Championship mini-league: update on joining

There are some technical problems with joining the mini-league but there are two fixes, either of  which should get you in.

Dan has found that this works: when you paste in the code, delete the 8th character (the cross kind of yoke) and replace it with a lower case x.

Dan’s now inside the tent so he knows what he’s talking about (thank you, Dan).  Try this fix first and see if this gets you sorted.

If it doesn’t, drop me an email asap at and I’ll send you an invite via the Face the Ball site (which is the old way we used to do this).  That should definitely work.

Hopefully, we’ll get everyone sorted via either method above.

20 thoughts on “Championship mini-league: update on joining

  1. Lads, I hope one of you can help me here.

    I’m trying to get a copy of that Waterford footballers book “Working On A Dream”. I’ve searched the entire fecking internet and haven’t found it!
    Does anyone know any website that might sell it that I’ve missed? I’m over in London now, so need to find someone that will deliver it.

    Thanks for any help

  2. Hi WJ.

    You’re as much of a legend as your namesake!
    The book is winging it’s way over to me as we speak.

    Thanks very much for the help

  3. Thats not the book that one of the Waterford backroom team was full of praise about Enda Varley after his college had played Waterford? Apparently Varley was outstanding. Took a year and a bit for the message to filter back to the Yew Plains.

  4. anyone keeping tabs on the challenge match v cavan in b’mullet this evening???

  5. Ta for that ‘starved, you’re probably famished as well if you were at the match, I’d say the weather had a lot to do with the poor game, I belive it was miserable!!

  6. Thanks for that, guys – I was completely out of the loop on this one. We had a big family bash on up here today and I totally forgot about events down in Belmullet.

  7. Was at the match in Belmullet. Great set up , terrible weather and poor game.Nothing of note to report, both sides contrived to miss target regularily even though weather was a factor. Mayo team that started . Clarke, Howley, Cafferkey, Barrett,Gardiner, Cunniffe, Mcloughlin, Parsons,S O Shea, Harte, Aiden O Shea,BJ Padden, Varley. Dillon, Conor. Cannot judge anybody fairly. Cunniffe looked good. Parsons seemed to be a sweeper, caught a load of ball, great fetchs but all in our half back line. Harte worked hard, BJ did a sight of gathering but is playing catch up. Varley and Conor suffered in the wind. Loads of subs second half. Kilcoyne the pick. Barry Moran at full forward for 25 mins. One ball kicked into him despite a force 7 gale behind us. Says it all. Worst team in Ulster being Cavan. Reserved judgement for us even though I see 26 people have tipped us to win Sam on your site WJ. On yesterdays performance and game plan….not a hope. p.s we kicked 5 successive wides in the second half in a five min spell. Some of them were incredible.

  8. Remember leaving Carrick a few years ago after only beating Leitrim by a point under M&M. Felt same way. Fast forward four months later and we were in an All Ireland final. U never know! Have a feeling this will be a very unusual year.

  9. Remember51 – I remember that game in Carrick also.

    but remember what happened that September in Croke Park

  10. Will the Dubs get the dressing room or will they have to tog out in the handball alley???

  11. the dubs are sure to manage more than 3 points so it should be a better workout for the team, nice to see barry moran back at ff but he cant do anything if no ball is played into him, lets hope for a better performance we need to hear some positive news for a change (sligo awaits very shortly now)

  12. At least we got there Eriad. First things first. Sligo in Sligo. Lets go there on a mission to right a few wrongs. Time for men to stand up. Time for us to get behind the lads again. Long year yet.

  13. I just joined the mini-league for the craic. I know i’ve catching up to do as I’ve missed out on the first weekends play, but I’m going to have a right good go at this.

    Anyone know what time the ball is being thrown in at Hollymount on Friday?

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