Championship 2010 draw: it’s Sligo in a preliminary round tie

We’ve just drawn Sligo in the preliminary round of next year’s Connacht championship.  If we win that one, we face Galway (or New York) in the semi-finals.  Our meeting in Markievicz Park next year will be our first championship clash with the Magpies since we beat them comfortably at McHale Park in June last year but the last time we played them at their place was back in 2003 where we won a far closer contest.

13 thoughts on “Championship 2010 draw: it’s Sligo in a preliminary round tie

  1. Interesting and tough draw. Will certainly earn the Nestor Cup if we can win it.

    Roscommon will be laughing – feck it their luck might be changing!

  2. Exellent match to test ourselves at the start. Sligo away is never a cake walk.
    Let us as Mayo people not start writting off Sligo, if we learned anything from this years champ, its that we should treat them with due respect……..Then go out and make them sorry for entering the championship in the first place.
    2010, the year Mayo start being so bloody single minded that nothing will stop us bringing our long lost friend home. Mayo Abu!

  3. I really think that continuing with the provincial championship at this stage is absolutely ridiculous.
    What must Cork and Dublin be thinking about the Munster/Leinster championship at this
    stage after what has happened to them over the last 3 or 4 years. To me winning a connacht championship in this set up means very little. I came out of Salthill happy this year, but not more than that. I actually thought Mayo did not play that welll and could see trouble ahead. The big games are in Croke Park only.
    Else get rid of the back door or get rid of the provincial championhsips. The two together is a complete joke.

  4. It’s a good draw for us. Obviously, we’ll be raging hot favourites for the first game, but Johnno will be playing up Sligo as usual. But this time he might have a point – as we all know, Sligo in Sligo is a good test.
    Having said that, we would need a good test before meeting Big Joe and the Herrin Chokers (that would be a great name for a C&W band!).
    I’d rather have a hard test and a win over Sligo under the belt than a trip to London under my belt before that semi.
    And what of Ros? They disappointed in Senior this year, but have a few U21s coming on. But don’t rule out a surprise from Leitrim in their semi either. They will see this as a great chance to get to a Connaught Final. And if they got there against us, wouldn’t it be in Carrick?
    This could be a good Connaught Championship. Pity it is still seven months away!

    Keep the Faith!

  5. We should try to get Louis Walsh on the case to sign up Big Joe and the Herrin Chokers – he might do better than that pair of eejit twins he’s backing on the X Factor! I think a Mayo/Leitrim Connacht final, were such a final to happen (and I doubt it will but then again I’m the man who bought the Combo tickets in anticipation of a Mayo/Dublin All-Ireland semi-final this year so don’t take my word for it) would be in McHale Park as we last met in the championship up in Carrick in 2006.

  6. As county board are getting Brendan Bowyer to headline a fundraiser for McHale Park surely they would see the attrcation of” Big Joe and The Herrin Chokers” to be an even bigger crowd puller !!!

  7. A good tough draw.
    Lets hope we learned something from the Meath game & that the new panel will reflect this.
    Mayo are too loyal to our players & keep them on the team based on playing well against inferior oppsition ref 2007 CF
    We need players with a ruthless edge

  8. We will beat Sligo and the Gal game will be another coin toss job. Win lose or draw unless there is a dramatic change in attitude and personel we aint going nowhere. MEATH!!! Cant beat feckin MEATH….Sure everybody beats Meath these days …..except us!!!

  9. According to the Indo, Mr Nixon is interested in signing A O’Shea. I guess it was only a matter of time.

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