Championship mini-league: an overdue first update

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but a surfeit of work plus an unwillingness to do all that arranging and formatting and all that crack has resulted in half the championship having gone by before this, the first update on how the championship prediction mini-league is going.  In actual fact, with 47 runners in the field, it’s a bit of a misnomer to call it thus – midi-league would be more like it.

Which makes my stunning achievement (the real reason, of course, that I’ve arisen off my hole to do this at all) to be leading the field at this juncture to be all the more, well, stunning.  I’ve been up there with the leading group in the peleton since the championship got underway but it was, I reckon, my decision to stick with Sligo last weekend that propelled me into pole position.  God, but the view is only fabulous from up here.

The weekend to come, however, could soften my cough, as there’s a full round of qualifier games as well as the Leinster final so there are plenty of potential banana skins for a man to slip on.  As a result, this is another reason to do the update now, as it provides proof that – like this lady – I was once top of the charts.

5 thoughts on “Championship mini-league: an overdue first update

  1. Aaahhh, willie, willie, willie!!! Not a mention of the mini-league until you hit the top!!! I bet you were one of those lads who did feck all when you were a player but goal hang for a 2 yard tap-in and then go mad celebrating (a la Eugine McHale V Kerry in ’81!!) and then spend the month bragging about it!

    Joking aside, I’d say it was your faith in the lillies to topple antrim that gave you the jump ahead of the possee. But, as you say, the pelethon is well bunched, so WATCH YOUR ASS!!! Btw, a brilliant clip from TOTPs, but take note, it was a grand slim girl doing the singing, the competition won’t be over til the big rotund one does the warbling!!! 😉

  2. im on your tail WJ 🙂 nearly half my points came in weekend of qualifiers only got 2 wrong ill let ye guess one of them….

  3. Formal Complaint WJ – I sat on top of that league for 2 long weeks and where was your posting then??? Alas now I’m well off the mark at 11.

    Hmmmm going to have to gamble on a few draws ; )

  4. Guilty as charged there, Coilltemach – I was full of good intentions about doing some updates on the mini-league over the last few weeks but work and other stuff got in the way. Pride and the opportunity to blow one’s own trumpet was, however, sufficient motivation to do the update this week! I’ll do one again next week, though, regardless of how I fare at the weekend. With so many matches on, I’d say there could be a fair old shakeup in the standings compared to the current position.

  5. Speaking of that clip… click on the football icon on youtube to lend that authentic Sth African atmosphere to any video. Look out for the vuvezela at a ground near you this weekend… they’ll make a nice addition to the Munster Final

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