Challenge match against Fermanagh this Saturday

Our challenge match season is set to be a bit of a short one this year, with the only fixture in the diary coming in the form of a trip to Brewster Park, Enniskillen, this coming Saturday for a match against Fermanagh.

We haven’t seen much of the Erne County in recent years – our last competitive fixture against them took place up in Clones in March 2007, when this site was but a pup (that wasn’t the only doggie business that day) – but the memory of that All-Ireland semi-final tussle between the counties back in 2004 is, I’d say, still clear enough for most people. Need a reminder? Go on, then – here are highlights of the drawn game and here are highlights of the replay.

I’ve no idea what team we’ll field on Saturday what with all the walking wounded we have at the minute (Colm Boyle is the latest casualty I’m hearing about but I don’t know what his prognosis is) and I don’t know what time throw-in is at either. Not much help, I am?

I do, though, know that Saturday’s match is in aid of an extremely worthy cause – full details on why this fixture is being billed as ‘Playing for Sam’ are available here.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: The match is on this Saturday, not Sunday and throw-in is 6pm at Brewster Park. Thanks to Mayo Mick for sorting this out.

16 thoughts on “Challenge match against Fermanagh this Saturday

  1. I think your dates are wrong wj, its on Saturday 4th May, throw in @ 6 at Brewster Park. Hope to make it up myself.

  2. Yeah its sat at 6pm surely. Will try and get up to this, really worthwhile cause.

  3. I cannot see any explanation of “the very worthy cause” anywhere on the site or in the Fermanagh site [quick look only]. Hope to get to the match although it clashes with my own clubs fixture.

  4. I believe it’s to benefit a child with cancer or some other bad one. Worthy cause for sure. It would be interesting to see who plays where, and who will get a run.

  5. Was at the Club Mayo gig last night.

    Great to meet so many of the players and James. The lads definitely seem focussed and up for Galway. The Salthill story is true.

    Good to see so many supporters there as well. I think when you see the support in Black Sod, and now in the capital this week the team know we have their back and it has to make them feel good about the Summer

  6. It’s in the link in the piece, Andy, if you just click on it (or click here), it’ll bring you to the website that gives all the details. In short, it’s a very worthy cause – the Sam in question is young Sam Bradley from Fermanagh who is suffering from a rare and aggressive form of cancer and proceeds from the game will go towards his care and treatment. Sam’s father is from Fermanagh, and played for the county, and his mother is from Mayo.

  7. Thanks, WJ, didn’t spot the “here”.
    Enniskillen here we come!

  8. I take it the championship squad will soon have to be finalised seens we’ve only two weeks to go!!!!

  9. How did this challenge go? I see Galway won another all Ireland
    I’ll say one thing, mayo had better stop getting injuries and get some muscle onto the panel and win Sam this year or next year before Galway come back to dominate Connacht and put us into the qualifiers 5 years in a row.

  10. Won 3.13 to 1.12. Good run out, Vaughan, Freeman and Murphy with the goals. Lacked intensity by all accounts but a good win.

  11. Lets hope the result for the young lad is good in the bigger picture. Come on Young Sam

  12. Hi, Andy Moran took a full part in the warm up. No sign of Aan Dillon. Cillian O’Connor had come back on as blood sub for Alan Freeman and made the goal for Alan Murphy. Conor O’Shea inspires confidence in all kinds of ways. I think the no. 4 who might be Harrison is another nice defender.

    Vaughan had a great presence too. Overall there was a lot of support play and very few stray passes. JamesHran got a bit excited when everyone seemed to be on the far wing with no-one in the centre. He sure knows his best team now?

  13. “Andy Moran took a full part in the warm up.”

    Outside chance of making the bench in two weeks?

  14. It would be a shame to rush Andy back and risk him having a setback though. If he was on course for championship pace in a couple of weeks then I’d say he would have been able for a run of some sort yesterday.

  15. For sure, he should not be rushed, I think Mayo will be too good for Galway this year. Let him heal and be 100 percent, a recurrence would be curtains

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