Championship prediction mini-league 2019 – second update

Right, a bit of overdue housekeeping to start the week, as the happy thoughts about Saturday evening start to fade and before the focus gets locked into Killarney next Sunday.

I haven’t mentioned what’s been going on in this year’s Championship prediction mini-league for ages. In fact, I can see now that I’ve only done one update – almost two months ago – since the thing was launched so a refresh is well overdue. Here it is.

A happy one it is too from my perspective because, for the first year in a good while, I’m in contention for honours. Peter H leads the field and has 19 points to spare over Dan M in second, who in turn has the same lead over Micheal Moran in third. I’m tucked in there in fifth spot, 44 points off the top and just waiting to pounce. Or something.

Here’s the leaderboard as it stands following the weekend’s action and before the Super 8s get underway.

7 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league 2019 – second update

  1. Did anyone else get shafted by the Armagh – Down match? Armagh won by a point after extra time but they counted it as a draw 🙁

  2. You weren’t shafted there Digits! A draw at the end of normal time counts as a draw under the rules. Same as the bookies, unless you go for outright winners.

  3. Anyone know if there’s supporters buses heading to Killarney? I don’t fancy the drive this time I’m afraid.

  4. I assume the famous blue jerseys will be out again on Sunday afternoon?

  5. Will the blue Jersey be used for our next three games?? Is there a colour clash with Meath and Donegal as well.

  6. I think it could be blue all the way, South Mayo Exile. All three of them wear jerseys with lots of green, Donegal and Kerry with gold as well.

  7. Hadn’t thought about the 3 games, it will definitely be a thumbs up if we get out of the group wearing blue (and league final win of course) – Elverys will be over the moon, imagine all they’ll sell over the coming weeks

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