Championship mini-league 2011: change at the top

There may only have been one match on last weekend but opinions were obviously sharply divided in advance as to how it would go and this is reflected in the significant shake-up that has taken place in the mini-league, with only one contestant in the top twenty staying where they were before Saturday evening’s throw-in.

That change goes all the way to the top where long-time leader Opt 2 Miss Teek has finally been overhauled by Mayo Mick. The latter has made steady progress in recent weeks but now has the tricky job of staying in pole position with just three matches left to predict. Mayo or Kerry? Dublin or Donegal? And then the final itself? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the lead switch again (and perhaps more than once) before we have a winner on All-Ireland night.

12 thoughts on “Championship mini-league 2011: change at the top

  1. Wj I cant figure out how e.g. last week some people scored 12pts and more scored 6pts.Surely there shud be no score between 0-20.i.e.If your team win=20,lose=0,draw=40????

  2. Wj how can someone have 6 or 12pts e.g.on Dubs v’s Tyr prediction.Surely its either 0 or 20+??

  3. I’m not sure what the story is, lads – I’ll have to defer to facetheball on that. I’ll try to find out and get back to you on it or maybe the man himself will post a clarification if he sees this.

  4. I think it’s because if you didn’t input a prediction, you then get half the average score of everyone – so 24 must have been the average this week.
    If you miss a few predictions over the season you get half of that (which I think is where the 6 comes from)

  5. I think you are right on that one Dan – — the net result is on weekends where there is only one match being played it can be more advantageous not to predict a result as that way you can be assured of the “average score” whereas if you go and predict the wrong score you will get zero – – it may not necessarily sound fair but as they say “them is the rules”

  6. I have to allow people miss weeks (holidays, etc) without being totally penalised. You are allowed miss three for which you get the average score. Any weeks after that you get half the average. If you want to win you gotta keep predicting though.

  7. that is an excellent idea face the ball not to mention that the lads who did all their predictions can then take advantage later and take the average, which is fair enough too…

  8. Sure is a great view from up here wj 🙂 Can just about see the winning post 😉

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