Championship mini-league 2011: it’s a two-horse race

Time for another mini-league update and, with the number of matches left in the championship down to just four, we’re obviously very much at the business end of this particular race. The time for anyone making a dramatic leap from the peloton has now passed and it looks like it’s a straight shootout between the top two.

Long-time leader Opt 2 Miss Teek is still out in front but Mayo Mick is now very close behind in second and there’s every chance, given that each of the remaining four matches will be played on different weekends, that the lead could see-saw over and back between them before a winner emerges. I remember that last year I was winning the overall competition going into the second-last week but Down’s controversial win over Kildare (thanks for nothing, Pat McEnaney) knocked me off my perch and I ended up finishing second overall. So it’s not over yet this year though, for those of us outside the two top at the minute, it undoubtedly is.

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