Championship panel to be finalised shortly

Johnno has said as much, in this week’s Mayo News, where he stated that the only thing holding up the announcement of the 30-man championship squad was the need for an update on the injuries to BJP, Chris Barrett and Liam O’Malley. All the other 27 places have, apparently, been filled with one berth being occupied by the evergreen James Nallen who’ll be taking part in his fourteenth successive championship campaign. Jimmy will be a useful addition to the squad alright, now that there are precious few of the old heads left, but it’s doubtful that he’ll get to see too much action in what is sure to be his final inter-county campaign. Johnno was silent about whether or not Super Mac was one of the other names on the list but, unfortunately, I think this tells us all we need to know on that score. It now really does look like we’ve seen the last of a true Green and Red legend.

While I’m at it, the Mayo News also has all you could possibly want about last weekend’s U21 All-Ireland semi-final defeat, such as the match report, the after-match quotes and the analysis. Read it and weep about what might have been.

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