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The action starts again

Only a few hours now until the first proper competitive match of the Holmes/Connelly era gets underway, with a tasty League Division One opener against Kerry down in Killarney. Hopefully those of you who made it down there yesterday aren’t suffering too much from last night and that everyone else travelling down this morning arrives without incident. With both sides […]

Noel and Pat’s interview a questionable County Board initiative

Photo: @MayoGAA via Twitter It’s taken four days – and a series of increasingly giddy tweets from @MayoGAA since it was recorded, heralding its imminent approach – to get the interview conducted last Saturday at MacHale Park by County Board PRO Aiden McLoughlin with new managers Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes up on YouTube but tonight it finally happened. Here […]

County Board whitewash + Connelly and Holmes confirmed

Photo: It shouldn’t come as a surprise, I know, but it’s still a bit stunning that tonight’s County Board meeting didn’t result in any resignations. Instead, all that was proffered by County Board Chairman Paddy McNicholas was a fairly lame apology for last weekend’s unedifying events, which then segued into what sounded like an incoherent debate about Kevin McStay’s “package” (the […]

Tonight’s the night

The County Board meets tonight to consider both the appointment of a new management team and the shenanigans that took place around the appointment. Apparently, there’ll be a meeting of the Executive on first followed by a full County Board meeting so what happens at the latter could well be determined by what’s decided, or not, at the former. Whatever happens […]

More on the appointment fiasco

Photo: Not surprisingly, the county’s dirty linen is on full show for the delectation of the nation this morning, with all three nationals covering the ongoing managerial appointment fiasco. (We need a gate-related name for it, by the way – the obvious one being Paddygate, I guess.) Here’s what they have to say – Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Times. […]

Details of new backroom team confirmed as appointment shambles revealed

This week’s Mayo News (paper and digital versions) has plenty on the appointment of the new management team, the short version of which has already been outlined in the comments. The most important bit, I guess, relates to the new backroom team with the paper confirming the key appointments that Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes intend to make. The good news […]