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NFL 2010 Mini-League: the result

With the 2010 NFL now headed for the results archive, it’s time to reveal the final table in our mini-league (with thanks to for providing all that under-the-bonnet IT plumbing, which made it all possible).  Unlike the real thing, there’s no need for any post-match analysis as to how this finished up the way it did, as Mick C […]

Mini-League Week 5: stasis

After all that helter-skelter, hold-onto-your-hats welter of movement in previous weeks, this week’s mini-league table bears a remarkable resemblance to last week’s offering.  If this were World War I (which it’s not, though it felt a bit like that at Comment Moderation HQ tonight), it would appear that we’ve now reached the Marne and the shovels have just been produced. The […]

Mini-League Week 4: all change again

The mini-league table has changed again following another weekend of topsy-turvy results, with Mick C becoming the fourth leader in four weeks.  Mick was back in tenth after the first week but has made steady progress since then and moves up to top spot from third last week. Barney, who is now in second spot, has made similar progress, starting […]

NFL 2010 Mini-League

I’ve now done the necessary under-the-bonnet admin to get the 2010 NFL mini-league up and running.  Joining it is a piece of the proverbial: all you need to do is log in (or register and then log in if you’re new to this) on the Face the Ball site, join the main site’s 2010 NFL competition (you need to join […]