Championship mini-league 2011: Mayo Mick’s the man

The 2011 championship is over and so too is our prediction mini-league, hosted once again this year by those kind folks at The excitement levels about the dénouement of this competition may not have reached the heights attained at Croke Park last Sunday but like the battle for Sam Maguire (which turned up at Vinnie’s last night, by the way, with the whole team and management in tow) it went right down to the wire. If Opt 2 Miss Teek had gone for it and plumped for the Dubs then that could have resulted in an even more dramatic outcome. Then again, as that quaint old West of Ireland saying goes, if your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle.

The margin of victory was just six points in the end but Mayo Mick, who was back in sixth when I did the first update in early June but who was soon scrapping furiously for the top spot, is the deserving winner of this year’s competition. The spoils of victory are, on this occasion, a retro-style jersey from the range offered by the lads at and I’ll be in touch with Mick in due course about the mechanics of getting his prize to him.

Congrats to Mick and thanks to everyone else for taking part in both of this year’s prediction mini-leagues. Before we know it, the 2012 NFL will be on us again and there’ll be another competition to have a tilt at then.

4 thoughts on “Championship mini-league 2011: Mayo Mick’s the man

  1. Actually WJ I DID plump for the Dubs but for some strange reason it didn’t register-only myself to blame for not checkin!!I knew that was the only way to overtake Mick.Great crack and lookin forward to next year already.Well done Mick you deserved it

  2. That’s very hard luck, Opt 2 Miss Teek, but I guess the best thing you can do now is to do the Kerryman on it and nurse the aching hurt all winter long so that you’re ready to blow everyone out of the water next year when the fun starts again!

  3. Thanks guys, it sure was close at the end. I knew if opt 2 miss teek went for kerry as i did i had it won, win/lose or draw. There was something saying at the back of my mind that the dubs might just win it at the end, but then them cute kerry hoor’s and allireland finals i went with the safe bet. Was delighted to see dublin win by the way! Looking forward to next years football & predictions league. It will be hard to win a back to back 🙂


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