Chairman election special – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E49

The annual Mayo GAA Convention takes place this coming Sunday and one of the major items down for decision then is the vote for Chairman of the County Board Executive. Two candidates are in competition for the position, Breaffy’s Seamus Tuohy and Liam Moffatt of Crossmolina Deel Rovers.

In this special episode of the Mayo News football podcast we hear from both candidates for this key leadership position within Mayo GAA. Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I set the scene, discussing the turbulent events that have affected Mayo GAA in recent months, the resolution of which will be high on the list of priorities for the new Chairman.

 Rob then sits down for in-depth interviews with both Seamus Touhy and Liam Moffatt. We hear from both about why they’ve put themselves forward for the top job on the Mayo GAA Executive and what their plans are for leading Mayo GAA over the next few years.

This special episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.   

40 thoughts on “Chairman election special – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E49

  1. No doubt no comments allowed on this Willie Joe?

    Like one of the candidates its all about moving on and forget the sculduggery

  2. Excellent idea to have both Candidates articulate their Hope’s and Visions for Mayo GAA on this Podcast…..Fair Play to Liam and Séamus for giving the interview,s …. …I certainly hope that the GAA Club’s of Mayo take the time to listen to the Podcast.. Both Candidates much more impressive and articulate than many of our TD’s or Minister’s when giving an Interview to national media…. The role of Croke Park was mentioned by both men in relation to the current funding dispute of Mayo….I know that whoever win’s the Chair on Sunday in Belmullet would have to engage with Croke Park, and that’s just the way it is… but personally I don’t think that Croke Park, or the way Croke Park handle’s the Association in General is indicative of benovalance towards the counties of the Western Sea Board…. Last Year 2018 Mayo got mentioned in their (Croke Park) financial reports and the drop in revenue… But it wasn’t the Mayo Senior Team, or the color, noise and atmosphere magnificent and loyal Supporter’s, it was the drop in revenue because of the early exit of Mayo in the Championship that was of greatest concern… The very same Croke Park has done everything in its power to ensure that Dublin play almost all Championship match’s and all League Final’s in Croke Park, never mind the Financial Doping of the GAA in Dublin, while in some Club’s in the West of Ireland struggle with serious depopulation… Croke Park have been so successful in ensuring Dublin success, that they have almost killed the Golden Goose of all the early rounds of the Championship played at Croke Park, with the paying punter’s opting to stay at home, instead of turning up for another Turkey Shoot involving Dublin’s Gladiators and whatever misfortunes happens to fulfill the role of the Christian’s in the Colleseum!….. Anyhow thanks for the Podcast, Kudos to yourself Willie Joe and Rob….49 out the inevitable 50 Podcasts this year!…. Tremendous Service altogether!

  3. A cheap and nasty hit, Ger, but of the kind that, sadly, I’m used to from you at this stage. Reasonable comments are, of course, always allowed but at this stage I’ve got the scars to prove that reasonableness is well beyond the capabilities of many people who post here, you included, which is why moderation on the blog has to be where it is right now.

  4. Excellent podcast as usual and fair play to the two candidates for taking part. They seem like two very decent genuine football men with the best interests of Mayo GAA at heart tho a little worrying I didn’t hear the word hurling mentioned once on the podcast it was all about football. Few lads up in Tooreen might have some thing to say about that on Election Day! Anyway that aside I wish both men well. I don’t know why anyone would want to be county board chairman it’s a thankless job on top of your day job whoever gets it I wish them well and I hope we can learn from the mistakes of the past and not repeat them.

  5. In my view Liam Moffat is the stand out candidate. Seamus Toughy certainly has a role to play especially with his back ground in mental health and well being however I do not think he has the vision or desire to implement the reform which is so badly required. I also think as vice chairman he is too closely linked to the previous administration which really made far too many mistakes. Moffat acknowledges the requirement for reform, has laid out what he thinks needs to be done and also seems to have more of sense of the frustrations of the clubs of which Moffat doesn’t seem to be aware of.

