Championship prediction mini-league – fifth update

With another clutch of matches played last weekend and another lot due to be contested this coming one, this is the ideal time to make a charge in the prediction mini-league. Or not, in my case – after my brief gallop up the charts last time another mare of a performance last weekend has sent me tumbling back down the table.

Not so the young lad. He’s back up to seventh overall and still harbours dreams of back-to-back glory, even if he’d want to be getting a move on at this stage. Declan Leonard is still out in front but there’s little little to separate the main contenders. Updated leaderboard below.

6 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – fifth update

  1. Bookies odds I wouldn’t necessarily agree with..
    Cavan 1/2 to beat Tipp?
    Leitrim I think should have better than 5/2 odds to beat Carlow
    1/4 a bit generous to Mayo
    Galway probably should be hotter than 4/9, they’ve picked a pacey team

    Almost all should be tighter than odds suggest apart from Galway who should be even hotter.
    And the more ridiculous odds altogether are Dublin 1/14 and Tyrone 2/11.

  2. No ….
    Winner of mayo v clare & Donegal v Meath play cork & lover of Galway/Ross.
    Probably. draw on Mon morning.
    But “mayo for ever” …. there is one game to be played and that is Mayo v Clare.

  3. Not for one minute am I over looking clare because if we play like last week we will be out looking forward to the game

  4. there has to be a middle ground where you are confident but not complacent. This has to be the game. We should be able to express ourselves and play to the process. I know that our form (for the most part) has been very disappointing year to date but incremental improvement is all we’re looking for. We are going to be fielding a strong side which should be more than able to beat a so called up and coming team.

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