Championship mini-league 2011: an overdue update

I promised the other day that I’d do an update on how things currently stand with the championship mini-league, seeing as the last one I did was early in the month and a fair bit has happened in the meantime. Here we go, then.

As you can see from the table across, there’s been a big shift in the standings, so much so that the new frontrunner, Opt 2 Miss Teek (well, you gotta be opt2missteek where it comes to the championship), wasn’t even in the top twenty the last time the leaderboard was published.  The deposed leader, Ballyvary Blue Bombers, is still just one point off the pace along with bringbackmc (which some might say would still make sense for the championship). Also in the mix is Header84, doggedly holding onto fourth spot, and mbkpwn who has made a dramatic charge up to fifth from 18th (not, though, as dramatic as poor old ruanejos, who has made as dramatic a tumble from 2nd down to 18th).

Based on previous competitions, as well as the fact that matches are now getting thinner on the ground, my prediction is that it’s very unlikely that the winner will come from outside this leading quintet. But I also had predictions such as Sligo to beat Leitrim, Armagh to bash Derry, Fermanagh to clock London and such like, which is why the defence of my title has petered out in the underwhelming way that it has.

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