    I’d also say that Michael Gallagher is a fine candidate for PRO. He has done great work with Ballina RFC and has a background in journalism. He also acknowledges that mayo GAA is at a low ebb at the moment and has laid out his plans for reform. I was less than impressed with Cunnanes interview on Midwest in which he stated he had no regrets and thinks 2019 was a great year for mayo GAA. He seems to have his head stuck in the sand.

  6. Backdoorsam,Liam Moffatt mentioned hurling and also handball in the podcast.Both candidate’s came across well and both are obviously very passionate about Mayo football, but Liam Moffatt for me is the standout candidate.

  7. I see Dessie Farrell has been confirmed as the new Dublin Senior Football Manager. No shock appointment in the end. It will be interesting to see how the New Year pans out! Intriguing times ahead.

  8. Another new manager in Dublin that has won an All Ireland as a player and 3 as an underage manager, the Dublin County Board are trying to replicate Gavins success.
    2020 could be a tough year for Mayo if a big re-building process will be undertaken, say 4 or 5 new players.

  9. @Mayo Gooch… Yes definitely Liam Moffatt, did mention hurling, and handball in his impressive interview…. When the GAA started in 1884, it was about much more than any particular Sport…It was about, much more than that…It had it’s fault’s … The absence of women in decision making or the playing of the then ignored Gaelic Sport’s, Gaelic Language and Gaelic Music and Traditions of the time has to be it’s biggest failing way back then, (It was in the time’s) …We know that we the (Mayo GAA community) have made many mistakes in the past… Hindsight is 20 :20.. Next Year is also 2020… hopefully we will be as good as we can be next year..
    After the last few months , hopefully the Only Way is Up for the administration of Mayo GAA!

  10. Mayo Gooch Liam Moffat literally said the word hurling and handball other than that there was no mention of it but that for another day. I agree with you Liam Moffatt is the standout candidate and if I had a vote I’d certainly vote for him but the other candidate seems a decent man too and has done a lot of work for Mayo football but it’s time for change I think at this point in time Liam Moffatt could make a huge positive impact as chairman. Didn’t know Andy has been appointed as coach to the under 20’s that’s great news i wish him well

  11. Its Moffatt all day for me. Very articulate and full of sense.
    Its probably one of the most important appointments in years.

  12. It’s hardly a surprise that hurling isn’t considered but there are bigger issues to resolve this weekend. We need to see a complete reform and new way of thinking from the county board and embrace the fact that Mayo GAA is a business with huge potential which if run properly can be of huge benefit to all clubs, hurling included. Liam Moffatt does give the right impression. Incidentally I do seem to remember him playing underage hurling for Ballina so maybe he won’t ignore hurling as has happened with countless previous boards!

  13. Liam Moffat is the best candidate hands down IMO. He is refreshing and a change of face will instill confidence again in the general public and get people behind Mayo Gaa again.

    It’s important whoever wins we get the shoulder behind the wheel again and move mayo in the right direction

  14. Look forward to listening to the podcast tonight.

    I know one of the contenders for the chairman’s job and he is a very decent soul and would do an outstanding job. I’m not saying which of them I know in fairness to the other candidate who I don’t know. I’m sure both have their hearts in the right place and I wish whoever lands the appointment the very best of luck. It’s a big job and there is plenty of ironing to be done. Hope the new Chairman gets a new slate and is judged on what they achieve from their appointment forward.

    It was a great idea to interview both and give them their opportunity to get their vision for the future across.

  15. As Counties often look outside for a manager, surely it’s time for a complete overhaul of the County Board.
    Why always pick from within the current group, look at Offaly a new Chairman that was not an official on the County board.
    For me a good candidate is one that has a backbone and won’t always go along with things for the ” good of the County ”. Somebody that can lead and look for change.
    Why not have an open type of election / vote for all County Board positions.
    Then again it could be too much of a change for the Conservatives in the Gaa, some have ben holding positions for over 20 or 30 years.
    We have all seen the FAI and the mess they are in, ie, guys in a tight group in their safe positions for too long.
    A good management structure is where all the guys are accountable to each other, don’t need to be good friends and report to more than one boss.

