, a huge disappointment for […]

Monday match reports

Well, that’s it for another year at Senior level, as we exited tamely from the Championship yesterday to Kerry at the quarter-final stage. It’s not all doom and gloom, of course, as the Minors have an All-Ireland final to look forward to in two weeks time and the women are still in it too. Here’s what’s online about the weekend’s […]

Kerry 1-18 Mayo 0-13: second half squander does for us

Yes, the injuries were a factor in our hugely disappointing exit from the Championship at Kerry’s hands in today’s All-Ireland quarter-final but they weren’t the deciding issue. What was instead was our squandering of chance after chance in the second half at a time when we were more than holding our own in the contest. Kerry, by contrast, were far […]

Lee Keegan is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Another all-or-nothing Championship match and yet another totemic Lee Keegan performance. In truth, Lee has been in cracking form all year but over the last two weekends, in knockout Championship ties, he’s been truly exceptional. Yesterday, when we were flailing badly, he was the man to steady us, defending resolutely, driving us forward and clipping over two badly needed scores. […]

Sunday match reports

Well, we’re still on the horse. Yesterday’s game was pretty bonkers, even by our standards, but we somehow came out the right side in the end and so we’re in Monday’s draw for the All-Ireland quarter-finals. Before looking at the match coverage, let’s box off the question of the draw first. The GAA put out a statement last night (here) […]

Sunday match reports

The dust is starting to settle on yesterday’s at times heart-stopping clash with Monaghan and, as it does, we can reflect on the undisputed fact that we’re still in this year’s Championship. Our name is in the bowl for tomorrow morning’s draw and that was always the main objective from yesterday’s qualifier game. Sure, the performance was a bit all […]

Mayo 1-13 Monaghan 0-12: disjointed display but good enough to win the day

We’re still alive in this year’s Championship. Ourselves and Monaghan both looked like teams that were staring down the barrel of elimination at MacHale Park today and, as that prospect grew ever closer for both of them, quality largely went out the window as a more elemental struggle for survival took hold. It was one we eventually won but Monaghan […]