Championship prediction mini-league – fifth update

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I’ve just done my predictions for this weekend’s matches but ahead of these games it’s as well to do another update on the prediction mini-league where the business end of the season isn’t too far away now. The rash of qualifier action of late has produced a bit of movement in the table compared to how things were the last time I did an update and my young lad is now well chuffed with himself, sitting proudly in second spot and with justifiable ambitions about claiming the spoils overall. I’ve improved a bit too but all I can realistically hope for at this stage is a bit more progress up the leaderboard. What about yourself?

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5 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – fifth update

  1. Hi WJ. I have a score of 1040 on the big table and therefore should be just behind you. How come I’m not up there?

  2. I forgot about the early throw in one week, and I am now post to the bottom feeders. There’s always next year I suppose. .I attended the All Ireland final in 1995 and I watched the Westmeath Minor footballers beat Derry that day. It was their first All Ireland title at Minor level and I have never witnessed such joy and celebration in Croke Park before. It was a sight to behold. The Maghera boys had reigned supreme at colleges level and “conventional wisdom” was saying yet again they just had to turn up. It was a great thing to witness and it has stayed with me a long time now. They went on from that place to win U21 a few years later and eventually won their first Leinster title, All Star nominations, All Star players and eventually they beat Meath (their nemesis) in a Championship game. Looking forward to next weekend

  3. I see now where I slipped up….mini league! If I slip in the code now will I transfer or is it too late WJ?

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