  16. Mayo88, have you actually bothered to look at who are nominated for the various positions and how they are nominated. For example Valerie Murphy will be the new treasurer, running unapposed, a new face to the county board. Michael Gallagher is running for PRO, new to the county board if elected, Liam Moffat is a coaching officer with mayo but I believe not on the current board. All positions are open for election, clubs can nominate any club member to a position as long as they accept the nomination. It’s not as you suggest a closed circle with the same people getting elected, who exactly has been there for 30 years as you imply?

  17. I hope Gallagher gets the PRO job. I believe he has the experience and ability to do the job properly and expertly. Sound guy anf

    With regard to the chairman role I’m in favour of tuohy. He was chair of the mayo Bord na nÓg and as vice chair for the last 5 years he knows what the job requires. I like moffatt and I’ve only heard good things about him. However I’d like to see him as vice chair for a few years so he can gain experience and eventually put his own stamp on matters if he eventually gets the gig.

    I also think that it is inappropriate for both the secretary and chairman of the county board to come from the one club… I think there should always be a fair representation on the board from a number of clubs around the county and to have two in prominent positions from the one club isn’t desirable in my opinion.

  18. What I like about Liam Moffat is his planning and follow through. All that was stated as aims for the underage coaching he ensured was followed through on. Plans and ideas are nothing without a follow through type main leader.

  19. Seamus Tuohy might be a nice guy, but based on the interviews on the podcast, his big policy is to build another centre of excellence in North Mayo. That’s just populist vote-hunting and completely unrealistic. We will do well to get lough lannagh built, we certainly couldn’t afford (and it’s arguable there’s any need for) another centre in north mayo.
    Moffatt seems to have a clear vision of what he wants and has plans to put in place policies and procedures. A modern, measurable way of running a business.

  20. Best of luck to Lam Moffat,and Michael Gallagher because we need new thinking and planning for the future,I don’t see how that can happen without new people at the top,Willie Joe this is your site and I thank you yet again for the wonderful news that we get from it,happy Christmas to you and your family,

  21. It’s great that we have finally gotten to a stage where the candidates for the chairmanship have to canvass properly and put forward their plans for the future. Both spoke well but I felt Liam Moffatt has a more structured vision for the future. The Lough Lannagh project is worrying because no costings or funding proposals have been put to the clubs as far as I know. Hopefully the county can unite behind whoever gets the job as it’s going to be a tough start for them. I checked the Mayo GAA website and still no accounts for 2019, does anyone know if they are online?

  22. Best of luck to Michael Gallagher tomorrow I hope
    He is elected as PRO Paul Cunnane did a fine job apart from the shoe the donkey nonsense but I think it’s time
    For a fresh new Mature voice and outlook. Hopefully Ballycroy and Crossmolina will be celebrating tomorrow evening in beautiful Belmullet. Whoever wins let’s all unite and go forward to drive on Mayo football. As they say in the Stephennites forward to the goal of victory

  23. @Backdoorsam…The greater good of Mayo GAA administration as a whole is what is at stake tommorow…. It’s not Breaffy versus Crossmolina, or Davitts versus Ballycroy…. What I want is the “best in class” to lead Mayo, regardless of where in Mayo they come from… Even if he or she, come’s from outside the County line’s, or from outside of the Gaelic gene pool… Let’s hope regardless of whoever is in charge of Mayo administration from tommorow onwards, that they have the Job based on their merit’s…We Mayo in terms of public knowledge, of our administration find ourselves a bit lost this past number of months….. Who are best to lead us into the light?

