Championship prediction mini-league: an overdue last-but-final update

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It’s been ages since I posted an update on how things stand in this year’s championship prediction mini-league and so now’s as good a time as any to do so, with this particular race almost run. Despite backing us to do the job both days against Dublin (that’s proof of the glass half-full side to me), I’m still out in front and unless I get the final result wrong as well I’m on the way to victory.

Here’s what the leaderboard looks like with just the big one on Sunday week yet to be played:

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11 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league: an overdue last-but-final update

  1. I hope the Dubs win it their fans around me were great craic and pure sound and we had some good banter especially after the drawn game I think their fans would appreciate it and celebrate more than Kerry nothing against the Yerra’s but they won it last year anyway I’m planning for 2016 already I bought a flask today so I can sup me Tay in comfort on cold winter days in the FBD and the League

  2. Saying that I fear the yerras might do it.

    WJ, if we could find a mind far greater than mine to analyse why kerry win all irelands they shouldn’t it would be a good read.
    it might even be useful to H & C. Not saying they need help or anything.

  3. you know I had kind of a bit of row with a guy in a bookies one day he was saying some really bad teams have won All Ireland’s both codes! now I was of the opinion you have to be a decent team to get there, and no way has bad teams won All Ireland’s. its so tough and hard like some people are saying this is the worst Killkenny team to have won it under Cody!
    well maybe but they still won it. like last year I was confident it would be Mayo or Dublin, but I did not write Kerry off, as I remember they played Galway and never came out of second gear to beat them! there was just something about them that day that made me think these guy’s are coming in under the radar. I put €20 on them at 13/2 to win it, so at least I got some thing of them that did not hurt! hope you win it Willie Joe! best of luck Bob.

  4. I’d like to see the Dubs win it, think they’ll do it handy eneough in the end too. Theirs something about Kerry I dont like, i can’t put my finger on it. Its nothing to do with their wins over us (as bar last year and ’97 they had way better teams) but i think its their shite hawks in the media that have turned me sour, and this perceived “cute hoorism” manure. Basically, at this point in time, i hope Dublin send them back down South with their tails between there legs!!

  5. Cant see the Dubs holding the Kerry Forwards and think we showed that the Dublin forwards can be held. Would prefer to see tge Dubs do it as would leave us believing we are very close. However my head says that Kerry could walk away with this one.

  6. While I’m still pissed off with the antics of the Dubs in the drawn game and the pathetic efforts of their champions in the media to turn the nastiness back on Mayo, I still hope more than anything that they go on and batter Kerry in the final. Unfortunately though, it’s not going to happen. Dublin are nothing special and it pains me to say this given the opportunity we had in both games to take them. It’s quite possible that Cian O’Sullivan wont make the final and if so this is a huge blow to Dublin and even tips the scales further in favour of Kerry. Since last week, I’ve noticed how Kerry have been mentioning Cian O’Sullivan’s importance to the Dubs, knowing full well that he probably won’t play! The break will also be a massive plus for Kerry.
    Their supporters are barely containing themselves with cockiness for this one, make no mistake about it. They’ll know that they got the handy one last year, which they are delighted with of course, but more importantly for them it’s a new generation (players and management) who have now come of age. Starting with next week, the objective is total glory and dominance all the way.
    Kerry by 8 points.

  7. I think the Dubs are way more a better team going into the Final, like they have got two real good blow outs since, and Kerry can try and recreate on the training ground but you can’t beat match practice.. Dublin would have to be with out 2 or 3 guys ( sent off guys )
    for Kerry to win by 8 points. I think it comes down to fitness and if the Dubs are there about’s I think they will pull away by 2 or 3 points. like there is no pressure on them and it will suit them down to the ground to be trying to get Sam back. will be interesting to see if they start Donahey, its a real dinger of match to look forward to. any tickets ha ha!!

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