Championship prediction mini-league 2018 – the final result

It’s time to do the final bits of clearing away after this year’s championship and one of the things on that list is to do a final post on this year’s championship prediction mini-league. Not least seeing as we have a winner to announce.

The mini-league has kinda been forgotten about this summer, I’m afraid, and that’s my fault, given my disengagement from all things GAA once we bit the dust in Newbridge. I kept forgetting to do my own mini-league predictions after that and then, when we high-tailed it off on holidays, I more or less stopped focusing on the championship altogether.

But that hasn’t been the case with everyone. A good, hard battle appears to have been fought all the way to the finishing line, with Compass Bar High Stool edging it in the end by just two points from Dan M.

Congrats to this year’s winner and well done to all those who, unlike myself, stayed the course throughout. Here’s the list of the top ten in the final standings:

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  1. Willie joe, Mayo 88 wishes to apologise to all concerned re improper comments directed at the current living members of the 1950 / 51 team members.

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