Championship mini-league 2011: reasons to be optimistic

Today has been a bit of a getting back to normal kind of day. Foostering round at the edges of work, cutting the grass – that sort of thing. Doing an update on how things stand in this year’s championship mini-league falls under the same broad category, I reckon, so here’s an overdue update, the first one since the end of June.

There have been a fair few matches since then and, with a raft of qualifier ties, more than a few upsets too but still riding high at the top of the table is Opt 2 Miss Teek who now enjoys a lead of close to 40 points over the nearest challenger, Header84.

It’s not all over yet but I reckon it’s now firmly between the top three and that gap between first and second could well, at this stage in the season with the number of matches getting fewer every week, be too much to bridge already.

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