Championship Mini-League 2012: a long overdue update

This is one of those summer jobs which – a bit like cutting that pesky hedge out the back – has remained stubbornly on the to-do list for weeks now. So, whatever about the uncut hedge, here’s a much overdue update on how things stand in relation to the championship prediction mini-league, which – like its on-field equivalent – is now approaching the business end of things.

Luigi has led this particular race pretty much from the off – he was out in front when I did the first update back in June and he’s still leading the pack now. With the number of results to be predicted running out rapidly at this stage – there are just eleven matches left in this year’s championship – it’s going to take a bit of an effort to overhaul him but Yew Tree and Mossy, neither of whom were anywhere near the lead in the early stages, aren’t quite out of it yet.

With eight of the eleven matches to be played over the next two weekends, the destination of this year’s mini-league title could well be sorted by the end of the Bank Holiday weekend and so I’ll aim to do another update on how the leaderboard is looking then. Unless I’m busy with that damned hedge.

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