Championship 2011 mini-league: the formal launch

It’s the time of year for formal championship-related launches so I hereby formally add to the list the third championship mini-league prediction competition, once again hosted by those helpful people at

I know that this should be accompanied by a dodgy photo op and some dodgier quotes from participants but work just refuses to let up (I’m off again, hombres, for the bulk of next week) and we’ve a First Communion on Saturday so Chez WJ has resembled Royal Wedding week at the Middletons’ for the past few days.  Truth be told, I could do with a few Pimm’s at this stage myself.

Anyways. I’ve now created the mini-league so all you need to do to join it is log in at, join the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship competition, click to enter same and then click on the “Join Mini League” option on the panel on the left-hand side of the screen. This will prompt you to enter the mini-league’s ID code which is OIo2N267JRMr (best to copy and paste that lot of mumbo-jumbo staight into the box). Click “Join” and that’s it.  Your Week 1 prediction (just the one – Donegal v Antrim) has to be done by 3.30 pm on Sunday week (May 15th).

You do know, by the way, that I’m the defending champion in this particular mini-league?  And that, like the Kerrymen, I’m already sick with the hunger, having had to wait the best part of a year for the chance to taste success again?  Yerra – go ahead, punks, make my day, like.

5 thoughts on “Championship 2011 mini-league: the formal launch

  1. Just joined up wj, no problems thanks.
    Looking forward to the london trip.

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