Championship Mini-League 2012: first update

This one has been on the to-do list for too long so I’m glad to be able to scratch it off and to unveil the first leaderboard in this year’s championship prediction mini-league (with thanks as always to

The numbers taking part this year are bigger than ever – sixty went to post this time – and so there’s the same number of participants again thrashing around beneath those listed here. The field has already got well spaced out too, with 200 points separating first from last. That’s a gap that even a bunch of Kerrymen rampaging through the qualifiers would find hard to close.

Out in front at the minute are Luigi and Heimat, with jjmayo and AFL Scout in hot pursuit. I’m chasing that lot too but at a more relaxed pace, hoping that they’ll all fall on their arses at the next hurdle. It has been known to happen, you know.

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