Challenge match against Louth on Friday week

I’ve just come across this –  first via a message posted on just over an hour ago and then I saw that Garrymore’s club website is also gushing about the arrival of the county team to mark the official opening of the new dressing rooms there.  There’s nothing like a bit of inter-county Wintergreen to inaugurate a new set of dressing rooms, is there?

So, just to be clear then (and despite what the Garrymore lads say more than once about the match being on “this Friday”) – we’re playing Louth in a challenge match on Friday 5th June in Garrymore at 8 pm.  Not any old challenge match either: it will, so say the Garrymore lads (and I’ve no reason to doubt them) that it’ll be our final match of the current challenge match season ahead of the Connacht semi-final on the 20th of June.

You might want to bring along your flashlights for the last ten minutes if events at Portmarnock the other night were anything to go by.  That said, the evenings are still getting longer and the sun does set that bit later in the West and so artificial assistance on that front may not, after all, be needed at Garrymore on Friday week.  Bet the midges will be complete hoor, though.

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