Championship prediction mini-league 2016: the official launch


The Connacht championship opener in New York has been played, The Sunday Game is back on the telly this weekend, the provincial championship launches are happening – no word on the Connacht one as yet but I’m sure it’ll be on before too long – and it’s even begun to warm up a bit. Time, surely, for the launch of that other hardy annual staple: the Mayo GAA Blog Championship prediction mini-league, hosted yet again by

I’m taking it that you’re all pretty well versed on what to do at this stage if you want to take part. It’s basically a five-step programme, comprising the following sequential moves:

  • Log in (or register, if you haven’t yet done so) at
  • Under the ‘Competitions’ heading on the left-hand side click on the “GAA Football” tab and then join the ‘2016 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship’ competition and click to enter this.
  • This takes you to the area where you make your weekly predictions and there are also a number of tabs on the panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the “Join Mini League” option, which will prompt you to enter the mini-league’s ID code.
  • The code you need to enter is WREABHdHbJOr (it’s probably easiest just to copy and paste this directly from here).
  • Click “Join” and that’s you in.

I calved within sight of the winning post last year – which, at this stage, is pretty much common practice for me – by plumping for Kerry in the final so it’s Dan who will, hopefully, be defending his crown this summer. Fancy a crack at the title yourself? Best get your skates on so because you need to be signed up and get your first set of predictions in by 5pm this Saturday (14th May).

Best of luck to all who decide to brave the choppy championship prediction seas this time round.

8 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league 2016: the official launch

  1. As with the Dub’s this year, I think winning back to back titles is beyond me.
    I don’t have the motivation or hunger required for a sustained challenge.

    I’m expecting a new name on the trophy this year.
    Someone who hasn’t won it in the lifetime of this blog, who has a ravenous hunger and no lack of skill to pull it off.

    Up Mayo!

  2. Hope you’re right Dan, but sentiment won’t get us there! Mayo fans, myself included have always been able to convince themselves of the teams (even teams that were way of the mark) ability to land Sam! It’s a considerable challenge to make another serious assault on the championship for a sixth year in a row…. You know some of the hurdles we were expecting to easily jump, from a fans perspective, in last five years, we just about got over the fence, eg London 2011,Rosscommon & Cork 2014….. But with good management, the considerable quality and debt of our panel, hopefully an absence of some of the appalling reffing that dogged our efforts, ala Limerick 2014,the way Aiden O Shea was allowed to be abused for 2015,.. and that seems to be continued into 2016….. If we can have our marquee players injury free.. Allot of ifs there, But let’s focus on on the possible and the positive. No doubt at all in my mind, we can, we should, but every match is a considerable challenge, our opponents no matter what team we play have to given respect and the challenge planned for accordingly. A bit of luck wouldn’t go astray either. Onwards and upwards for Mayo football!,, Is feider linn! !

  3. WJ. You or your sources hear any word on the popular “meet the players” night in Mc Hale park. Typically it is on this time of year, but haven’t seen anything on it yet? Cheers.

  4. I haven’t seen anything about it yet, League Legends, but you’re right that it’s usually on at this time of year. At least it was last year. But sure isn’t full-time in every game (outside of those played at Croke Park) meet the players time?

  5. That’s so true WJ. Players are so accessible in this sport and truly inspire the young ones!

  6. Entered, should have created a username with lots of AAAs in it so I could head the leaderboard once anyway 😉

  7. Alphabetically you are bottom of the pile WJ as of this morning. The only way is up. Expect to see you top 10 very shortly. Best of luck and thanks for setting up this mini league its great fun.

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