Championship prediction mini-league – the final result

This is way overdue but better late than never. I’m afraid that this year’s championship prediction mini-league turned out to be collateral damage arising from our long and winding road to the final. Now that the championship’s over, though, it’s time to tie up this particular loose end.

The most recent update I did was back in mid-July – was that after the Clare win and just before the near-death experience that was the Cork match? I think it was – so there should have been plenty of scope for change on the leaderboard in the weeks since then.

At the top, though, things didn’t change a whole pile and Mayo Brigade, who was second back in July, stayed the distance nicely and won by a handsome margin of 42 points at the finish. No need, in other words, for any win-at-all-costs wrestling with the opposition to see out the win there.

Congrats to Mayo Brigade on winning this year’s championship prediction competition and thanks all for taking part. The final leaderboard in this year’s mini-league is below.

9 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – the final result

  1. Finally brought some league form to the championship…! Not much consolation though unfortunately. Good fun during the summer though, thanks for setting it up Willie Joe.

  2. facetheball, figured if Mayo won, I’d be celebrating for the week and that I wouldn’t be all that worried about the whole thing! And if Dublin won, at least I’d have this small consolation prize. There was a thought process…

    That being said, the depression I was in last week, it really made absolutely no difference to my mood.

  3. Too late James! All over for this year, I’m afraid. Next prediction competition will be for the 2018 league, which will be launched sometime in January so keep an eye out for that then.

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