Championship prediction mini-league 2019 – the final result

Right, we’re into that shoving-stuff-up-into-the-attic time of the year so, in that vein, here’s an item that needs to be tagged and filed away. Yes, it’s final results time in the Championship prediction mini-league for 2019.

We’ve a clear winner this year, with Peter H leading the way for much of the summer and holding on with some ease to claim victory. Well done to him.

I did okay myself, finishing in eighth spot, though had I backed the Dubs in Saturday evening’s replay – and it was solely due to a daft whim that I didn’t – I could have broken into the top five. Oh well, as Paul Newman said to Robert Shaw in The Sting, that’s what you get for playing with your head up your ass.

Here’s the final leaderboard in this year’s competition. Thanks to all who took part and, as ever, to for providing the IT platform for it.

One thought on “Championship prediction mini-league 2019 – the final result

  1. Lot’s of fun, thanks for organizing. I’m thrilled with 17 since I didn’t know the sport existed until AI 2016 replay. Hope I was top American born finisher. Looking to be competitive with WJ next year!

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