Challenge match against Sligo on 2nd January

It was announced by Mayo GAA this morning that a Senior football challenge match between Mayo and Sligo is to take place on Monday, 2nd January. The match will be played at James Stephens Park in Ballina (throw-in 1pm) and is being held in conjunction with Mayo GAA’s charity partners Mindspace to help shine a spotlight on mental health issues.

Further details on the game, which include confirmation that it’ll be streamed live on Mayo GAA TV, are here. Match tickets, both to get to the game or watch it online, will be available at a later date.

This will, of course, be the first outing for the Mayo team under Kevin McStay’s management. With a likely FBD League clash with Galway at the Dome in the middle of next month followed by a National League first round meeting with the Tribesmen at MacHale Park at the end of next month, the return to inter-county action is finally drawing near. This planned New Year’s joust with the Yeats County should certainly whet appetites for what’s to come soon after.

28 thoughts on “Challenge match against Sligo on 2nd January

  1. Fair play to the new Management and Mayo / Sligo GAA for organising this. Great to have a game to look forward to straight after the Christmas Holidays. Excited to see all the new panel members hopefully get a run out.

  2. waiting to see team selection and positions of some players. Hope he releases a team seeet before game or at least panel.

  3. Cant wait its been way too long hopefully will get a look at who McStays brought in.Great to see Ballina get a County game.

  4. Just a reminder that today (19th Dec) is the deadline to renew the annual GAA season tickets for those that have them.

  5. Mayomagic2000, fair play to ya, ive meet a few over the years who forgot to renew on time and were sickened

  6. @mayomagic2000 or anyone else, do you know if season tickets for Mayo will go up for general sale after the renewal deadline? Quite keen to pick one up this year.

  7. @halfwayupthehill, the allocation is sold out for the past decade, so there will only be some on general sale if people choose not to renew, which I would say is a higher probability this year since Mayo are no longer at the very top, and the season ticket is getting more expensive, so less value, every year.

  8. @Tubberman enough with the negativity from other people to. Last year was always going to be a bad year for us after the Tyrone final time to get behind the team &new management . Players back from injury including Tommy conroy&Ryan O D and some new talent coming through enough with the negativity!!

  9. @Tubberman also we are still one of the best teams in the country they just need their confidance back .

  10. Our Christmas Q&A pod went online last night for club members. Thanks all who submitted questions for it – Ed and Ger were in flying form on the answers, really enjoyed the chat with them on it.

  11. Interesting news. I wonder if management have a new plan, that they want to try out, and need to get as many games as possible? Expect they may be targeting FBD. A win over Galway would ensure another game, and enable them to hit the ground running for the league. As posters have pointed out, the compressed season means clear objectives are needed from the start, rather than making it up as they go along.

  12. How will tickets be distributed for FBD game since it’s in the dome and demand is bound to be higher than the capacity ?

  13. Clare we were within a point of Galway with a skeleton team.
    Galway then got a very easy run to the final which they nearly blew it against Armagh
    DUBLIN would have hammered them
    This year will tell how good they are.

  14. @catcol

    I’d say they’re more focused on the Galway and Roscommon national league games. Galway game to lay down a marker. Roscommon game is at important time, loser will likely be in a relegation battle, winner can likely feel safe.

    Obviously it’s not quite as black and white as that but you’d have to think that if any of the three can beat both the neighbors they’ll be safe

  15. @JR exactly your so right thats what I mean we only lost to Galway by a point and we didnt play our best at all and loads of key players missing/injured yet people say Galway are taking over youd swear Galway hammered us in the match ! Yes they got an easy run to the final and lost to an over rated kerry team we held kerry off for long periods of the quarters but our heart just wasnt in it to kick on. Dublin would have beaten kerry &Galway by a mile if they had con. Next year is wide open and I think we will be back in full force and its exciting !

  16. I think back to that Kerry game and we were only a point behind with 20 minutes to go and that was after missing a hatful.
    Anyway that’s gone. I still maintain we have plenty going for us and if we can get Ryan Tommy and Cillian on the pitch at the same time we will cause teams problems.
    Rochy dropped a hint that there may be a few positional changes. I really hope that Diarmuid to 11 is one of them.
    The glass remains half full.

  17. @Mind The House yes exactly we allso nearly beat kerry in the first league match when we hadn’t that many injuries yet but missing Tommy conroy but folk down in kerry seem to have forgotten that and just like to remember the slaughter match of league final that we didnt even want to be in and with loads of key players missing! Anyway onwards &upwards !

  18. Sam Og – I’ve edited your handle back to the one you’ve always used (i.e. the Sam Og one). The handle you’ve attempted to post this comment under is already in use by someone else so please don’t try to post under that one again. Also, it’s best to stick with the same name you’ve always used.

  19. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Willie Joe and your family and all you faithful bloggers out there a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and a prosperous New Year. Keep the faith everyone, it will be a very exciting year ahead for Mayo football. Wishing players and management all the best in their endeavour to land Sam. I am very confident they can do it.

  20. @sam og – i suggest you look at the recent post from Mayo GAA on facebook before having a go at the new manager / set up and who they brought in. The picture which shows the squad in the dome and there is numerous new faces in it probably 10+.

  21. @Sam og give the new manager a chance and I agree with Seanie CH I also saw the photo with the squad in the dome and there were LOADS pf new faces that I havent seen before in the mayo team enough with all the negativity !!

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