Championship mini-league: I’m still top so here’s another update

Right, the kerfuffle over last Sunday’s Leinster final appears to be over, with Louth left to ponder on the kind of hangovers they’d have been suffering with on Monday morning had the ref bothered to consult his linesmen before putting the decisive score down in his book and Meath no doubt delighted with themselves at having finally reclaimed top spot in Leinster in such sporting fashion.  I just hope they now draw Cork in the quarters, the hoors.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s time to provide another mini-league update.  You have no idea the trouble I go to in order to do this, what with updating all the changes in the table and all that but – you know what? – it’s all worth it.  Not least as I’m still top of the pile, you suckers.

I got eight out of nine last weekend, with only the Herrin Chokers letting me down.  No more than our own tame exit in the qualifiers, Galway’s demise was one that should have been spotted from a good distance and I’ve no excuses for not doing so, as I was at Croke Park the day that Wexford came within an inch of downing the Dubs.  But I did get the rest of them, including Meath’s infamous ‘victory’: I reckoned that they’d stop at NOTHING to win it and, like Joe Sheridan, I am of course now claiming that the points I got from that one are all perfectly legit.  Sure, I tried to kick it but some lad was after pushing me over the line anyway Thank God it went in and the ref was absolutely right to give it …

The coming weekend’s fixture list has, though, a few sticky ones.  Could the Rossies (with 19 Connacht senior titles to their credit) upset the odds and beat red-hot favourites Sligo (who are only bidding for their fourth)?  What about Tyrone and Monaghan?  The Dubs and Armagh?  As ever, there are more than enough cowpats to land the unwary on their holes and, if there’s no update on the mini-league next week, you’ll know that I was one of those.

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