Celebrity bainisteoir action this weekend

As this relates to a TV series that’s currently showing, the details of which you might not want to read about before you see it on the telly, I should start this one with a dirty, big Spoiler Alert sign, which I’ll do now:

Right – if you’re still here you’re obviously not too bothered about reading information on a topic such as Celebrity Bainisteoir before seeing it on TV. As you may know, Mayo’s Moy Davitts are in it this year – with Callum Best the man in the bib for them – and having accounted for Dublin’s Scoil Uí Chonaill in the first round a few weeks back (this match, which I was at with a couple of the kids, will be shown on RTÉ this coming Sunday evening) they’re back in action this weekend. In view of this, John from the club has been on to ask for a plug for the event which I’m happy to provide.

This time Callum’s lads have a home match, against Carlow opposition in the form of St Patrick’s, Tullow, and it’s set to take place in Foxford this coming Saturday (15th) where throw-in is at the early time of 1.30pm. The advice from the club is for punters to come early as parking is limited.

In addition to the match itself, there’ll also be a barbeque, a marquee, music and the chance to win a few coveted All-Ireland football final tickets. Half-time action will include U8 and U10 mini-games. The fun is set to continue after sundown too, with a post-match function that night in Cruiser’s Bar in the town.


6 thoughts on “Celebrity bainisteoir action this weekend

  1. Willie Joe – thanks for the plug. Hopefully we get a good crowd. You can argue about the merits of the competition, and there are cynics, but nothing but good has come of it for our club. Great excitement and good will and a welcome distraction from the mundanity of the daily drudge!

    Thanks WJ – your website is a credit. Particularly how most people keep the discussion fairly reasonable most of the time. Hopefully the fate of An Fear Rua doesnt spread to forums like this.

  2. You’re welcome John and thanks for the kind words. My only experience of seeing Celebrity Bainisteoir close up was that day at Scoil Ui Chonaill and it was a fun few hours so I’m sure Saturday will be likewise for you as well. Best of luck with it.

  3. Sorry but I am really dubious about this competition.

    Hearing ‘managers’ exhort players to win the ‘All Ireland’ is a joke and like most reality television the players play second fiddle to models,celebrity stars (known only for being celebrity stars) singers, and as a vehicle to parade Pippa and Brian. Ok if YOU like it fair enough – you have a perfect right to. For me it exploits players and is an insult to the hard slog players put in and to managers and coaches across the country who do such solid work.
    Why not show more club matches with the real managers at all levels and leave the celebrities to themselves. Thats my view- you are entitled to yours.

  4. all the banquet tickets GONE 🙁 really disappointed wanted to go this year win lose or draw haven’t even gone into the public domain … And me having my guna dearg and all :'( …

  5. As a Moy Davitts man all I can say is that nothing but good has come out of this whole experience for the club and credit has to go to John and the rest of the committee for the work being done behind the scene to maximise any benefits the show brings.

    I fully agree with Cool Hand Luke that there should be more coverage of the grass roots games and that it takes away a lot from of the hard work already there etc. I would say however that take away the whole ‘celebrity & all ireland’ aspect from it, and you will find that this competition has mobilised the troops so to speak within the club and hopefully it can be used as a spring board for us eventually rerurning to senior football and becoming a stronger club overall. I mean if it brings in a few extra people to regularly watch games, get more younger people out playing football, or even get a person to get involved with the club at some level then it has been a success. As a coach with teams for years within the club I certainly welcome it. Roll on Saturday!

  6. Yeah I was skeptical about this Bainnisteoir stuff also but a huge crowd (I believe well in excess of 2000) at a match in Foxford yesteday is an eye-opener and can only be a positive thing for a club such as Moy Davitts. Best of luck in the next game.

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