  24. I would like to pay respect to a great longtime Blog poster Inbetweener (Eugene Loftus) who passed away yesterday/day before after a long illness. I got to know him and his wife in August 2016 through this blog and had the privilege of meeting once or twice a year since. He was an absolute lovely gentleman. He had a unique artistic way of writing. I know even when he couldn’t contribute here anymore that he read it and it was a source of interest and joy to him. RIP Inbetweener. You will forever be part of my Mayo GAA journey and someone I will always remember with joy who also introduced me and my husband to the Ballina One Act Drama Festival.

  25. Lean times I wasn’t suggesting that was the case And I hope it didn’t come across that I am putting one club against another as I am certainly not. I don’t care where the candidates are from that doesn’t matter I just want the best candidates to be elected I believe them to be Moffatt and Gallagher I have nothing against Breaffy or Davitts or any other club and i want the best for Mayo football. Condolences to the family of Eugene Loftus his contributions on this blog will be missed. May he rest in peace.

  26. Thanks for passing on that sad news, Sinead. I wasn’t aware of it at all. I’m glad to know that it was through the blog that you made each other’s acquaintance. RIP Inbetweener, I’ll miss your measured contributions around here.

  27. Mayo 88, complete overhaul? That crap has been touted here time and time again.
    Mayomad sets it out clearly in his reply.
    The fact is there is never a queue of people willing to get involved. This time, even with all the crap that has gone on, we have Valerie Murphy ‘elected’ unopposed, we have 2 men (only one outsider) going for the big job, and just one man taking on the current pro. I say good luck to them all and fair play to them for putting themselves forward. I’m sure they all have the best intentions and anyone who doesn’t like it can simply join the queue the next time. It ain’t long.

  28. Sorry to hear that Sinead, may he RIP. A very measured and thoughtful poster on here. Condolences to his family & friends.

  29. Lovely post Sinead. It’s great that you got to know Inbetweener and have good memories of knowing him. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

    At least Rte remembered to recognise the Flying Doctor in the remembrance section of their Sports Awards tonight.

    I thought it was going to be a long watch and would be called the Rte Dublin Sports Awards for a while. Jim Gavin collected manager of the year and Dublin the team of the year.

    I guessed all the awards before they were announced which doesn’t lean towards compelling viewing.

    The big moment of whisking the winner out of the envelope, as if no one has a clue who has won.

    Who will it be ?

    Then Darren Malloney saying ” we thought it would be nice if Tony Hanohue presented you with the award Jim “. Never mind the envelope. The winners were known months ago.

    The show started, and 1 of the first questions asked was off a Dublin player, about their 12 mesmerising minutes of football against, wait for it, Mayo, in this year’s semi final. Yes we got mentioned.

    It’s still nice to see all the sports recognised and Rte do their best presenting the show.

    I suppose they have their own financial constraints to worry about. Tubridy gets 500k for dressing up as an Elf and chasing a 3 year old around the studio on a tricycle.

    Joe Duffy gets as much for crying on the phone with Maura from Rathmines because a loaf of bread has gone up by thruppence.

    Rte needs your €160. Keep the curtains closed this Christmas because when yea are all strethced out on the couch, belching after the Christmas dinner watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the TV inspectors will be peeping in the window to see if yea have a TV or not.

  30. @Very Sorry to hear of the News regarding ‘Inbetweener’ (Eugene Loftus RIP) .. Long time poster on this Blog…I didn’t know him personally but many is the time I read his post’s here…. Condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him,!

  31. @Revellino, very funny post as usual. Not much on RTÉ for the Xmas period or any other TV channel, maybe we all should feck away to somewhere warm for the Xmas and not worry about looking for amusement from the Television, films that are released from the archives 30 or 40 years ago.
    Rip Inbetweener.

  32. ‘Up Mayo ….ar aghaidh libh mo laochra agus go raibh maith agaibh go leir!’

    Looking back at old posts this was inbetweeners goodbye to us all last August.


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